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The World Tarot Card Meaning

The World Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

World Tarot Card

Within a large laurel wreath, a naked woman is pictured dancing inside a purple cloth. Although she looks behind her to the past, her body is moving forward. As the Magician holds a wand, she holds two batons. In this way, it signifies that what manifested with the Magician has reached completion with the World. In stepping through the wreath, the woman completes one phase and then starts another almost immediately. This symbolism symbolizes the continual cycle of successful completion and new beginnings.

In the center of the wreath are four figures (a bull, a cherub, and an eagle). Each of the four figures represents a fixed star sign: Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio.

Each of them represents a single element, a Tarot suit, a compass point, a season, and a corner of the universe. Throughout your journey, they guide you to achieve balance and harmony.

In addition to being ever-changing, dynamic, and eternal, she represents achievement and unity. As a result, it represents either an end or a beginning, a change of scenery and a change of location. Nothing stops the flow of events.

With the green wreath and the red ribbon on top, the infinity of the cycle is also emphasized. Additionally, it represents success and achievement.

They are the same figures as those in the Wheel of Fortune. In the Zodiac – Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus – they serve as the four fixed signs, corresponding to the four emphases of the universe and the four elements.

In harmony with each other, they represent the balance of all energies. This will aid you in transitioning between phases.

Although the image on the tarot card "the World" doesn't have any solid ground, it is actually meant to represent the feeling of victory you have when you reach your goal.

Life has come to a close for you. The World card represents a cycle coming to an end, ending with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Your outer and inner worlds are in harmony with each other, and you feel whole and complete. The concept of nirvana or enlightenment is similar. The Major Arcana are a reward you have earned throughout your travels.

Upright World Tarot Card

Tarot readings in which the upright World card appears indicate success and achievement. Having completed a long-term project, period of study, or any other significant event in your life means that your goals and aspirations have been achieved.

Despite the challenges you faced, you persevered through them. Having planted seeds, you are now reaping the rewards. You have everything in place, are doing the right thing, and are achieving what you envisioned.

Triumph is represented by the World card. Your efforts are now paying off and you are succeeding. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the journey that has gotten you to this point. In addition to this achievement, there is a deep sense of satisfaction. The new year heralds a period of joyous and happy times. A card with strong, positive energy, like the Sun, makes for an auspicious reading.

In addition, the World represents the completion or end of a cycle. Among the Major Arcana cards, the Fool is numbered as 0 because he is outside the numerical sequence and at the very beginning. So, this journey finally comes to an end in the World before a new one begins inevitably. You can now rest in the knowledge that you have learned what you needed to from this period of your life.

As a symbol of spiritual and emotional well-being, the World can be compared to Christ. Your self-confidence and ability have improved now. It's well deserved that you are self-assured. You can also feel this energy in your physical body. If you are in a healing mood, you may be in a state of peace and love. The card suggests dancing, joy, and healing.

Success and fulfillment can be found in the material world. By way of an award or celebration, it may suggest that you are being recognized publicly for your achievements.

As a practical matter, the World can encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone with confidence since you may have trouble stepping out of it. Adventures may have been found on a trip or abroad.

Love – Upright World Tarot Card

In a relationship reading, it is a great card to show up. It represents loving and fulfilling partnerships. It can represent a partner who completes you, even if it is a little cliché. In established relationships, it is a confirmation that the relationship is strong and fulfilling.

The family card appears in nonromantic readings as a symbol of a strong bond. Families we make for ourselves such as those we make with our spouses and children (furbabies and plants also count!). You can cultivate close friendships between like-minded individuals if you have cultivated such relationships.

The World card indicates the end of the search for a new love in reading. An incredibly fulfilling partnership has emerged recently and is worth pursuing seriously.

A relationship may symbolize emotional closure as a result of denying the desire to be with someone. If you are truly content with the life you're living, you'd be living a solo life. Someone who is recently divorced, with little interest in dating again, could be looking to explore the world.

Career – Upright World Tarot Card

Having the World appear in a reading about work is an incredibly auspicious sign. Celebrations, triumphs, and milestones are reflected in this card. You have done well in your career, according to the World. Your expertise may lead to professional recognition. It brings deep satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Using this indicator card, potential employers can determine if they'll have fulfilling jobs. In general, you'll find this card as a sign of achievement at work, such as promotions, retirement, and awards. In addition, it refers to the completion of big projects.

Work or careers represented by the World tend to be overseas or associated with global organizations (for-profit and nonprofit). Freelancing or remote working can also be considered remote work. Become an expert in your chosen field with this card.

Health – Upright World Tarot Card

In the case of a health issue, the World card is telling you that your struggle is about to end and you will move forward into something much better. As a result of the work you put into your own wellbeing, your efforts are about to pay off.

Spirituality – Upright World Tarot Card

It is generally viewed as an action card, but it can also represent personal growth. If you are looking for insight into your Higher Self, look to your dreams.

In addition to keeping a notebook handy, finding a dream interpretation book is also a good idea.

Globally, any present medical problems are likely to be resolved soon. Consider alternative medicine options if you desire them.

Reversed World Tarot Card

Even a reversed World card retains the positive energy associated with it. It's because of this that reversed energy often frustrates me.

Something stands between you and success and triumph. The blockage may be caused by external influences. It's inevitable that milestones will be missed from time to time, but sometimes it's just a matter of timing. In most cases, however, there's an internal component to a lack of progress. It can be scary to receive acknowledgment or closure. What is the result of all the hard work and effort? Do you worry about what's to come? Consider whether failure and expectations are at play here.

Occasionally, we have conflicting feelings about whether we really want closure or not. When a parent has kids who are old enough to leave the house, they may plan years in advance what they will do. In the adult child's life, the parent is having trouble letting go. You keep contacting your ex for no reason after a breakup. Consider whether the new status quo will cause resistance. Your bravery and competence are encouraged by the World.

Reversed Worlds also suggest constriction. Is your perspective holistic In essence, it suggests that we find ourselves in such a confined space or limited perspective that we don't view a situation in its entirety. Generally, unawareness can also play a role in this matter. One should never assume what one does not know. However, you need to be exposed to other perspectives to be able to draw on a wider range of knowledge.

As in its upright expression, the World reversed can influence you to seek solutions in places and cultures that are foreign to you.

Love- Reversed World Tarot Card

You just need to figure out one last thing with the World card. Get to the bottom of the hiccup so that you can move forward with the next phase of your life. There's only a little bit left to do, but you still feel like something is missing.

Does your partner have something you're missing? Is there any old baggage that is still keeping you back? Allow yourself to enjoy your new life by letting go of anything holding you back.

Career – Reversed World Tarot Card

Perhaps you just didn't reach the goal you set for yourself. Your current job doesn't match up to your expectations or your last project didn't work out as you'd hoped. You should keep going. In reverse, the World reveals that you are close to your goal. Consider what the setback is and take action to remedy it.

Health – Reversed World Tarot Card

As a reversed card, The World suggests that you still require a health change. The last stone remains to be turned. Make changes to overcome disease, but look honestly at what may still contribute to it.

Spirituality – Reversed World Tarot Card

You are getting close! As you traversed the Major Arcana, think back on all of the lessons you have learned. You have one more challenge to complete. Utilize the knowledge you have to your advantage.