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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Justice Tarot Card

Tarot card Justice symbolizes karmic justice, legal issues, and causes and effects. It shows you that every action has a consequence on a general level. Think about how your own actions caused where you are now in this context, and how have they contributed to your current situation? Does your current situation contain any karmic lessons for you? It is also a card of justice that represents a fair, balanced resolution to legal problems. When you are involved in a legal dispute, this is usually a good omen. Justice, truth, and integrity are important, so you may find yourself more than ever valuing honesty and integrity in others. The concept of justice also pertains to balance. A situation may arise that puts you in a bind. Some of these circumstances may be out of your control or not within your control. Regardless of how events unfold, try to maintain an even keel as they unfold. When the Justice card appears in a Tarot reading, it can also indicate that you have a choice to make as you will need to balance all your options.

Tarot card Justice describes being honest, lawful, and fair at all times. Especially when you've been on the receiving end (the victim), this card illustrates how kind and nice you've been.

In the image, a woman sits in a chair holding both a two-edged sword and a scale in her hands. The scales depict intuition in a way, and the sword represents logic and the things we need to do to obtain justice in life.

A purple veil and two pillars stand in the background to signify balance, order, and law. Picking up a justice Card in an upright manner is a great sign if you are in any way associated with justice or kindness. If you have been helpful to others, then this card will show you optimistic results and it is like a give and take relationship. A rude, unjust, and uncooperative behavior with others may be a sign of wanting to kill oneself before it is too late.

In addition, the lady is also shown adorned with a square crown symbolic of the clarity of thoughts and well-being necessary for a just government. The lady is also displaying the tip of her white shoe, meaning that karma exists and that justice depends on both the actions as well as the reactions.

By depicting a scale or fulcrum, this card helps to balance competing needs in favor of the greater good, while a blade symbolizes the clarity required to make clear judgments, reminding us to pay attention to details. Whenever this card is mentioned, overlooking it or minimizing it is a mistake. Here, you see the law of Karma at work-meaning that what you put out, you will get back.

Upright Justice Tarot Card

The card will represent positive results if you have acted in a way that has benefited others, however, if you have judged others too soon, had bitter feelings for them, and acted in a way that has caused harm, then this is not the best card for you.

This shows how important it is to modify one's thinking and be aware of one's actions. Since all actions will be taken into account, it believes everyone should be treated fairly. Truth, clarity, and justice are the foundations of upright justice.

This card signifies that things will get back to normal for you and that justice will be served as per the actions and their results if you have been through a rough period in life. Throughout your life, you are also searching for truth. As long as your methods and process are fair and ethical, you will always receive justice.

Upright Justice Tarot Card



Taking justice seriously

Achieving equality




Love - Upright Justice Tarot Card

This card implies a relationship with someone who is in the equity framework; any unbalanced aspects of your affection life will be rectified soon; anyone who has hurt your self-esteem will pay for it.

While those drawing this card that are dating, are likely to see good results for their involvement; marriage might follow later on; or, if either partner has been dishonest, the fact may soon rear its head. Regardless, you may not have the ability to achieve the same kind of results as you would with an upstanding draw if you were to draw this card.

Career - Upright Justice Tarot Card

At the point when Justice appears in a lifetime context, it lets you know that your work and personal lives need to be adjusted. Make sure you take care of yourself. Professions in this field are important. It is justifiable to have the desire to support ourselves monetarily as a group.

Also, how many individuals on their deathbeds regret not putting more effort into their careers? Keep the people who are most important to you and for yourself in mind while you are building and maintaining a career that you love.

Health – Upright Justice Tarot Card

In cases where you have been experiencing health problems, Justice can indicate that you are out of balance, which may be contributing to your health issues. Furthermore, it warns against overindulging in any area of your life. Moderation is the key.

Spirituality - Upright Justice Tarot Card

Justice takes on the role of karma from a spiritual perspective.

The punishment does not stem from past mistakes. Your lessons in this lifetime are being sent to you by the universe because you have chosen to learn them. It is in your best interest to learn these lessons as soon as possible.

Reversed Justice Tarot Card

Whenever Justice is reversed, there is a deeper meaning to this situation that can be understood only by my Higher Power. In some cases, logical, rational, common, and organic laws are overridden by a paradoxical higher order.

You will be unaware of everything that is happening at such times. Keep watching and listening, stay quiet. All chaos eventually resolves and the truth comes to light.

It indicates a different picture if the justice card is facing downward. Thus, the justice reversed tarot card means that the person knows what he is doing even if no one else does. Ultimately, he/she knows about the wrong things that they have done, and what you see here shows your real karma.

It consists of dishonesty, non-accountability, and unfairness.

The reverse justice card is also a sign that you have not taken responsibility for your actions. Therefore, whenever you make a decision that may have an impact on others, ensure that you consider all factors and make a well-informed decision. Additionally, this card emphasizes feeling compassionate and being kind, so make sure you are aware of your actions all the time to get the most out of life.

Love – Reversed Justice Tarot Card

Reversed Justice can indicate a single is yet to find the right partner; you're still clinging to past connections, and you can't move forward; a reminder to be independent, and not lose yourself in a relationship.

In relationships, the reversed justice card means ramifications for cheating by your partner; you will engage in heated arguments and battles with your partner; your lovemate is treating you unfairly.

Career – Reversed Justice Tarot Card

Reversed Justice Cards may indicate you're being treated unreasonably at work in a lifelong setting. Possibly, others' mistakes or weaknesses are being pointed out to you. It may seem that your actions are being disrupted by others. You should not hurriedly respond to any issue, regardless of its nature.

Keeping down and deciding the issue, legitimately, is a smarter strategy. If you do not charge in and confront the offenders, the same goes for a fair switch, your claim is unlikely to be successful. Changing positions can likewise show that on the off chance that you have not acted truthfully in your career, your conduct may be returning to haunt you.

Health – Reversed Justice Tarot Card

Justice reversed indicates a lack of balance in a health context, but it's a stronger indication that an imbalance can lead to health problems. Do not overindulge and try to take care of yourself.

Spirituality – Reversed Justice Tarot Card

In a spiritual context, Justice reversed can indicate that you are being sent the lessons you are supposed to learn during the current lifetime. It indicates that you may be trying to avoid or directly refuse to accept these life lessons. Usually, we learn from our life lessons in a small way, without having to go through turmoil or destruction.

Nevertheless, if we do not learn or refuse to learn, then the universe will keep sending us bigger and more consequential lessons. Simply learn the lessons quickly to avoid this. A reversed version of justice is feeling unjustly treated. Rather than giving in to your circumstances, connect with your higher self during this time.