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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Chariot Tarot Card

Tarot card Chariot depicts a brave warrior riding in a chariot. In addition to an armor decorated with crescent moons (representing the element-manipulation), he wears a tunic laced with squares representing willpower and other alchemical symbols representing spiritual transformation. Success, victory, and spiritual growth are all represented by the crown of laurel and stars. Though the charioteer appears to be guiding the chariot, he is merely holding a wand-like the Magician, symbolizing that he controls with his mind and will.

Dreaming of living the king's life is part of many people's childhoods. There is an intoxicating quality to authority and power. Everyone loves fist-pumping and chest-thumping. One such Major Arcana card is Chariot. Divination is carried out with it. The strong will and determination of the person are evident. You need to keep moving forward and keep trying. Make sure you are confident and determined. An optimistic approach will help in accomplishing your goals as you overcome obstacles in life. The Major Arcana brigade controls it. We will go into more detail and analyze the card in detail.

It is not easy to explain the Chariot card in a tarot reading. A warrior stands inside of a chariot in the card.

Chariots rise above cities as if to say that human beings cannot defeat the warrior within the Chariot. But the square on his tunic represents the material world around him. The tunic represents earth, and the world around him helps the warrior reach the ground.

In addition to the crescent moons on his armor, which symbolize new paths, he wears other alchemical symbols to express spiritual transformation. His star crown represents success, success, and enlightenment. A person sits on a chariot in the card. Chariots are pulled by sphinxes. There is a black one and a white one as well on this card. According to its appearance, it carries cosmic energy. Several white stars adorn a blue canopy covering the person. There is a moon sign in the shape of a crescent on his shoulder, representing spirituality. This image illustrates that he is wearing a crown and has enlightened and pure hearts, reflecting his Buddha moment. Grounding himself and his actions is the square on his chest, which represents earth.

In the two sphinxes of different colors, opposite forces are indicated. They are pulling the chariot the other way. But the charioteer should be able to control the situation. The Charioteer seems to be always in the process of pulling in the direction of the sphinxes, which seems to resemble the two-dimensional approach the sphinxes take. Charioteers guide opposing sphinxes toward a common goal and guide them in a common direction. As an example, let's look at upright and reverse.

Upright Chariot Card

The Chariot Upright signals:





Self Drive

Successful despite all odds



Taking control of life

Will power

It is all about overcoming obstacles that may delay victory in the upright Chariot tarot card. You can overcome any challenging and opposing conditions with control and confidence. As a result, you can emerge victoriously. To win, energy, power, and strength are all critical. Through the ups and downs of life, a charioteer keeps moving forward.

One of the key messages of the card is to be focused, to practice patience, and to be focused on the one thing you want in life. It is impossible to give up hope in the face of many distractions and detours in life. It's a good idea to stop and think about anything uncertain to you. Build your way to the medal, and you will succeed. You may discover new skills and power when pursuing destiny, thus surprising yourself. Taking part in the competition will make you the best you can be. Humans are naturally aggressive, but channeling their aggression in the right direction is what makes the charioteer important.

Love – Upright Chariot Card

Having a successful relationship requires conquering your emotions in a love Tarot reading. During a rough time, you will need to come together, communicate and work hard. Despite the challenges you face, they are not insurmountable. They just require some hard work and focus to resolve them. The Chariot Tarot represents that to be successful, you must also balance the mind and heart. If you or your partner have anxiety issues, you must control them. To have a successful relationship with your partner, you may need to get around their emotional armor. A Chariot is an indication that you are combat weary after past relationships. In love, the Chariot signifies that you can overcome pain from the past and move forward.

Career - Upright Chariot Card

The Chariot should motivate you and make you feel ambitious at work. Put your worries aside if you have been experiencing issues with work colleagues that you feel are trying to sabotage you. Keep your composure and keep working hard. If you are looking for work or have been feeling stuck in your career, now is a great time to go after the job you've always wanted. The competition will not stand in your way and you will succeed! Travel related to work can also be represented by the Chariot. When it comes to finances, The Chariot can represent overcoming obstacles. The card indicates that tackling a financial challenge that seems insurmountable may be the right time. Purchasing a car, plane ticket, or paying for a trip can also represent a large travel or transport purchase.

Even though you can enjoy yourself for a short period, ensure that you do not dwell on your achievements too long. Nobody likes to be shown off, and you'll lose some prestige if you flaunt your achievements around. Keeping your fan base modest will ensure your success.

As long as you remain focused and remain confident in your abilities, the Chariot is a sign you will succeed in achieving your goal or completing an important project. To stay focused on the task, you will need self-discipline and willpower. There is no easy way out or cutting corners, or you will fail. See this endeavor instead as a test of your strength and determination, and acknowledge victory is within your grasp, but you will need to take action to make it happen.

Health - Upright Chariot Card

Your motivation and energy will increase if you have been suffering from health problems that have been wearing you down. Although recovery will take some time, you have the strength and will overcome these challenges. The Chariot can also symbolize digestive problems. A new exercise regime is a great idea!

Spirituality - Upright Chariot Card

Trying to hope everything will turn out for the better isn't the best thing to do right now. Regardless of what challenges may arise, take focused action and stick to the course. There will be challenges, believe me. You may find yourself pulled in opposing directions and your strength and conviction will be tested. You may face blockers, distractions, or challenges that hinder your progress. However, the Chariot beckons you to focus on what matters to you and overcome obstacles in your path by drawing upon your willpower.

Reversed Chariot Card

In some cases, a reversed Chariot warns you that difficulties are getting in the way, preventing you from achieving your goals. All of it is becoming too hard, and you can't bear it any longer. Consider the things you value most in life and why you desire to achieve this goal if that resonates with you. Are you able to withstand the pressure of others' opinions or will you give up as soon as the going gets tough? Will you fulfill your promise?

If you see the Chariot reversing before taking action, this may indicate that you are putting more effort into your internal processes, such as discipline, self-determination, and personal commitment. By aligning your intentions with your Higher Self, you can achieve your goals. To ensure your energy aligns with your goals, you can use visualization and meditation. By taking these internally focused actions, you will be prepared to act when the time is right.

Consider tightening the reins and becoming disciplined in your behavior if you are someone who likes to have command over his or her destiny and know what to do. Having no control can feel demoralizing, but the key is to think about what you can control. Let go of what you cannot change as you can't change what is out of your control. Consider what is within your control instead of what is out of your control. You can improve the situation if you look at what you can do.

The reverse Chariot can also represent trying to manage every aspect of your life, yet feeling even more out of control as a result. Allow things to flow and let go of your grip. When you receive offers of help, be grateful, even if they don't perfectly match your expectations. It's not always necessary to take the wheel!

Reversed Chariot Card Signals:



Lack of ambition

Not persuasive

Stress-related to career goals

Rash decisions

Lack of control and direction


Love- Reversed Chariot Card

An over-effort to find love signifies the reversed chariot in love. Relationships are something you desperately want. Your aspirations or goals are being driven away by this. Ultimately, we cannot control everything. The person you are dating might not be perfect. Let's settle the equation by compromising a little. There are not enough terms and conditions in a relationship if the two are not in balance. The balance is out of whack. Love or family issues may need to be dealt with. Find out what caused your disagreement with your partner.

Career - Reversed Chariot Card

In The Chariot reversed, both ambition and motivation are still visible. Reversed, it implies you are walking before you can run! Step by step, work towards your goals. Make sure not to use too much force in your approach - it could be counterproductive and lead to disaster. To overcome obstacles, you need to take a step back. Approach your goals with a slightly softer approach. Investing in financial deals or investments should not be rushed without proper consideration on your part. In a career, a reversed Chariot tarot card indicates a lack of drive, innovation, and focus. Aspirations and work ethics are challenged in this card. If you pursue your goal too aggressively or too timidly, then you will fail. Whether it is something good happening or someone feeding you, you are waiting. To succeed in your career, you need to move vertically. If you want to wait passively, your chances are lower.

Health – Reversed Chariot Card

The Chariot reversed represents motivation and energy in a health context, as with the upright meaning. Just remember not to rush your life. You will have better results if you start an exercise program slowly and steadily. Overextending yourself too soon may lead to injury.

A deep obsession with success might be buried deep within you that surfaces once you experience it. Even if it is a surprise, it exists. It appears negative because it will lead to your eventual downfall. As a result of your desperation, you will come across as too strong too soon.

Spirituality – Reversed Chariot Card

A reversed Chariot can represent your readiness for a spiritual journey and high enthusiasm. Keep your eyes open and don't let those expectations close you off to the unexpected. We often have more rewarding experiences in our spiritual pursuits than we initially hoped for, because we were unaware that they might happen.