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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Tower Tarot Card

In the M-ajor Arcana, there are 22 cards, with The Tower being the 16th card. Due to its weak foundation, a solid tower stands on top of the rocky mountain and is brought down by a lightning bolt when built on the rock. Symbolic of fake goals, promises, deals, and ambitions. Seeing the flames, the two people leaped out of the window headfirst and stretched their arms, without knowing what was about to happen. A dark sky and dense black clouds (a symbol of misfortune) create an intimidating scene with chaos and destruction. In the sudden bolt of lightning, the tower's crown fell off. A crown chakra's purpose is to connect a person to the divine energy of the universe. In the picture, there are 22 flames. The 22 flames correspond to the 12 zodiac signs and the 10 points on a 'Tree of Life. Even amid the destruction, there can still be something positive.

The Tower represents a paradigm shift in its own right. Chaos does not always follow, even though it looks that way. A stone tower was lit up, and people were jumping from the windows to escape the flames. The Devil follows this card in the Major Arcana, with a clear message: do not resist change, or the universe will impose it upon you.

The Tower card shows a high spire perched atop a mountain. Thunderbolts strike the tower causing it to catch fire. As a result of the desperation, people are opening windows and jumping out of them. Possibly they represent the same figures as the chained figures we saw in the Devil card earlier. They desire to escape the chaos and destruction inside. Symbolizing the lofty plans that are built on flawed premises, the Tower represents the ambition that is ill-founded. It is necessary to destroy the tower to remove the old ways and make way for the new. The revelations can come in flashes of inspiration or truth.

Despite its appearance, the Tower card is a gift. Your tower has been built on a spotty foundation up until this point. Old stone is falling down the mountain, and the beams are termite-ridden and rickety. Do you want to continue living in a condemned building? Why wouldn't you prefer to move into the new mansion being built for you? It would seem that this card has a clear metaphor: You are the rickety tower that needs to be rebuilt. The Universe lobs fireballs at you, destroying your original tower to enable you to start over. It's time to create something more stable for yourself based on what you know now, instead of relying on the routines and the solace you think you possess.

This card symbolizes

Destruction and chaos

Bankruptcy, loss, and robbery

A change that was unexpected


Getting divorced

Pride that is broken

The awakening

Stress and trauma

A natural disaster

Violent Crimes & Abuse

Upright Tower Tarot Card

Out of all the cards, The Tower is the one that people usually prepare themselves for since Death is generally the one that they are afraid of. In the Tower Tarot card, chaos and destruction are represented.

This Major Arcana represents upheaval and abrupt transition. Inevitably, this transition is scary, life-altering, and difficult. If you experience a negative Tower, it can make you feel like a bomb is about to explode. Despite the obstacles that you face, you will succeed, and you will later acknowledge that, though the experience was traumatizing and harrowing, it shaped you into the person you are today. In one way, The Tower is positive because its damage tends to be directed towards tarnished foundations, unrealistic hopes, and unrealistic dreams. Although The Tower brings devastation, it can also bring rebirth and development.

Tarot love meanings for the Tower signal a world of change. A relationship built on a shaky or crumbling foundation will likely end quickly. The initial pain opens the door to new opportunities. You might have taken pride in being a good parent or partner, which made you stay in a relationship even when you were otherwise unhappy. Know that these times will pass despite their difficulty. You may not be breaking up with a relationship, but maybe your view of what love means to you. Are there any beliefs about love that are not serving your highest self? To develop a better understanding of your relationship needs, these must be transformed.

Love - Upright Tower Tarot Card

You must understand that the shape of your relationship is no longer going to maintain the same shape as it always has when you see the Tower card in your love or relationship reading. You will both have to go through something that will alter every aspect of your relationship. The move towards more monogamous feelings in your relationship can be a very positive experience, as opposed to just dating. There may be a reason that the time that you have spent together is no longer of benefit to either of you. As the Tower indicates, breaking up is not the answer, but it does instruct us to recognize the parts of the relationship that are fantasy versus those that are based on reality. Be sure that you do not have a fantasies connection with your partner or possible partner, because fantasies can only build fantasies, and sometimes we are more attached to our fantasies than to our real ones, but fantasies always crumble when the reality is revealed. Do not lie to yourself or your partner. Looking for your partner while single, then the timing is perfect to rethink the type of person you present yourself as. Is it accurate to describe the type of person you hope to attract?

Career - Upright Tower Tarot Card

It looks like things are about to get chaotic in your office. An upheaval or disruption is likely to occur in the workplace when the Tower appears in a career reading. Everything is about to get a little tense, whether you're suddenly saddled with a load of more work or have been laid off. It is always possible to start over with a clean slate following a shake-up. Oftentimes, this ends up being a blessing in disguise.

If the Tower were to be seen in a professional context, it might suggest the absence of job protection. This may be indicative of a layoff or a loss of employment. Having an improved position or greater protection may require you to change considerably within your present position; this might present you with challenges and stress. Be cautious with capital, advises The Tower. Bankruptcy at its most extreme can be symbolized by the Tower. A high-risk area should not be invested in. As soon as possible, you can start setting aside money for rainy days.

It is not uncommon for people to work their entire lives to sustain themselves into old age. The economy has changed in recent times and doesn't always provide us with the same level of security as it did in the past. Our business needs multi-tasking to function effectively. Tower indicates that you should build your entire life around your work since if you do so, you will have to begin the breakdown process when your job ends. The Tower is encouraging you to explore avenues of life other than "money-making" ones.

Health - Upright Tower Tarot Card

You should keep your safety and well-being in mind when you see the Tower. When used in conjunction with a pregnancy card, it can represent an unplanned pregnancy, a miscarriage, an abortion, or stillbirth. In addition to mental health issues, Tower incidents can also be emotionally intense, which makes sense considering how intense they can be. Tower represents complex health issues; however, they are normally followed by renewal. Changing your life because of health issues may eventually be beneficial to you, so try to go with the flow.

Spirituality – Upright Tower Tarot Card

Imagine that you built a house you believed would provide you with protection for your entire life. There will be a huge storm that ravages your home, destroying anything you thought was safe and revealing how weak the foundations are. Despite your sorrow, disappointment, grief, rage, and confusion, you will eventually be able to rebuild a new, more stable home. The Tower represents the fall of old values in a spiritual sense.

Reversed Tower Tarot Card

It is not wise to give up and just re-start if the tower is reversed as action. Often, we are tempted to just end one thing and start another. This reversal is a reflection of one's internal struggle, and acting on impulse is not advisable. Lightning can cause a tower's action card to show light (because it hit the tower card). In addition to understanding how you can avoid loss, you also need to know how to play it.

It is best not to make any decisions too quickly when things suddenly stopped or weren't going well. Hold on! It is advised to be patient when reversing the tower. Reversed towers are also a sign of overreacting, and you should keep reality in mind. The message is also saying that you need to bring about the change. It is the results that reveal the reversal and that is what you can change from now on!

It is possible to narrowly escape catastrophe when the Tower Tarot card is flipped. You must learn from the lesson to avoid it repeating itself. Also, it means delaying an inevitable outcome. As a Major Arcana card in a reversed position, this card might be saying to you that it’s time to make a major change despite the pain and heartache it might cause.

In reversed Tower, you sense a crisis approaching and are doing your best to avoid it.

In reality, however, these breakdowns can be beneficial in breaking down your reliance on false beliefs. There is a problem with the tower's foundation, so it must fall. The destruction will prove painful, but the humility it generates can help us find peace.

There will no longer be anything you can rely on. Do not take this as an abrupt or depressing change, it is the right time to become more independent.

Love – Reversed Tower Tarot Card

When seen reversed, The Tower sometimes signifies a desire to avoid ending a relationship for fear of pain. To move forward, you must accept reality and recognize that holding on breaks your spirit. The Tower reversed is warning you not to attempt to restore your relationship to its previous state when it has recently been through a Tower event and comes out intact. Because of the changes in your relationship, you cannot go back.

Career - Reversed Tower Tarot Card

In a professional sense, your job may be retaining you despite challenges. This may simply be an indication that you haven't lost your job. Consider whether this is the right outcome for you, however, if you're avoiding what you perceive as a career disaster, but instead of feeling relieved, you're disappointed or dissatisfied. When we step outside of our comfort zones, we can achieve amazing things we might never have done otherwise.

Health - Reversed Tower Tarot Card

In a health sense, you can reverse the Tower if you are hoping to avoid an illness or any signs of an illness. You must confront this head-on to give yourself the best chance of surviving. A health scare may also turn out to be nothing serious, which could prevent disaster. Ahead in the sand is not the solution to your health problems.

Spirituality Reversed Tower Tarot Card

The Tower inverted suggests you realize that the old values that you once believed are now proving false, yet your life is devoted to holding on to them. Perhaps you think you will not know what to believe in if you do not believe in such things. You may fear retribution from those who hold those beliefs and are unable to change the status quo. If you want to follow your true spiritual path, you must be honest with yourself and let go of what does not work for you. Despite being challenging, it will be well worth the effort.