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Death Tarot Card Meaning

Death Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Death Tarot Card

The Death card depicts a skeleton riding a white horse, dressed in black armor. As the skeleton represents life after death, the armor represents the uncertainty of death as well as invincibility. Black represents mourning and mystery, and white represents purity and strength. Black represents death while a white, five-petal rose represents beauty, purity, and immortality while five represents change. Death is not just about life-ending, as these symbols together illustrate. Death is an ending and a beginning, a birth and a rebirth, a change, and a transformation. There is beauty in death, and it is an integral part of our existence.

It appears that a skeletal figure of a royal is dead, while a young woman, child, and bishop ask for his mercy. Death, however, spares no one.

As the camera pans, a boat floats down the river, like the boats used to transport the deceased to the afterlife. In a sense, the sun is dying every night and being reborn every morning between two towers that are also shown in the Moon Tarot card.

You can experience this change almost anywhere, but it will almost certainly be permanent, significant, and unconditional. The passing of a loved one implies a complete break with the past and the future. While Death may bring with it a sense of loss, it serves a natural and important purpose in life, which eventually leads to acceptance. If you embrace the changes, rather than fighting them, you will find moving forward easier. Be prepared to lose a friend, your job, your marriage, or even your life, but do not dwell too much on the negative.

Your night of the soul ends with the Death card. In the background, the sun is rising - you've experienced a lot and finally, you're entering a phase of love and light.

Your fossilized habits are represented by the armored skeleton. You might smoke or eat junk food, date dysfunctional people, or work in an unhealthy environment to name a few of these bad habits. It has taken too long for you to admit that these behaviors controlled your life for too long, and it is time to put an end to them.

White flowers symbolize innocence and new beginnings in the black flag. Five petals signify spirit, so Tarot's Death may symbolize the forgiveness of your wounds and the beginning of a new relationship, job, or change of location.

Upright Death Tarot Card

If you pull a card about endings during a reading about your relationship, it may seem alarming, but it could simply mean that the relationship is coming to an end; it could also mean that it is reaching the end of a phase.

The ending or change of a relationship may not necessarily be due to the relationship ending itself. A new chapter may begin in your love life or relationship, such as committing, moving, having a kid, or letting go of something. New possibilities are being presented to you as a couple.

Upright Death Tarot Card symbolizes





In the Tarot Deck, Death is the most feared card, and it is very misunderstood. The power of this card deters many people from mentioning it. When people read the name of a card, they take it literally. Death's true significance is among the most positive of any card in the deck.

When you draw the Death card, it indicates that you are entering a new phase in your life. You need to close one door to open the other. So that you can focus your energies on your future, you must put the past behind you.

Love – Upright Death Tarot Card

Death tarot card meaning in love and relationships may suggest stuck emotions or a relationship that is no longer working. A relationship that is already established must embrace changes to survive. You may also want to end the relationship if it hasn't been going well, especially if you have been unhappy in the relationship. When a Death tarot card closes a door, another opens. Death is difficult to accept, but by transforming one partner or another, both individuals can grow. Secondly, remember, these are only suggestions and that you have the choice of welcoming or letting go of a relationship's transformation.

The transformations that Death can bring to love are initially frightening, but they can also be positive. It can instead imply changing attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors you are shedding that can help you form stronger and healthier relationships.

Career – Upright Death Tarot Card

The upright Death card could indicate that you should take the plunge and change your career now if you have been thinking about it. If you do not take action, life may force you to change jobs if you continue to be apathetic, disinterested, and frustrated in your current position. There may be reasons to cling to your current paths, such as stability, certainty, and safety, but if you are unfulfilled or unchallenged, you stand to lose much more than your comfort. It is common to see one door close and another open; embrace the shifts happening at present and dive in.

Health - Upright Death Tarot Card

There is no reason to panic! Whenever the Death Tarot card appears, it is rarely a symbol of physical death. To achieve optimal health, you must make some big changes. Can you improve your health by taking steps that may seem difficult, like eating healthier or refraining from drinking alcohol? Make the necessary adjustments if this is the case.

Spirituality - Upright Death Tarot Card

It is necessary to let go of old mental patterns to receive spiritual readings, including death. The key to living authentically is to discard old patterns of behavior and thinking. Your spiritual growth should be a priority. Reading, meditating, and studying the universal law can help us understand it.

Reversed Death Tarot Card

Despite looking differently, the reversed Death Tarot card still illustrates sweeping changes. There is another aspect to the card falling upside down: a great deal of resistance. We all can resist this tendency.

The Death reversal meaning also refers to resistance to change. Perhaps you are uncertain of the changes that you have to make to move forward, or you may have concerns about letting go of the past. It is possible to feel like you are in limbo when you resist the change and hold on to the past. If you are considering making changes in your life, you should evaluate how you have handled them. There is a possibility that you have been holding back the changes you need due to fears of the unknown. Though you may still be afraid, take the right steps and move forward. If you fight passing time, you will only end up with regrets. The card of death need not be a source of regret, especially if you follow its advice.

Love - Reversed Death Tarot Card

When reversed, the Death tarot card can suggest that you are resistant to change in the context of relationships and romance. Neither of you will grow as an individual if you hang onto a relationship that has stagnated and is no longer helpful. The relationship may also be a source of dependency, or you may only stay together due to your comfort, obligation, or fear of being alone.

However, there is also the possibility of reviving old connections. To truly engage in a loving relationship, Death reversed in a love tarot reading can suggest that you must avoid negative patterns and dynamics. It may be difficult for you to find a partner who will love and respect you, and one who will love and respect you in return if you have self-esteem or savior complexes.

Career - Reversed Death Tarot Card

Your career or job may be changing, as with the upright version of the card. The opposite may be true, and you may be doing everything in your power to resist this change. Although the work environment is unhealthy and the pay is low, or the projects are monotonous, you may still have a positive attitude. We cannot avoid change, whether in our careers or other areas of our lives. Rather than putting a stop to it, we should welcome it. We watch a cycle slowly decay and drain us when we hold on to one that is not meant to continue in our lives. A card like this can also represent negative repeating patterns in the workplace. What do you do to self-sabotage? Make mistakes and become defensive? Impostor syndrome affects your interaction with coworkers, do you agree? Let yourself go of what you must let go of to break free of these unhealthy patterns.

Health – Reversed Death Tarot Card

Death pulled backward seems to suggest a grasping at change. Are you staying in a job or personal situation out of fear rather than growth? Your career and/or bank account may need to get real for this card to be effective. If you are receiving a reading about your career, you likely want to grow and improve. In the situation of pulling Death in reverse, you should reaffirm that staying stuck is worse than facing your fears of a change in the long run. You should not worry about the fear of change at this point, and start embracing it.

Spirituality - Reversed Death Tarot Card

Does not fear change in your spiritual progress? Whatever happens, will be for the best. If you are holding on to your desires in material life, you may not be able to fully progress in your spiritual life.