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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Sun Tarot Card

It is a card of optimism and positivity. It is the source of all life on Earth that a large, bright sun shines in the sky. Above a brick wall, four sunflowers grow tall.

An empty horse stands in front of a young, naked child. He is naked because he has nothing to hide and is a picture of innocence and purity as if he were a child. His nakedness symbolizes his connection with his inner spirit. White horses are also symbolic of strength and purity.

It is a vivid picture of a much-deserved sense of freedom fueled by a benign yet intense inner power. There is a strong symbolism here: a big, luminous sun with sunflowers ripening for harvest. Taking a giant orange flag, the color of fire, on the back of a friendly horse, a naked child fleeing from his walled existence.

The Sun card speaks loud and clear if you've just finished leaving behind a limiting, self-damaging, or even completely draining situation, or if you continue to do so, or if you're wondering if you can do so.

Your willpower should not be used to control others, but rather to work together "with" the people who genuinely love you, share your values, and think like you, or at the very least, understand and unconditionally support you even if it's difficult for them.

Know that there will be no pretense, no façade, no ego defenses, or unnecessary walls when you see the Sun card in reading or your life through coincidence or a spiritual calling. Freedom is a feature of the Sun, supported by the universe as a whole and by "your" universe.

When you finally receive the sun, you're saying "enough is enough", taking the courage to be who you are, and living a life that reflects that.

Rarely, the Sun will point at a situation in which you know you're right, but there's nothing you can do about it yet. It might be a mistake to view such people as "friendly horses". Some in the world would be happy to help you change your situation, but you just haven't found them yet.

Upright Sun Tarot Card

A Major Arcana card, the Sun is a symbol of positivity, optimism, fun, and freedom. As well as representing success and enthusiasm, The Sun also represents good things for you when it appears upright. In addition to being the card of Truth, the Sun also shines its light on deceit to reveal the truth and uncover the perpetrators of the lies if you've been deceived. Good fortune is also associated with the Sun Tarot card in an upright position. It will melt away all your problems with its warmth. You may also be traveling to a warm country.

Love – Upright Sun Tarot Card

Light, warmth, and life are associated with the Sun. Your relationship and romance will continue to be stable with the Sun tarot love meaning. This card represents happiness, fulfillment, and celebration. During this time, your relationship is likely to blossom, bringing the two of you closer as you take in life's blessings. There is likely harmony now, so you can make even closer connections with your loved one. You can also shine right now if you are single. Putting out a positive vibe and radiance now can attract the kind of romantic relationship you've always wanted.

Career - Upright Sun Tarot Card

Your work is shining right now! Your peers can tell you are motivated and full of enthusiasm! If you are currently looking for a job or you are happy at your current position, The Sun card represents success and achievement. Stay positive because it's this that will bring you success and abundance.

Health – Upright Sun Tarot Card

At the moment, you are strong and healthy. Sun represents both an emotional and a physical positive outlook on your wellbeing in a health reading. When you're motivated, it's the perfect moment to start an exercise regimen or make some health-related investments.

Spirituality - Upright Sun Tarot Card

Make the most of the energy you have right now by inspiring others. If you can motivate others to live in a higher vibration through the Sun card, do so. It represents abundance, warmth, and joy.

Reversed – Sun Tarot Card

Reversed Suns beckon you to play out your inner child! Our hectic daily lives can cause us to forget how to have fun as adults. Despite all your worries and concerns, you can enjoy life when you spend a couple of minutes watching a kid play. Reversed Suns are your permission slip for a moment to set your work and responsibilities aside and play. Let your heart and soul fly free by dancing like no one is watching singing like no one is listening.

If the Sun is reversed, you may be struggling to see the light. Your enthusiasm and optimism may have been damaged by a setback, leaving you wondering whether you can achieve what you set out to do. If you feel depressed, left out, and no longer enjoy what you do, consider seeking help. There may seem to be a cloud or distortion in your direction.

It should be noted that the Sun never has a negative effect since it is a card that represents hope. With enough effort, obstacles can easily be removed. Just a bit more effort may be required.

In contrast, you might be overconfident or too optimistic. Even though you may be confident, you may have become egotistical and blind to your potential. What are your honesty and integrity like? You cannot deliver on a promise that you have made to yourself, so you are talking yourself up? Seek feedback and a reality check from others if this rings true for you. How realistic are you?

Love – Reversed Sun Tarot Card

Romance and love are best experienced through a reversed Sun card. It is unlikely that you will meet your soul mate at home sulking! Take a positive attitude and believe in yourself! Do not act out of character or hide from others. Your optimism and vitality will attract the perfect partner for you.

Career – Reversed Sun Tarot Card

Sun negatives still suggest pleasant things, but one's inability to see and appreciate the true beauty of things could cloud the picture. Sun suggests peeling back the clouds and seeing what happiness you already have if you have been glum, depressed, or pessimistic about your job. Are you feeling drained? Rest may be very supportive of your work environment. Are you feeling underpaid? Raising your superiors' attention to this matter may result in a raise. Take action and improve the situation despite it being negative. A card like this can also mean overconfidence or unrealistic expectations. Ensure that you are pragmatic about your goals at this time.

Health – Reversed Sun Tarot Card

A reversed Sun indicates you may be exasperating your health issues because of your attitude or negativity. Despite being ill, The Sun reversed shows that recovery is possible as long as you are proactive in helping your health recover as well as keeping a positive outlook. If the Sun is reversed, it can also be a sign of difficulty or unplanned pregnancy, loss, abortion, or stillbirth.

Spirituality - Reversed Sun Tarot Card

When viewed spiritually, the Sun Tarot card reversed indicates that you are having difficulty accepting the joy spirituality has to offer. Maybe you have lost faith in the universe's love for you and you cannot see your path ahead. Negative thoughts and negative feelings overpower you, and you don't trust where it's taking you because you don't know where it's going. Reversed Sun can also indicate a barrier between you and your spiritual self caused by your ego. To reach enlightenment, you must let go of this.