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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Fool Tarot Card

Whenever a new phase of life begins, a risk must be taken, and something old must be abandoned to start something new. Experiencing new things, growing personally, and discover talents. As Fool consists of 0 - the number of infinite possibilities - he does not have a particular place in Tarot's sequence. It is possible to place the Fool either at the beginning or at the end of the Major Arcana. Accordingly, Major Arcana represents the Fool's journey through life, and as such, he is always present and therefore requires no number.

The Fool card is the twenty-first Major Arcana Tarot Card that corresponds to the Hebrew letter SHIN. On the earth, the FOOL is a wandering fugitive.

Fools are usually depicted as carnival entertainers or hucksters. Another portrays him as old and frightened -- as a result of his delusions and failures. The bright young man stands at the edge of a cliff, setting out on an adventure without a care in the world. In a moment of blissful unawareness, he is looking up into the sky as well as the universe and about to jump off a precipice into the unknown. His knapsack rests over his shoulder and contains everything he needs - which isn't much - we can call him a minimalist.

Fool tarot cards depict a happy soul, joyfully exploring the world. He is gazing upwards toward the sky and is seemingly unaware that he is about to topple over the cliff into the unknown.

He displays a white rose in the left corner of his hand, a symbol of purity and freedom. He represents potentiality with the explosive decal on his clothing. This also means he is free from animal desires.

He carries only a leather bindle, in which he keeps all his worldly possessions.

Symbolizing Life-force before it manifests on earth, the Fool is in the center of the wheel, moves to its outer edge through 21 phases of experience, and then returns to the center. In English books on this subject, the placement of the Fool has always caused much debate and continues to do so; several placements have tried to match the Hebrew alphabet to the meanings of the cards.

Despite the danger, the young man steps off the edge. Before becoming manifest, he represents the Life power. Therefore he represents inexperience, and inexperience can certainly be foolish. As he looks northwest direction, he faces an unknown future. Behind him, the sun is still rising. That's because the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith; if it did, it would begin to descend and lose power. It is thought that the wand over the shoulder of the youth represents the will and that the wallet attached to it symbolizes universal memory and instinct. He will have to learn to use the four magic symbols in the wallet, according to another interpretation. Eagles represent virile strength and are associated with the zodiacal sign Scorpio too.

The small white dog at his feet is a representation of loyalty and protection, and it is this dog that inspires him to continue to learn the lessons he came to learn. To the Fool, the mountains represent what lies ahead. The Fool doesn't care about them at the moment; he's focused on starting his expedition.

There are many meanings to the little white dog following the young man's heels: he evolved from the wolf, demonstrating that lower forms of life can be elevated and improved by companionship with humans, and he also shows us that Nature follows in Man's wake. Several cards depict snowy mountains as representations of mathematical principles, which govern all earthly phenomena. As Bunyan describes so graphically in his Pilgrim's Progress, every soul must pass through the cycle of life - stages through which the Fool will journey. As a young man, imagine the youth as Spirit who faces unimaginable possibilities of self-expression as he enters the world, an ignorant boy. As he approaches manifestation, he stands on spiritual heights.

Upright Fool Card

Fresh Starts

A leap of faith – trying your luck

A new found enthusiasm - to explore life.

Innocence- not knowing what the future beholds.

Spontaneous behavior.

A chance to explore newer avenues

A chance to connect with the child in you

A chance to explore possibilities and contemplate a situation from a new angle.

A chance to analyze any reckless behavior in the past and how actions lead to results and make a new start.

Love - Upright Fool Card

A fool tarot card and love are both signs that your romantic journey is about to commence. An engagement, a wedding, or even a baby might represent a new chapter for couples in a relationship.

The Fool in a love reading means that you will have no trouble manifesting a new romantic relationship, even if you are single and searching for love. A Fool is someone who will return to your life without any ill intentions, but is not always looking for a relationship. You may be given false hope if you are The Fool after a breakup.

If you drew the Fool after consulting your love and relationship deck, you have or soon will embark on a romantic journey. Despite that, finding a new partner is not inevitable.

Career – Upright Fool Card

Despite this, the Fool is also associated with negative connotations. Fools are often characterized by a lack of discipline and restraint. There are two common interpretations of rebellion: wildness and rebellion. Taking risks does not guarantee that they will pay off; the Fool just shows you when you will take the leap. Positive, but it may also mean that you do not like to treat your business as a business, since you love it so much. Fun, creative tasks would appeal to you more than boring, tedious ones. In the future, unless you can hire someone to handle the tasks you dislike, you may have problems if you are not willing to do what excites you.

The Fool may predict that you will quit your current job and start over in a Tarot reading. The Fool can therefore have an extremely positive or extremely negative meaning; it can also have a very positive or very negative meaning, depending on the surrounding cards, your question, and the overall theme of your reading.

You may be about to embark on a new career or focus on a big project if The Fool appears in business, work, or career readings. It may or may not have been difficult to get to that point, but your new route will eventually be one that you will enjoy.

Your career may be headed for good fortune if you have drawn the Fool in your reading. The Fool tells you there's an opportunity on the horizon, so you should seize it while remaining open to adapting to changes. Take the risk to embark on a new path in your life when you meet the Fool!

Health - Upright Fool Card

The Fool is a card of high energy. When you are suffering from illness or have been struggling emotionally or mentally, the Fool is a sign of new life and an unabashed attitude.

Every situation is unique, but focusing on your own needs and being true to yourself will benefit every area of your life.

Do what you believe in

You should show yourself some love

Spiritual Meaning – Upright Fool Card

The person who’s upright Fool card has appeared, means that the person is on a quest or a spiritual journey more like a roller coaster but would eventually lead to enlightenment with many experiences along the way. You might try a different path to improve your knowledge in spirituality. You may not choose the conventional path but eventually it might result in spiritual progress.

Reversed Fool Card

A reversed Fool represents a fresh start. In reverse, this Major Arcana card says you might be hesitant to engage in the beginning. It will happen either way! Reversed Fool tarot cards can be interpreted as a sign of living in the moment and behaving in a reckless way. Irrational, fun-less, lacking faith or hope are all possible meanings of this word.

You encounter an unfinished part of yourself when you reverse the Fool card, a part marred by ignorance or immaturity. Having a psychological attitude or emotional reaction may be stopping you from responding naturally and authentically.

Usually, the reversed Fool symbolizes a warning for the person having the reading. While in the upright position, The Fool encourages you to jump and have faith that everything will be all right, the reversed position becomes a cautionary tale to be careful and not take unnecessary risks. The reversed Fool has some connotations, which include:

Being Naive in life may not help

Taking risks may back-fire

You might be acting foolish over a certain decision

Your reckless behavior might not do you good

Exercising caution in financial dealings and thinking twice before commitment of funds is always better.

It indicates trying alternative medicinal treatment for curing health issues

Love - Reversed Fool Card

The reversed interpretation will be offered if you have picked the Fool card to get a love interpretation. In the case of a love reading where the Fool is drawn in reverse, you should take caution and check in with your intuition about the other person. Is the relationship right for you, or are you looking at it with rose-colored glasses. Being cautious in love is better stopping you from exploring new relationships that could be risky for you.

Career – Reversed Fool Card

A reversed Fool, however, is what one can imagine is the infinite potential for nothing of value to come into being, compared to its upright description.

The Fool in reverse represents irresponsible behavior when embarking on a new venture. Your actions indicate that you start a lot but don't finish anything and that you are literally acting like a fool by disregarding the consequences of your actions. In addition, it is possible that The Fool represents a lack of ability to make concrete decisions.

In keeping with the concept of checking in with your intuition and intentions, pulling the Fool in reverse here can indicate you need to consider the facts and possibilities before making a decision. Follow your intuition and do your due diligence. The need for planning life is more.

Health – Reversed Fool Card

Take caution if you are not taking your health too seriously, tedious unplanned journeys can take a toll on your body. By releasing yourself from dogmas and taboos, your natural truthfulness and instinct for right action can be brought back to life.

Spiritual Meaning – Reversed Fool Card

It indicates a newer spiritual experience and leaping too far without knowing which spiritual path is good. A foolish decision should be avoided. There might be unnecessary distractions. Reckless wandering might not help you achieve your spiritual goals. There is a strong desire in him to achieve a great goal. He must make the right decision. In other words, if he believes that "when ignorance is bliss, then being wise is folly," then he is indeed a fool. Man must choose between good and evil on his journey forward. It is the Fool who does not have a philosophy.

Divinatory Meaning of the Fool Card

Dreamers, mystics are the subject of the reading.

Would you like more excitement in your life? Do you ever consider going in a completely new direction just for a change? You can take a chance on love or starting a new career with the Fool tarot card. The Fool depicts all this.

Adventure and freedom can be yours with this childlike explorer. The Fool can be a little naive and careless at the same time, but he reminds us that we sometimes need to leap of faith to open the door to an exciting new adventure.

You should lighten up, advises the Fool. Allow yourself to be spontaneous enough to stretch beyond logic. If you think you control reality or know everything there is to know, then you gain no advantage. Opening and receiving without question rather than trying to control the current situation is more effective. Fools have no interest in manipulating outcomes. Embrace your part in the whole.

Points to analyze while looking at a Fool card:

Instinctively, the Fool is a fresh, vibrant, innocent energy.

If you embrace the Fool energy and place it in the context of renewal, you will notice different messages coming to mind as you read the card.

To pursue something that feels more aligned with you, let go of something that is no longer serving you.

Choose a new priority or area of your life to focus on

Try not to follow others' advice, that may lead you down the wrong path

Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition rather than your logical mind