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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Hermit Tarot Card

Among the 22 Major Arcana cards, the Hermit is the 9th card. This card depicts a dark grey hermit, dressed in a dark-colored cloth, is standing alone atop a snow-covered mountain is symbolic of his growth and achievements. His left hand is holding a long wand that he uses to balance himself. Wands generally represent power, authority, control, and command. He is holding a lantern in his right hand to light his path, but only up to a few steps. Despite the snowy mountains in the distance, the sky is completely black, so Hermit's only source of illumination is the lantern in his hand.

He stands on the peak of a snow-covered mountain, holding a lantern and a staff in both hands.

A feeling of isolation


A journey of self-discovery

Achieving self-actualization


The role of spirituality

Thinking logically

Having patience

Soul Search

Since the Hermit is grounded and stable, it doesn't like fast, practical, or small changes. Energy in the sign of Virgo is solid; it is completely earthy. Despite this, the sign represents one of the four mutable zodiac signs. A mutable sign signifies flexibility, adaptability, and change. The mystical influence of the Hermit combines powerful and deliberate creative powers, which means if you decide now to make changes, they will be long-lasting and profound.

While the sky behind him looks gloomy and grey, his black and white garments are a symbol of the possibilities between them.

Symbolizing all of the knowledge this teacher possesses, the lantern shines brightly when his head is bowed. Instead of lighting the entire path before him, the lantern only illuminates a small part. Hermits must undertake their journey step by step and accept that not everything will be revealed all at once. Although he achieved all these successes alone, the mountain top exemplifies his successes.

Upright Hermit Card

A hermit seeks the knowledge that comes from within. While wandering alone after dark, he seeks out the only thing which can be found in solitude - the inner voice. It is only when he disconnects from crowds that he can hear it. The northern star guides him through the night of his unconscious; his goal is to reach his home, himself.

Love – Upright Hermit Card

The greatest mystery of life, love, can also be a great teacher. To do this, we all have to understand ourselves, our needs, fears, and insecurities. Getting to know one better before forming a strong relationship with another person can be shown in the Hermit tarot love meaning. There will be a bit of loneliness at the beginning of this period, but it is a crucial step toward finding the right love. The two of you may want to engage in this soul-searching activity together if you're already in a relationship.

It might be worth thinking about what you both want out of a relationship and what will make you happy. Despite being uncomfortable at first, the discussions will lay a strong foundation for the future.

Career – Upright Hermit Card

The thought of being alone is currently on your mind. Consider using this opportunity to clear your mind. This could be your best chance to deal with all that clutter in your daily life. Taking authentic actions in line with your authentic self may also be seen as the Hermit. You are probably searching deep within to find your next step and what is right for you.

Hermits appear in readings to suggest that someone will be your mentor in the future. Perhaps, you're taking some time to consider what you want from your career right now. There can be a feeling you are not being fulfilled by the path you are on at the moment, and the path is not working for you. Currently, you are trying to figure out the kind of work that would bring you joy on every level. This is no longer enough for those pursuing careers for money or financial stability. A purpose or at least an activity that gets you closer to your goals, maybe what you're searching for.

Health – Upright Hermit Card

In the upright position of The Hermit, we are either in need of some alone time, or we have completed the work and are ready to let our findings guide us in the right direction. Your body will guide your soul and vice versa.

Spirituality – Upright Hermit Card

Depending on the reading you choose, visualize yourself meditating, connecting with spirit guides, or working with crystals.

Due to its very personal nature, this process may require that you isolate yourself a little bit. There is nothing wrong with this.

All aspects of your life will improve once your spiritual vibration is raised. Relationships, finances, and health are among them.

Among all the cards in the deck, the Hermit is the only card centered on spirituality. Hermits' primary message is centered on connecting to one's inner self through spiritual enlightenment.

Reversed Hermit Card

The reemergence of your inner landscape indicates you need to share yourself again with the outside world. Your new insight and wisdom arise from self-reflection and reflection. Your external world may now be calling you back. Events may accelerate as duties multiply. Hermits serve as a "way-shower" from within. Now that you have made your journey, you may be able to help others. We invite you to share your wisdom and experiences with the world. Hermit reversed also suggests that you possess something important that can make a positive impact on society. If you hide, you cannot share it. What you offer should never be hidden, avoided, or avoided It is likely that new relationships, partnerships, and connections will develop. It is a good time to reconnect with others and be open to having a breakthrough.

Love – Reversed Hermit Card

Even if the Hermit is reversed, it still suggests the possibility of rekindling a romance that has ended. Do you want that? You should ask yourself. Your behavior is a good indicator if you believe that you want nothing more than a romantic relationship. What is the alignment between this analysis and yours? What are you doing to make yourself available for relationships? Do you meet people, reach out to them, or reach out to them? It's important that if the reversed card appears in a committed relationship, you make a point to spend time, energy, and attention on each other, regardless of your schedules.

Career – Reversed Hermit Card

Those work concerns that have been bothering you and/or causing you confusion are likely to be resolved. If you are experiencing problems at work, don't be afraid to ask questions to gain a better insight into what is happening - and how it should be happening. Be aware that there may be ways in which you may be contributing to the current problems at work if there are any.

Health – Reversed Hermit Card

The reversed hermit card might indicate that your current health practices don't work anymore or that you need to change your habits for the better. You can improve your health even by taking very small steps at this time. Most important health changes - lasting changes - usually don't occur overnight, either. Take one step at a time.

Spirituality – Reversed Hermit Card

In reverse, you might have been too "on your own" for spiritual gain. Yes, an individual's private contemplation is important, however, the company of like-minded people is also beneficial. Please reach out. Your authentic self is represented by the Hermit. Your authentic self should be revealed to others. It has been a challenge and an introspective journey that has given you valuable wisdom. Sharing that wisdom with others will help you reconnect with the world. You are not alone when the Hermit appears reversed. To know your authentic self, it is time to seek out others who have done the inner work as well. Sometimes this card simply means that you are not alone as you believe.