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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance Tarot card represents balance, patience, moderation, and peace in general. Major Arcana cards indicate that you have found inner peace and are in a good frame of mind. Harmony in your relationships is a great sign. You have learned to not get entangled in other people's conflicts or be thrown off balance by minor issues. Your approach should be to adapt to the situations with a calm heart and a clear mind.

If you are feeling temperate, it could be because you have found peace, tranquility, and contentment. The temperance of a person indicates a deep sense of self-awareness and a clear sense of what they value, as well as a conscious sense of self-direction and goal setting. In terms of its meaning and message, the Temperance card is fairly straightforward.

The problem arises when you try to apply it in practice! A balance beam can be thought of as an apt metaphor for Temperance. One of the oldest Tarot cards, Temperance is all about the balance between polarities, middle roads, and moderation. The illustration shows a genderless angel pouring liquid between cups despite gravity. As the traditional symbol of this virtue, this represents a blending of polarities/opposites, a diluting process of wine with water. In contrast to many aspects of the tarot that emphasize duality, this/that, good/bad is more of a spectrum, rather than this/that.

It is important to note that this is not a weak card or a milk toast. The virtue of temperance does not entail turning your back on yourself, compromising your self-respect or morals, or destroying your integrity. A temperate individual will suggest tweaks and adjustments bring about a sense of balance.

Occasionally, we may receive advice to pull back a little or restrain ourselves, but usually, this occurs to bring about a positive outcome. In an argument with your Mom, Temperance advises you to resist the impulse to scream in frustration or be disrespectful. Hold back and maintain good relations instead-- stay civil and respectful even if you will never agree over the issue, and it may foster a better relationship.

Temperance requires you to hold space, but don't hold back--align with what you need and what's right for you. Rather than luxurious self-care, this card urges practical, mundane, and actionable self-care, such as taking prescriptions correctly and regularly, eating healthy, and doing the shadow work.

We need to find a happy medium, avoid polarizing thoughts or extremes, create a work/life balance, become mindful and more accountable, use practical self-care methods to minimize stress.

Temperance encourages you to keep a calm attitude toward problems and work towards finding balance. No reason opposing forces within you have to wage war. When making major decisions, tread carefully. Be confident that good decisions will lead you to a good resolution.

Temperance symbolizes:

Achieving balance

A harmonious relationship

Patience and peace


Disciplinary measures

Companions for life

Possessing self-confidence

Feeling of calmness

Upright Temperance Tarot Card

Depending on how the 'Temperance' card is placed in your spread concerning other cards, it can convey a variety of messages. Accordingly, it represents harmony, balance, and moderation. Keeping order in life is essential to maintaining harmony. For you to meet the targets there needs to be proper management of things. You need a disciplined lifestyle to achieve all your goals.

Similarly, this card warns that you must control your emotions at all times otherwise you will become an emotional fool. Keep your emotions in balance with logical reasoning. In tough times, it recommends remaining calm. Disruptions will result from losing the temperament. Maintaining harmony requires only politeness, calm, and patience.

As a peacemaker, you may also wear this card. Having more than one source of income will help you improve your financial situation as it is a profession.

Love Upright Temperance Tarot Card

A Temperance Tarot card that you get in a love Tarot reading could be helpful if you're in a relationship. The term describes a relationship where love, commitment, and respect are well-balanced. A soul mate is also signified by it. You and your partner will resolve whatever issues have been holding your relationship back to move forward together when Temperance is present. To make space for a loving partner to come into your life, Temperance is a sign that you will be learning to balance other aspects of your life. By following these steps, you will find the right partner for you.

Career - Upright Temperance Tarot Card

In a career context, Temperance suggests that you are in a good position to set goals since you have both the patience and persistence to succeed. You will be recognized for your hard work when Temperance appears upright in your Tarot spread.

It is Temperance that tells you to be patient when trying to advance in your career and not to jump into the first opportunity that comes your way. A balanced financial situation indicates that everything is going well from a financial perspective. Nonetheless, be careful to maintain your money balance and save steadily rather than taking risks or making risky investments.

Health - Upright Temperance Tarot Card

The temperance approach to health reading requires time for recovery and healing even when a person thinks that they are done with processes that have created problems along the way. A balance point is a point of focus that we must hold on to, see as they are, and have faith in the ultimate intelligence of our physiology and the things it is trying to show us. It is a quiet place of acceptance for those who are seriously ill when reading takes place, as long as the individual listens to her own emotions without fear, and lets us go of her inner authority for pieces of the outer. The path to healing requires the courage to follow one's true self, regardless of all its "unacceptable" characteristics. It is believed that crying out will lead to healing. The strength within our weaknesses lies within our willingness to dive into all our dark, angry, and sad emotions.

Spirituality - Upright Temperance Tarot Card

A temperance attitude is a manifestation of listening to your inner guidance and of being aware of the spirit guides who surround you. Mental, bodily, and spiritual health may be indicated by temperance. While you travel down your spiritual path, remember to be patient. At your own pace, everything will unfold.

Reading the temperance card in your tarot card indicates you are in touch with your higher self since it represents an enlightened state of being. You will be well awarded if you channel any messages from your higher self during this time. Your guides will send you clear messages, whether you do this through mediation or nature walks.

Reversed Temperance Tarot Card

Your recent experience has been a time of imbalance and impatience because temperance is the other way around.

When you overreacted or behaved extremely, you may have gone through a difficult period. Some of your problems may have resulted from throwing yourself into love too quickly, spending excessive amounts of time working, or wasting your time on careless spending.

Love - Reversed Temperance Tarot Card

Are your standards too high for a successful partnership? Could it be that you are in a state of affairs or not? Meanwhile, the temperance card encourages you to step back and evaluate your relationship. Ensure equality between you and your spouse, and if necessary, take concrete steps to rectify that.

Career - Reversed Temperance Tarot Card

You may experience some extreme situations at work. Temperance, whether it is from you or the environment, suggests that something isn't aligned with you professionally. Additionally, you might not be able to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Assess where you can improve your current situation.

Health - Reversed Temperance Tarot Card

Balance and harmony are the keys to good health, temperance in the reverse direction means you need to enhance these qualities to achieve better health. Balance is important for nourishing emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Spirituality - Reversed Temperance Tarot Card

Let your intuition guide you. Take your mind off the world and listen to it. As a result of panicking and anxiety, the world tends to miss the wonderful messages the universe has for us.