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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

December, 2023

This month will be a testing time for all those born under the zodiac of Cancer. You will experience strong negative impact in your life. Mars will be strong in its negative emanations and so will be Saturn. Both of these will team up and will create ambiguous situations in your life. Moon will come to your rescue by providing that protective shield around you and equip you to deal with all negativity. It is important that you maintain your composure and move on courageously in life. All negativity is powerless in front of a mind that is prepared to fight and tackle all adversity. You just have to equip yourself with the right attitude to face life in its eye. Your strength of mind will be put to test. You must remember to believe in your potential and capabilities. Whining or complaining about life will be of no use. Face the challenge head on. No one can defeat you except for yourself. Be careful in your interactions with the general public!

At your work place you can expect lot of surprises. With your hard work you can expect promotions too! You are advised to make choices keeping in mind the general good of all. Remember the choices that you make now will affect your future tidings as well. To make well informed choices you should not take a narrow view of the situations but should look deep. This will ascertain that your choices are healthy. Those who are self employed must try to look into your human resource. Make changes in your organizational set up. If you are thinking of reshuffling your workforce this is the time to take it up. 

In your love life times will bring you success. If you are waiting for that special someone your wait is over! Your loved ones will shower you with all their attention. Feel free to share your feelings with your family members. With your friends you will have to be diplomatic and careful. Do not be hypocrite. Be frank and talk straight with your friends. Your direct and forthcoming nature will win you lots of friends. This is the time when your efforts will be recognized and rewarded! 


CANCER DATES June 21 - July 22
BASIC COLOUR Silver and White
BEST COMPATIBILITY Capricorn and Taurus
HOUSE Fourth
LUCKY NUMBERS 2, 3, 15, 20
TAROT CARD The Chariot
WORTHY DAYS Monday and Thursday
LUCKY GEM Ruby, Carnelian