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Libra Monthly Horoscope

December, 2023

This month will be a rather difficult time for those born under the zodiac of Libra. Mars will add to your woes because of its negative emanations. You will have to work really very hard to achieve your goals. This will be the time when situations will be complex and full of dilemmas. You will face lots of opposition from others. Many will arise and confront you. It is important that at this time you maintain your cool and your focus remains intact on your dreams. If you remain focused then no one can stop you from achieving your goals. Your innate ability to maintain balance of mind and heart will ensure that you can cope up with the adversities of life. Give preference to your own inner light that will always show you the way rather than listening to many advises from people. The loftier the aim the more the efforts you will have to put in.

At your work place your discomfort will increase though you may not be to ascertain any obvious problem. This will drain lot of energy from you and you might feel drained out. Take care that midst all this you do not lose your balance. You are a very strong person and nothing can visibly shake you. Also some effect from the past may linger in your present status and you may become upset because of this. You should not dwell in the past but concentrate on your present. Your present work will have a direct bearing on your future endeavors. Therefore, take sane decisions that you do not regret taking later. For those who are self employed hold back all major decisions for the time being.

In your love life situations will be more positive. Changes in your immediate environment are indicated. This could create anxiety in you. It would be advisable not to take any situation to heart. View all from an objective point of view. If these changes are truly required then you yourself should become the catalyst. It is better to let go the past if it ensures a better future. You can rely on your friends for their advice. They will also help you find good solutions to some problem which has been sticking to you for long. You should take their opinions in consideration. 


LIBRA DATES September 23 - October 22
SYMBOL The scales
BASIC COLOUR Ivory, Pink, Green & Light Blue
BEST COMPATIBILITY Aries and Sagittarius
HOUSE Seventh
LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 6, 13, 15 and 24
TAROT CARD The Justice
LUCKY GEM Opal, Pink Tourmaline