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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

December, 2023

The month of December for those born under the zodiac of Gemini should be in wait for some of the brightest times of the year. This is not restricted to one or two areas of your life but to all the spheres that concern your life. Mercury will be responsible for this new height that your life will find itself in as it will attain a prominent stellar configuration. No mal effect of Pluto or Mars will be able to touch you as Mercury comes forward to save you from all harm. Venus though may try to effect your high spirits but this will be temporary and will not be able to keep you down for long. Learn to manage and balance different areas of life. No arena should be given more attention than one or others. Take decisions that will influence all arenas positively. Remember to keep yourself safe. Use your discretion to balance all spheres of activities.

The arenas of business will be thriving with opportunities and possibilities. Many new vistas of success will open up for you. There will be inviting ventures. All resources will be at your disposal as you set your heart and mind on new goals. New pastures will be spotted and new ways will open and give way to old ones. Be very careful in tackling one at a time. Seize the moment and donít hanker after too many results at one time. Give yourself time and enough space to understand what is needed the most at that particular time. Look at your real potential. You can achieve your dreams if only you concentrate at one thing at a time. All circumstances will turn to your advantage if you remember to keep yourself under control. Donít overestimate your powers to achieve your dreams but rather focus on each small detail that would lead you to success. Success is sure to come your way as long as you keep yourself concentrated on the task at hand rather than firing shots at all directions.

The love sphere of your life will be a time which will be generally calm and peaceful. It will go very smoothly if you remember to pay attention to your loved ones and take care of their aspirations and dreams. Venus may try to affect your love life with its slight mal effect but this will not be profound or intense. You might encounter small domestic trifles.   Do not lose your cool. Deal with all with patience and composure. Avoid getting into any confrontations otherwise you will only create negativity around you. Give your love and attention to your loved ones particularly your partner. Be extremely patient and loving. Have an attitude of giving and selfless love. Try taking your mind off your work if you find your work pressing and crucial. Your love and concern that you show towards your loved ones will come back to you as it will be reciprocated and responded to. Life will full of love and laughter if you allow yourself the possibility of loving fully!


GEMINI DATES May 21 - June 20
SYMBOL The Twins
BASIC COLOUR Yellow, Blue and Light Green
BEST COMPATIBILITY Sagittarius, Aquarius
LUCKY NUMBERS 5, 7, 14, 23
WORTHY DAYS Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
LUCKY GEM Pearl, Moonstone