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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

December, 2023

The month of December for all born under the zodiac of Pisces will be a time of brightness and exuberance but this will be slightly blunted due to stellar combinations that might dull even the most seemingly glowing situations. Sun which is your ruler planet will come to its glorious and exalted situation but Pluto, Uranus and Mars will be vying amongst one another to bring its glory down and tarnish its effect on you. The powerful position of the Sun will work against the malevolent effects of the trio of Pluto, Uranus and Mars.  In spite of the powerful position of the Sun, Mercury will win in its intentions of causing you harm. You might find yourself entangled in petty issues and trivial circumstances. You will discover your own potential of handling and challenging all rueful situations. You will realize that you have a self which cannot be destroyed by any untoward incident. You will be able to bear all adverse situations youíre your sheer determination and courage to emerge as a winner.  Nothing will be able to hold you down once you decide not to give up. Keep up your confidence as the Sun gives you the power to resist and fight back and be a winner in the end.

For entrepreneurs it is a time of boundless zeal, energy and enthusiasm. From the beginning of the month you will throw yourself impossible. You will feel that energy surfacing from with in that will give you that extra push required to seize all opportunities that come your way. You will not feel daunted. No challenge will be able to deter you or hold you back. You will face all with your head high and a brave heart. A word of caution for you here! Not all will be able to share your high level of energy and power. Everybody needs space and works at his or her own pace. Pushing people too far just because you savor a particular passion will only make others resentful towards you. They may not share the same ideology as yours and your work may suffer on account of this. Act fair and use logic rather than leaping into situations. You may misjudge or miscalculate in your over confidence.

Your love arena will have the brightest colors that you expect to see. All desires and all fantasies are likely to be fulfilled. Your innermost feelings will surely find an appropriate vent and they will be reciprocated. But as in work be careful in love too! Allow others to breathe and give them space to grow. They also need your affection but would want themselves to be respected. Donít push people too far in their affections. Find a compromising line and break a middle ground so that you can savor the warmth and love of your loved ones. Strike a balance in your relationships and handle them with wisdom. Exercise patience and restraint and you will surely find solace and peace with your loved ones! 


PISCES DATES Febuary 19 - March 20
SYMBOL Two Fishes
RULER PLANET Neptune and Jupiter
BASIC COLOUR Purple, White, Violet and Sea Green
LUCKY METAL Germanium and Strontium
HOUSE Twelfth
LUCKY NUMBERS 3, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24
LUCKY GEM Aquamarine, Jade