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Satyanarayan Dates 2022

Satyanarayan Dates 2022

India (India)



2022 Satyanarayan Dates
January 17, 2022 (Mon)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Pausha, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 17/01/2022
Timing: 03:18:43 AM
End: 18/01/2022
Timing: 05:18:22 AM
February 16, 2022 (Wed)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Magha, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 15/02/2022
Timing: 09:43:13 PM
End: 16/02/2022
Timing: 10:26:24 PM
March 18, 2022 (Fri)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Chaitra, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 17/03/2022
Timing: 01:29:59 PM
End: 18/03/2022
Timing: 12:47:15 PM
April 16, 2022 (Sat)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Vaishakha, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 16/04/2022
Timing: 02:25:08 AM
End: 17/04/2022
Timing: 12:24:31 AM
May 16, 2022 (Mon)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Vaishakha, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 15/05/2022
Timing: 12:45:37 PM
End: 16/05/2022
Timing: 09:43:33 AM
June 14, 2022 (Tue)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Jyeshtha, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 13/06/2022
Timing: 09:02:48 PM
End: 14/06/2022
Timing: 05:21:09 PM
July 13, 2022 (Wed)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Ashadha, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 13/07/2022
Timing: 04:00:46 AM
End: 14/07/2022
Timing: 12:07:06 AM
August 11, 2022 (Thu)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Shravana, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 11/08/2022
Timing: 10:38:34 AM
End: 12/08/2022
Timing: 07:05:26 AM
September 10, 2022 (Sat)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Bhadrapada, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 09/09/2022
Timing: 06:07:47 PM
End: 10/09/2022
Timing: 03:28:36 PM
October 09, 2022 (Sun)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Ashwina, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 09/10/2022
Timing: 03:41:54 AM
End: 10/10/2022
Timing: 02:24:27 AM
November 08, 2022 (Tue)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Kartika, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 07/11/2022
Timing: 04:16:01 PM
End: 08/11/2022
Timing: 04:31:36 PM
December 07, 2022 (Wed)
Shukla Ekadashi
Shukla Purnima
Margashirsha, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 07/12/2022
Timing: 08:01:34 AM
End: 08/12/2022
Timing: 09:37:42 AM

Satyanarayan Vrat Katha 2022 Meaning, Benefits, and Purpose You Must Know

Ritual devotion of Lord Sathyanarayana is a special procedure of Thanksgiving to the Hindu trinity god. This worship is done on the Poornima or the moon day of each month, either on any special ceremony or whether you have achieved something or fulfilled your wish.

According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Kartik, Baisakh, Shravan, and Chaitra are the ideal months for this ritual worship.

People belonging to the Hindu culture chant the name of Shri Satyanarayana, who is a descendant of Lord Vishnu, and worship by hearing Satyanarayana's Moral story with an intent to fulfill their special desires in their life. Moreover, you will learn about the main purpose and benefits of the Sathyanarayana Vrat.

But before we jump deeper into it, let's understand the meaning of the Sathyanarayana Vrat and What are the dates for Satyanarayan worshiping.

Meaning of Satyanarayan Vrat

Satyanarayana is a Sanskrit word in which Satya means Truth, and Narayan is the name of Lord Vishnu, a man who stays or floats on water. Again, the word Narayan is made of "Nar," which means Male person, and "Ayan" means to belong to water or Float on water. Therefore, Lord Krishna, a descendant of Lord Vishnu, is often called Narayan, which means one who abides in everything and everybody.

Satyanarayan Vrat is a kind of Vrat done by Hindu communities in the devotion of Lord Narayan to fulfill their desires or attain a peaceful and prosperous life. It'sIt's a way to get closer or connected with the Lord Vishnu or Narayan. This Vrat has a special significance in the Hindu community, which is done on several occasions like birthdays, marriages, Grih Pravesh, or any important events. Most people also have this Vrat when they suffer from severe diseases or face financial issues.

Purpose of Satyanarayan Vrat

Satyanarayan Vrat Katha is very popular among Hindu devotees and is performed in almost every Hindu household with great devotion. It's one of the virtuous examples of sincerity, devotion, and good faith. For this, only your intention must be true and pure to get the blessings of Lord Satyanarayan that will fulfill your purpose if you do it with complete rituality on the day of Ekadashi or Purnima.

However, you can do it on any day with the help of your purohit (Brahmin man) to fulfill any purpose, which includes :

Opening a new startup.

You are doing a Grih Pravesh.

If you have got any special blessings like getting selected for the job, marriage, or completing any complicated and paused work.

Want to overcome the financial crisis.

You want a good, prosperous, and healthy life.

Property disputes.

Family problems.

It brings mental peace and relieves devotees of their anxiety and worries.

It removes negativity and obstacles.

It also brings happiness to your life.

Provides Moksha in the afterlife.

Benefits of Satyanarayan Vrat

Satyanarayana Vrat Katha has a very special significance in Hindu culture. People worship lord Satyanarayan to lead a fruitful life. It is believed in Hindu mythology that people who listen to Satyanarayan Katha never get disappointed in their life.

There are many benefits of worshiping Lord Satyanarayana. Some of them are listed below :

- People who listen to the moral story of lord Satyanarayan have relaxed thoughts and attain mental peace by removing all the stress in their life. So people never wander from their path and always head toward their goal and positivity.

- It is believed that all the problems and obstacles from your life are removed from the worshiper so that they can aspire to be glorious and successful.

- The almighty lord Vishnu creates a protective shield around his devotee body, protecting them from their enemies and all evil.

-Most people do Satyanarayan worship to take blessings if going to start something new, either purchasing a new home or starting a new business.

-Many people pray to lord Satyanarayan asking to provide a son, wealth, or prosperity. When they achieve their Boon, they start listening to Satyanarayan Katha every month on the Purnima.

Frequently Asked Questions

A picture or statue of Lord Satyanarayana

A small tool or Table on which you will establish the statue.

Cow dung

A small pot full of water and small stem and leaves of the mango tree to make a Kalasha.

Akshat, a small amount of rice mixed with turmeric powder.

Offering materials like fruits, flowers, Panchamrit (mix of milk, tulsi leaves, sugar, etc.)

Piece of clothes as an offering

Aarti material such as camphor, incense stick, matchbox, etc.

Nuts and Betel leaves

Some coins for offerings

Rava Kesari

Dry Fruits

Yogurt- 1 can

Honey- 1 bottle

Ghee- 1 small bottle

Dates- 1 packet

Sugar- 1 packet


Any worship in mythology starts with the prayer of Lord Ganesha by chanting Ganesha aarti and offering flowers and fruits etc., after burning deep and incense sticks. You can add Ganesha'sGanesha's Favorite sweet Modak (Laddu) in your offerings after showering the petals and sepals of flowers.

Once lord Ganesha'sGanesha's prayer is completed, the purohits start chanting mantras in recall of the nine planets, including the Sun and the Moon, Rahu, Ketu, and the god of the snake.

As the Navagraha prayer is completed, then Satyanarayana Vrat Katha starts after showering flowers, coins, and offerings near the statue of the god and showing incense sticks, and spraying water droplets with the mango leaves.

The purohit starts telling the moral story of the Lord Shri Satyanarayana, people around the purohit concentrate on listening to the particular story by joining their hands together. Once the story ends, the procedure Aarti starts followed by the distribution of the offering, and the Vrat is completed.

It is believed that Worshiping Lord Satyanarayan can absolve all sins deed in the previous days of our lives. Then the people's lives change into virtuous and enlightened beings faithful to the Lord and righteousness.

Having the ultimate belief and great devotion to Satyanarayan brings you closer to the god and enhances the possibility to achieve Moksha in the after life.