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Amavasya Vrat 2025

Amavasya Dates in 2025

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2025 Amavasya Dates
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Magha, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 28/01/2025
Timing: 07:36:14 PM
End: 28/02/2025
Timing: 06:15:13 AM
February 27, 2025 (Thu)
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Phalguna, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 27/02/2025
Timing: 08:54:55 AM
End: 29/03/2025
Timing: 04:28:36 PM
March 29, 2025 (Sat)
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Chaitra, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 28/03/2025
Timing: 07:55:42 PM
End: 28/04/2025
Timing: 01:01:52 AM
April 27, 2025 (Sun)
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Vaishakha, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 27/04/2025
Timing: 04:50:14 AM
End: 27/05/2025
Timing: 08:32:55 AM
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Jyeshtha, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 26/05/2025
Timing: 12:12:07 PM
End: 25/06/2025
Timing: 04:01:59 PM
June 25, 2025 (Wed)
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Ashadha, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 24/06/2025
Timing: 06:59:50 PM
End: 25/07/2025
Timing: 12:40:56 AM
July 25, 2025 (Fri)
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Shravana, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 24/07/2025
Timing: 02:28:59 AM
End: 23/08/2025
Timing: 11:35:35 AM
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Ashwina, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 21/09/2025
Timing: 12:17:02 AM
End: 22/09/2025
Timing: 01:23:05 AM
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Ashwina, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 21/09/2025
Timing: 12:17:03 AM
End: 21/10/2025
Timing: 05:54:27 PM
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Kartika, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 20/10/2025
Timing: 03:45:10 PM
End: 20/11/2025
Timing: 12:16:45 PM
November 20, 2025 (Thu)
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Margashirsha, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 19/11/2025
Timing: 09:43:54 AM
End: 20/12/2025
Timing: 07:12:54 AM
Krishna Amavasya
Krishna Amavasya
Pausha, Krishna Amavasya
Begin: 19/12/2025
Timing: 04:59:26 AM
End: 19/01/2026
Timing: 01:21:46 AM

All You Need to Know About The Amavasya Vrat

Amavasya is the darkest night of the lunar month and is considered inauspicious for beginnings. In Hinduism, all new ventures are avoided on Amavasya. It is also believed that Amavasya is the most auspicious day to worship the dead and offer prayers to one's ancestors (Pitru Tarpanam). Lord Vishnu is also worshipped on this day. It is believed that those who die on Amavasya will be reborn as snakes.

What is Amavasya?

The very word Amavasya has a scientific inherent meaning. The word ‘Ama’ means together. ‘Vasya’ means to reside or stay in. Amavasya is when the moon resides in the house of the sun that is sun and the moon is together on the same side of the earth. To moon has come home to reside in the ambit of its parent body those us the Sun and the Earth. Full moon is wholesome and that is the Purnima. The exact opposite of that is the Amavasya.

Amavasya is the darkest Thithi of the moon. This Thithi occurs when the Moon is within the 12 degrees of angular distance between the Sun and the Moon.

Any auspicious activities like a planned birth, a house-warming, buying of land or assets and vehicles, travelling, naming ceremony, buying of jewelry, big business dealings are avoided.

In Hinduism, Amavasya has a significant religious importance. It is seen to be an ideal time for remembering and worshiping one's ancestors and departed family members. It is thought that when the Moonlight is not there, sunlight reaches them. There is also a notion that on this day, the forebears who have passed away come down to visit their offspring and successors.

This day is pitrus, according to the Vishnu Dharma Shastra (spirits of the ancestors). People feel that everything is worse during Amavasya. If they feel mentally unbalanced, on Amavasya they will be even more unbalanced. The gravity of the moon pulls everything towards it, that is, upwards on this day, which includes your blood and vitality.

This enhances human emotions and characterisation to their pinnacle. This effect is caused by the excessive blood flow in your head and an excessive flow of energy in your body. Amavasya is the day when the earth's wicked powers and evil energies are at their peak.

On Mondays, the Amavasya has a unique significance. A fast on this particular Amavasya is thought to protect women from widowhood and ensure progeny bearing. It is also thought that if one fasts on this Amavasya, all of one's aspirations will be accomplished.

Significance of Amavasya Vrat

An Amavasya fast is thought to keep one safe from all sorts of negative energies, hazardous energies, and evil eyes. It's a method of reducing the impact of all evil abilities.

Fasting is observed on Amavasya to appease the spirits of ancestors.

On this day, attempt to give your ancestors some food and drink.

It's the ideal moment to say a few prayers for your gone ancestors and make sure they're at peace. The ancestors visit the ground on Amavasya, and it is vital to honor them on this night via prayers and offerings of water and food.

It is thought that if a person fasts on Amavasya, all of their wishes will be granted.

If observed with entire dedication, Amavasya Vrat decreases the harmful effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha.

According to numerous scientific beliefs, the earth's gravitational forces are at their peak on Amavasya. This, in turn, can provide a great deal of metabolic stability.

It also boosts a person's energy levels.

It helps you to connect your physical and mental wellbeing.

This fast decreases acidity and thoroughly rejuvenates your body.

It aids in the attainment of a genuine sense of tranquility.

All emotional and physical concerns are reduced.

You will never be in a state of lack of wealth or happiness.

Rituals of Amavasya Vrat

On this day, a fast is observed, which involves not eating anything at all.

In the morning, offer water to Sun and Tulsi while reciting the Gayatri mantra 108 times.

Offer water on the Shivling.

Offer rice to a cow.

Place Tulsi at a peepal tree. Along with that offer curd, milk, sandal, black flax seeds, flowers, turmeric and rice. Wind a thread 108 times around the tree. Married ladies can hold Bindi, Mehandi, bangles, biscuits, chocolates while doing the rounds.

Offer home made Puri, Kheer and vegetables to ancestors and then consume the same.

Donate clothing, food and sweets to the poor.

Rice is given to a cow.

Tulsi should be planted near a peepal tree. Curd, milk, sandal, black flax seeds, flowers, turmeric, and rice are also available. Wrap a 108-times-around-the-tree thread around the tree. While doing the rounds, married ladies can carry Bindi, Mehandi, bangles, biscuits, and chocolates.

On that day, keep Maun Vrat or stop from speaking.

Somvati amavasya

Somvati Amavasya is any Amavasya that falls on a Monday of any month. It is extremely popular among married women. They fast for the sake of their spouses' health and lifespan.

On this day, people also fast for their ancestors or Pitra. On this day, a person can purify their sins by taking a holy dip in the Ganga. If you are unable to visit the Ganga for a Snan, you can bathe at home using Gangajal mixed with bathing water.

Punya is gained through bathing in holy water, which is equivalent to sacrificing hundreds of Godaan.

The Brahma Sarovar in Kurukshetra is also used for bathing. On this day, some individuals observe Maun Vrat.

Payovrata Amavasya

During this Vrat, Lord Vishnu is worshiped.

If initiated, this fast is kept for a year.

A person who is fasting can only drink milk.

If a person follows the fast until the appointed time, he or she will be free of mental pain.

Aside from that, the fast strengthens a person's financial position.

Vrat Amavasya

During the fast, Lord Shiva is worshiped.

The fasting person's pains are alleviated by Lord Shiva.

This fast should be observed in the same way as the previous ones.

On this day, it is considered good to give articles to Lord Shiva, especially those that are his favorites.

Bel Patthar and Bel Patra are two of these things.

Once this is done, a person's desire is granted, with the only requirement being that he or she has complete faith.

Effect on human life

Amavasya is of great religious significance in the Hinduism.

Amavasya is considered the day for many to remember their ancestors and pray for their souls. It is believed that the day that the moonlight is absent, the departed souls or forefathers come down to the earth and visit their descendants. In Hindu Dharma, Shastras indicate these to be Pitrus or spirits of the ancestors. Everything becomes extreme on this day.

For those with mental ailments feel more imbalanced on Amavasya. Human emotions and qualities are enhanced to peak this day, because on this day the gravitational force of the moon pulls everything upwards and, the same apply to your blood and energy. Any excessive flow of blood and excessive flow of energy in the body leads to this effect. Evil spirits and adverse effects of black magic are more powerful as per astrology and spiritual perspective.

One has to be careful even with new born on this day. The conjunction of the sun and moon in one zodiac leads to Samadhi which results in fluctuations in mood.

As far as Astrology is concerned, this day is considered beneficial to offer Shradh if you do not know the Thithi or you want to donate in a person’s name who has just passed away, Amavasya is considered good for that purpose. We can free our ancestors from negative energies if we pray for them on his day.

There are some remedies to fight against all ill effects of Amavasya.

Amavasya has its ill effects on human life but we need to look at this positively. The new sunrise after Amavasya brings new hope.

Rahu and its effect on Amavasya

This Thithi is ruled by Rahu, and sometimes can play havoc in the mind. It is very important to understand that this is the Thithi is when the illumination of the moon is the least. So this allows Rahu to create problems, capture our minds and create havoc.

The strength of the moon being the least makes Rahu pay with our mind so we perform those deeds to make sure we are reborn. Irrespective of being born on Amavasya, every month Amavasya falls so Rahu gets an opportunity to lure you and coax you to do something which you are not supposed to.

Why is Amavasya associated with Rahu?

On the Amavasya day, Ma Tara was molested by the moon. Ma Tara’s husband was Brihaspati who was the Moon’s guru. This is the most gruesome thing is to have an eye on your Guru’s wife.

So, Maa Kali had laid a curse on the moon, so whoever is born on this day, need to be additionally careful in their lives. Women born on this day suffer rape, mental torture and loss of purity and suffer like Tara until and unless there are remedies that are followed. The blot of cheating as well needs remedies.

So, no auspicious activities are performed on this day. The association of this day is with ending and death itself.

Insanity, accusation, depression, or tendency to cheat, is common for those born on Amavasya. Issues relating to progeny (child birth) is also common. However following the right remedies help get relief. We need to comprehend that why someone is chosen by the creator Brahma and why that Thithi is chosen for you to be born. So there is a karmic past life connection of being chosen to be born on this day.

Why should you avoid travelling on Amavasya

You might have heard from the elders of the family not to travel on Amavasya. When we combine common sense and spiritual reasons we can conclude that there were valid reasons for our elders to believe this. In earlier days when there was no light at night in villages. There is no light from the sky so it is not advisable to take a risk. The no moon day influences the psyche of the animals and they are wilder and their moods are influenced as they are disturbed.

Tantric practices are usually engage themselves in capturing spirits on days like Amavasya, so it is said not to step out so that there is no paranormal contact in any way. Taking new initiatives are avoided on Amavasya.

The ethos behind this is that for us we have a strong influence of every planet and body in space. So when the moon has no power it influences our capabilities both physical and mental.

Every planet has certain functionality. So similarly, the moon is known for intuition, clear thinking and eyes. The influence of the moon is negligible close to Amavasya and nil on that day.

So, starting something we need to have a clear mind and a stronger intuition. The exception is the people who are born on Amavasya. Even in modern times, despite not having animals and having adequate light it is advisable to look at the spiritual aspect as well. One can chant the Chandra Gayatri or keep a pure moonstone with them to stay protected. That would mimic the moon power in unavoidable circumstances.

Remedies for Amavasya

These are irrespective of the Thithi that you are born

Generally, the end of an activity brings ray of hope for a new beginning, ancestor worship is recommended.

On this day, sacred bath – mixing Ganga water is a fantastic remedy.

Purification is very important where purification mantras, meditation where activities to improve mental sanity is high is good on this day. So getting back to purity is recommended.

Taking care of the Tulsi plant is considered very auspicious on this day.

The ultimate protection is the worship of Lord Vishnu.

Frequently Asked Questions

This quick action addresses all problems and instills motivation and fervor in a person's life. It is also claimed that one is cleansed of any negative energy and the evil eye. It is a method of reducing the negative effects of bad sources.

If a devotee intends to observe a vrat on Darsha Amavasya, he or she must get up early and bathe. He must stay away from foods like wheat, rice, and lentils. Although a Vrati may consume fruits and milk, some people refrain from eating or drinking that day.

According to Hindu mythology, the world is ruled by demonic or evil energies during the Amavasya period, hence no auspicious work should be undertaken on this day. It is also recommended that Vrat be observed on the Amavasya date. Food should also be donated to the poor and crows on Amavasya.

According to Hindu texts, Amavasya, or the new moon, is an auspicious festival. For many devotees, this day bears special significance because it is thought that performing religious practices on this day, such as fasting, will result in the fulfillment of all desires.