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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

November, 2023

Be ready for some long lasting memories this month! Amazing events will take place in your life. All good and bad will be solely dependent on you. Jupiter, your ruling planet, will make you live like a free bird! Venus will be strengthened and will lend full support to Jupiter so that you think that you are unstoppable this month! You must give in to your base tendencies but on the contrary manage your emotions so that this has no mal effect on your relationships. Different situations will develop that will try you. This will be the time to keep your wisdom intact and follow your intuitive faculties. Do not allow your emotions to be heavy on you. Keep the horses of your heart well under control otherwise you could land yourself in some serious trouble. Your focus is impeccable and therefore, you must make the most of this inherent quality!

Your work area will be another testing ground for you this month. Your patience will be tested especially with your colleagues. You will be able to keep your competitors on their toes. But before jumping into situations impulsively it will be good if you analyze them and judge accordingly. Be objective in your approach and do not be biased towards anyone. Keep your focus clear and your intentions good. Though you will get lot of freedom to act it will be good that you exercise this freedom wisely. Do not bring harm to anyone. Remember what you sow now, you shall reap in future. Avail all opportunities given to you to prove your talent and produce real results in your work organization. You will be able to carve a niche for yourself for times support you!

Your personal and love life will be one more challenging area in your life at this hour. You might face some critical moments in your life. These might call for lot of courage and daring. Create a strategy for yourself that you can apply to all relationships. More or less in all relationships you will need this strategy of dealing with people. This strategy should revolve around your own becoming a better person and evolving in your interaction with others. Listen to others and love them with pure intentions. All good that you do now will come back to you!


SAGITTARIUS DATES November 22 - December 21
SYMBOL The Archer/Centaur
BASIC COLOUR Navy Blue and Maroon
LUCKY METAL Tin, Copper and Zinc
LUCKY NUMBERS 3,7,9,12 and21
TAROT CARD The Temperance
LUCKY GEM Turquoise and Lapis lazuli