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मंगल गोचर 2024

Mangal Transit

मंगल गोचर 2024

In astrology, planet transitions play an important role, and they positively and negatively impact life. According to Vedic astrology, planets have a significant impact on our life situation.

All negative and positive situations in life happen due to the effects of planets and the transition in our birth chart. The planets get positioned on zodiac signs according to our birth details. All planets have some impact on human life. Human life gets affected depending on which zodiac sign planet transition is taking place.



मंगल गोचर 2024
मंगल गोचर
5 फ़रवरी 2024
मंगल धनु मकर राशि से मकर राशि में गोचर कर रहा हैं।
15 मार्च 2024
मंगल मकर राशि से कुम्भ राशि में गोचर कर रहा हैं।
23 अप्रैल 2024
मंगल कुम्भ राशि से मीन राशि में गोचर कर रहा हैं।
1 जून 2024
मंगल मीन राशि से मेष राशि में गोचर कर रहा हैं।
12 जुलाई 2024
मंगल मेष राशि से वृषभ राशि में गोचर कर रहा हैं।
26 अगस्त 2024
मंगल वृषभ राशि से मिथुन राशि में गोचर कर रहा हैं।
20 अक्टूबर 2024
मंगल मिथुन राशि से कर्क राशि में गोचर कर रहा हैं।

What Does Mangal Transit Mean?

When the mangal planet exists from one zodiac sign and enters another from the natal moon, it means Mangal transit. Mangal planet gets positioned in every zodiac for around 45 days. Mars transit in different houses of zodiac signs, and after some time, it gets moved to another zodiac.

Mangal is a strong red hot planet that brings positive and negative results depending on its position. According to Vedic astrology, human life is positively affected when mangal transit in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses. Some negative effects will rise when mangal transit in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th house.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 1st house

When the transit of Mangal is in the 1st house from the natal moon, its effects are not reassuring and favourable. Due to the effect of mangal transit, a person has to struggle and face problems in life. The person has to face financial loss and struggle in their career. To reach success a person will have to face ups and downs. Mangal transit in the 1st house will also affect the health negatively. To reduce the negative effect of mangal transit, avoid investing in a business or starting any new work. Do hard work, stay calm and alert from enemies during this period.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 2nd house

The mangal transit in the 3rd house effects is not fruitful and favourable. This period comes with some issues and financial losses. There will be arguments, and a short temper can create issues. Rivals can create problematic situations, and you might have to suffer. Troublesome problems will occur which will distress you. Negativity will rise due to existing and old enemies.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 3rd house

During this transit from the moon, prosperity and some favourable things will happen. You will love the luxurious time and good health during this period. You will feel energetic, confident and get great success in this transit period of 45 days. There will be transparency in life and clear goals for the future. You will gain profit by passive income, and the business can expand. Your power and confidence will level up during this period. Mangal transit in the 3rd house will bring good health and robustness.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 4th house

The effect of Mars Transit in the 4th house will bring negativity and difficulties in life. Your enemies will create problems for you, and new ones can also join the enemies list. You will feel irritated and angry. Keep control of your harsh words; otherwise, arguments can happen. Take care of family members' health and avoid eating junk food. Any of your relatives will become your enemy during this transit period. You will have to face some stomach or blood-related issues. Stay calm and be polite with everyone to reduce the adverse effects of Mangal in the 4th house.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 5th house

Mangal transit in 5th house effects is not beneficial and favourable in this period. Unwanted and unnecessary problems can land in your life. You will have to face some health issues and relationship problems. Keep yourself busy at work, and don't argue with your partner. Situations will get worse if you argue during this transit period. Try to control your expenses and donate some things to the needy. Major health issues can take place, so be alert during this period. Avoid conflicts with family members and do not disrespect anyone.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 6th house

Due to the effect of mangal transit in the 6th house, time becomes favourable and auspicious. Promotion in the job, profit and financial growth will be seen in their transit. Your life will become more luxurious, and luck will be in your favour. Any investment in business during this time will bring high profit and success. Mangal will help to defeat your enemies and bring results in your favour. If you are jobless, you will soon get a job opportunity or offer. You will feel the power and enjoy the financial gains during these 40-45 days.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 7th house

Due to the effect of Mangal transit in the 7th house, you will have to face relationship issues. There will be tension and conflicts within the family. There will be fights with your partner and your parents. You will be angry and frustrated in this period. You might have to face wrong allegations and betrayals from people you trust. Mangal will affect your eyesight or stomach with its effect. You will feel mentally tired and exhausted but keep yourself calm and patient.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 8th house

Mars is the ruling planet of the 8th house, and it will transit in its own house but negatively. Be cautious and keep a check on your health. You will face significant health problems and a deficiency of vitamins in the body. You have to keep yourself calm and leave bad habits such as alcohol and smoking. Due to these harmful habits, your body will get badly affected during this transit period. Your business income graph will go down, and you might have to face a significant loss. Mangal will demand hard work and struggle to give some positive results.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 9th house

When Mars Transit in the 9th house from the moon, you will start facing struggle. Mangal will create barriers in the path of success. Work will demand more time and hard work from you. You will be overloaded with work and feel weak due to the effects of mars. Hard work will pay you off, but it will take some time. Take care of your health because mangal transit in the 9th house will make you physically weak. You will feel uncomfortable working and unlucky, but it will end shortly. Give your 100% in work and get the profit after mangal transit to another planet.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 10th house

When mars transit in the 10th house from the moon, you will get hurdles in this phase. Suddenly your hard work will stop paying off during transition days. Please do not fight with enemies in this period because they can harm you. You will have to face some failures and disappointments in some situations. There will be a mixed effect of Mangal, and some people will get relief from problems and health issues. It is a favourable time for some people but discouraging for others. Put in all your hard work, and do not get demotivated because of failure and unsatisfactory results.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 11th house

When Mars transits conjunct your natal Saturn, your life will become joyful and stress-free. You will feel happy and active because of financial profits. You will get popularity and fame in society. Your health issues will get resolved, and new opportunities will knock on your door. Take advantage of all opportunities you will get and earn extra income. You will get profits if you invest in property or stocks. This is a phase of happiness and prosperity. All positive and favourable things will happen due to the effect of Mangal transit in the 11th house.

Effect of Mangal Transit in 12th house

Due to the effect of Mars transit in the 12th house from the natal moon, you have to face some negativity and difficult times. Some problems can occur in your body parts, such as eyesight, hearing, muscle pain or leg pain. You might feel depressed and face an insomnia disorder. To avoid conflicts, have a peaceful conversation with others and watch your words from speaking. You will feel disrespectful and ignored in society or at work. Mangal also brings positive energies and brings career opportunities and abroad travel options for education. Avoid meeting new people; they can betray you in future. Do not do any important work during this period. Avoid being rude or egoistic while talking with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

When mars planet movement takes place from one house to another from the moon in the birth chart that means Mars Transit. Simply it means the movement of mars planets from one house to another. Mangal transit affects the situations in our life and encourages us. The effects make us strong and motivated to fight problems in life.

The planets that come in connection with other planets that rule the house according to the birth chart are called transit. The planets transit around the different zodiac signs and put some effect on human life.

Mars is the most red-blooded planet among the nine planets. It is believed as a benefic planet for seeking justice and agriculture. Mangal transit signifies robustness and healthiness. The Sun and Moon have a good bond with the Mangal planet in astrology.

Mangal is the ruler of the 2nd house, and when it transits from Moon to Earth, natives get attracted to materialistic things. It becomes difficult for the natives to get happiness with natural things. They spend more money on materialistic things and find happiness in those things.

In astrology, it is a very fortunate time when Mangal transits from the Moon to the 6th house. During Magal transit in the 6th house, natives will get extra profit and additional income sources. The dreams of natives get completed without any hurdle or issue. The natives' lives become fruitful and organised when Mangal transit in the 6th house in their birth chart.