Lal Kitab Kundali

लाल किताब कुंडली

जन्म विवरण

Lal Kitab Kundli

How great would it be if you were able to repay your past karmic debts?

Lal Kitab or the ‘red book’ is a science in itself.

It is one of the Karmic books which guides us based on our past karmas. It is a path where you can derive your techniques based on the results it gives you. The solution to any problems is all hidden in the Lal Kitab. The Lal Kitab originally published enshrines effective astrological principles and remedies. It is rightly termed as the “Magic Book” by any astrologers. The original text is written in the Urdu language and now has been translated into different languages for our understanding.

By studying the various planetary positions in various houses and the residing house and planets of a person, one’s life can be accurately predicted based on the sutras in the Lal Kitab. The Lal Kitab is considered an astrological marvel by the learned astrologers. Surprisingly the Lal Kitab predicts accurately a person and how life’s journey is.

The book and its remedial measures are to solve critical, chronic, and reoccurring problems that humans face on a day-to-day basis. One does not have to do complicated yajnas, sacrifices, or rituals. Small solutions may prove beneficial to ease the ill effects of certain planets. The remedies are self-defensive as they do not cause any harm to anyone around or concerned. In turn, it only eases the stress and tension of the person whose remedies are read and prescribed. Small and affordable remedies are given that give quick and easy results. The wide coverage of the Lal Kitab makes it like one of the Samhitas like the Narad Samita and the Brahma Samhita. It is unbelievable to see the profound benefits of doing these remedies.

How does the Lal Kitab Work?

For all prediction purposes, the ascendant is treated as the house of the first Rashi.

It is one of the most heavily coded written about our past karmas. When you read this book or any book in the occult you would need a blessing from the divine. The solutions that you derive can change your life. Every line in the Lal Kitab has a deep-rooted meaning. Each line needs to be decoded and understood and the meanings to each sutra. A cumbersome and mysterious book it needs to be decoded and years of research by learned astrologers have to lead to the accumulation of information. Due to the lack of astrologers having sound knowledge people are misguided and cheated and end up spending so much money given the fear of taking the name of Lal Kitab.

The Lal Kitab depicts any past karmic debts a person has, which have not been done properly earlier. Now it would be a chance to redeem one’s self. Simple things like wearing neat and clean clothes, putting rice in the water, burying flowers at sunset, taking the blessings of elders are all remedies to strengthen planets. Our ignorance should not be the cause of our misery. When small remedies do not cause harm they should be tried to see one’s benefit. You should follow them especially if you have shortcuts to solutions to deep problems.

It teaches us to respect everyone and help everyone. In ancient times, kundlis were formed based on the Lal Kitab. Once you have the details of the Lal Kitab interpretation you can know the solutions to ease any problems that come your way. Lal Kitab Jyotish is the most popular system in India. In Lal Kitab, there is a planetary sequence. The first in order of importance is Jupiter which is the place of the Guru or the father. Our planetary relationship is primarily influenced by Jupiter. Along with this our wealth and benefits are associated with Brihaspati. 5 Bhavs out of the 12 Bhavs are ruled by Brihaspati. If this is afflicted it affects many aspects of one’s life.

Who should read Lal Kitab?

To read the Lal Kitab you need to be a Vedic Jyotish if you are doing it manually. A layman cannot read the book and infer what the book is saying. One need not have preconceived notions before reading the book. One can read the book with all honesty. There are no disadvantages in doing the solutions of the Lal Kitab.

Poetic verses are written in it and translated by different authors. The grammar in the Lal Kitab is not easy to understand and make sense of. Only a learned astrologer can understand what the book means. These verses need to be decoded by someone who understands Vedic shastras and astrology.

If one reads Lal Kitab the way it has to be read we will know that the main moral of reading the Lal Kitab is based on “what goes around comes around.” Or do good and good will definitely come back to you. You can assess where planets are residing and their effects on one’s life.

Lal Kitab – your friend in times of trouble

The best thing about the Lal Kitab is that it has the Vedic culture and philosophy of the Hindus hidden in it. Every method of astrology has a different perspective but gives different nuances in your life. Consult a competent astrologer on the remedies associated with Lal Kitab for maximum benefits in your life.

Take wise decision about your life.

The energy of the book is very high. So it provides volumes of information for humankind to improve their lives. This book can give you sudden results. Almost magical, the book can find a way out for you. Praying to this book is also very powerful even If you do not know what is written in it.

Love the stars fondly; do not be afraid of the night. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you wish to hold the lamp. Use the Lal Kitab remedies to come from darkness unto light.

Lal Kitab Debts (Rinas)

The calculations in our software give you a report of all the debts derived from our past Karmas.

They are:

  • Forefather’s Debt

    The reason behind this debt is that there is destruction of a temple or cutting of a Peepal tree by the native.

  • Self Debt

    This debt could be because of not following traditional customs and traditions properly in past lives.

  • Mother’s Debt

    The reason behind this debt is the distress of the mother caused by her needs being neglected by the forefather after the birth of the child.

  • Brother or relative’s Debt

    This could be caused by forefathers harming the property of the relatives of brother.

  • Woman’s Debt

    This debt could be possibly because of killing a lady – wife or any other women in the family by the family itself.

  • Daughter’s Debt

    This could be due to the murder of a sister, daughter, or mother in the family which have caused this debt.

  • Unborn Debt

    This could be due to betraying of in-laws or possible elders could be the reason for this debt.

  • Nature’s Debt

    This could be due to killing or betraying nephews or dogs.

  • Cruelty Debt

    This could be due to the illegal land grabbing of forefathers forcefully.

These are the debts in the Lal Kitab and there are remedies that can be suggested for this.

We have a Lal Kitab software that enables you to see each planet report in detail. All you have to do it enter basic details of date, time and place of birth along with your email id. Our software is designed to generate an accurate report for you. This gives you the malefic and benefic proposition and the remedies associated with it. These remedies are easy to do. Birthastro provides you these tools to download this information and benefit from it. For detailed analysis you can connect with our team of competent astrologers to get detailed advice on all aspects of your life.

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