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Planet Retrograde

Planet Retrograde

All know about planets and their effect on the birth chart in astrology. But have you heard about planet retrograde? In astrology, the word 'retrograde' sounds like trouble and difficulties.

Each planet has different energy when it enters the house. And, each retrograde planet comes with different energy and affects our life. When planets retrograde, they have a big impact on our life. There are 8 planets, and all planets Retrograde have a different impact.

What is a Retrograde Planet?

In Vedic astrology, the retrograde planet is also known as 'Vakri Grah' or 'Vakra Gati'. Planets revolve around the sun, and when the Earth passes by the nearby planet, the planet starts moving backwards in the sky. The planet cannot move backwards, so it is only an illusion created in astrology.

Planets always rotate around the sun in the same forward direction. This illusion is only created due to the difference created in the speed of the planet and Earth. In astrology, normally, planets move forward, but when the planet starts moving backwards from the zodiac, it's called a retrograde planet.

We think that the planet is moving backwards because Earth is moving forward. Due to the illusion of the planet going backwards, the energies of that planet start fading from the zodiac. The zodiac starts losing the effect of the retrograde planet.

Example: Suppose two bikes are running on the same road. The first bike runs at a fast speed, and the second is running at normal speed. When the first bike starts going forward, an illusion is created that the second bike is going backwards. In reality, the second bike is going at normal speed, but the first bike is moving forward fast. So, the second bike remains backwards.

The same situation happens with planets and Earth, which revolve around the sun.

There are eight types of retrogrades in each planet due to different curves of shapes. The planets closest to the Earth, such as Mars, Venus and Mercury, change their shapes. They are extreme, so they require some adjustment and are very challenging.

Jupiter and Saturn often retrograde, and their shapes are flatter but not supreme. They can easily adjust and do not create a burden.

How do planets in retrograde affect us?

The effect of retrograde planets is predicted depending on their position and direction in the zodiac. Each planet leaves some energy on the zodiacs, representing situations in human life.

Retrograde Mercury

It is one of the most popular retrograde planets because it comes 3-4 times a year. According to astrology, when Mercury retrogrades, it hampers communication and technology. Mercury planet puts an impact on native mental ability.

Mercury retrogrades almost 4 times a year and lasts for 3 or 4 weeks. When Mercury retrogrades, there is a lack of clarity and change in communicating. The native will not talk like they usually do, and misunderstanding can happen.

So, when Mercury retrogrades in the zodiac, natives should be patient and listen to others' opinions as well. They should practice improving their communication skills.

Retrograde Jupiter

Jupiter goes retrograde once a year for 4 months. Jupiter is a planet of growth and development. This is the time for natives to think and evaluate their actions. It is the time to learn new things and grow more knowledge. During Jupiter retrograde in the zodiac, learning new things and not being harsh on ourselves is a good time.

Retrograde Venus

Venus goes retrograde every 19-20 months and lasts for at least 5 weeks. It leaves an impact on appearance and love relationships. The native ignores the inner beauty and judges their appearance. They will think to make some changes in their appearance to look better even if they love themselves.

The natives in a relationship will not express their affection and love the same way. Due to changes in expressing love, relationships can change drastically. The native should keep watching how they are expressing their emotions and love.

Retrograde Saturn

Retrograde Saturn comes once a year and lasts for 4-5 months. Saturn impacts the power, influence and structure. It's time for natives to accept reality and make changes to grow. Native have to make changes and add new ideas to do something productive.

Hard Work will not pay off if the native is not on the right track. Stop wasting time on useless things and change methods to get success and productivity faster.

Retrograde Mars

Retrograde Mars comes after every 2 years and is positioned in the zodiac for 4 months. Mars has an impact on our capability, energy and focus. The native will feel stuck in their work and realise that there is no progress in their career. The native will feel stuck and start losing their self-confidence.

They will start thinking about how they can change things for better progress. The natives will change their thoughts and follow a new routine. Going to different paths that bring progress is beneficial when the Mars planet retrogrades.

Retrograde Neptune

Neptune retrograde once in a year and stays for 5-6 months in the zodiac. The Neptune retrograde creates illusions and spirituality. Natives will think about spirituality and create illusions in their minds. It will create confusion in their minds because they do not accept reality. Natives will try to find deep meaning in life through dreams and illusions. After knowing the reality, the native will run away from the truth. In this period, keep yourself calm, meditate and distract your mind by doing new and innovative things.

Retrograde Uranus

Uranus retrograde once a year and exists for half a year (6 months) in the birth chart. Uranus in retrograde creates unexpected and disrupted situations. Natives face difficult situations, and unexpected problems will arise. During this period, natives will think unique and find solutions for problems. It's a good period to think about something different and feel relaxed after solving the problems.

Retrograde Pluto

Pluto retrograde occurs once a year and stays for 4-5 months. Pluto represents intense transformation and strength. The native will no longer hide the truth, and all the secrets will get revealed. Native Americans will face difficulties in society if they do not reveal their inner selves.

It's time to explore our inner side and remove all inner negative energies. It is the best time to transform yourself and change into a better person. When planets move backwards in the sky, it creates distraction and disturbance in life for some time. It is the time to transform and become a better version of yourself.

Retrograde Planets in the birth chart

When planets get positioned in the birth chart, they directly impact our lives negatively or positively. But, when retrograde planets take place in the birth chart, it affects human life differently. One or more retrograde planets placed in birth affect it depending on the house on which it is placed. Retrograde planets in the birth chart indicated that it's time to come out of their comfort zone.

Planets will deliver the outcome of the house in the birth chart from where Retrograde started. All give the result of starting Retrograde except Jupiter.

Jupiter will give the outcome of the same house in which it was placed at the birth time in the chart.

When planets get retrograde, it creates problems and breaks to reach success. It extends the time to reach our goal.

When planets like Venus, Mercury and Mars Retrograde, native should explore their inner self, there can be some problems in deals and agreements when Mercury is opposite Jupiter.

Maximum 3 retrograde planets are there in a birth chart. More than 3 is not common, but there is a possibility.

When retrograde planets enter the birth chart and sit in 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, these planets are strong in Kendra and Kona in 1st, 5th and 9th houses.

Natives start taking things personally and seriously when Mercury is opposite to Saturn. There will be fearfulness and anxiety while making decisions. The native should follow their instinct instead of focusing on their fear.

When outer planets retrograde, natives feel they are different from society. They think they are not following the latest trend running in the world.

The retrograde planets are weak when they sit in the birth chart's 6th, 8th and 12th houses. These houses are known as dusthana houses. Retrograde planets are not weak when dusthana is placed in another dusthana house.

When the planet retrogrades in the 9th house in the birth chart, the native will see the outcome of the 8th house.

Due to the effect of other houses, the good luck of the house turns into bad luck. The 'bhagya-vidhata' turns into 'mrityu-data'. The fortune turns into misfortune.

When Jupiter and Venus Retrograde in the 5th house, they will be dominated by the 4th house. It impacts the houses that planets affect from both the houses.

Frequently Asked Questions

In astrology, retrograde planet or Vakri grah means a planet is going opposite or backwards. Usually, the planets move in the same forward position. But when Earth moves forward and passes by the planet, it becomes a retrograde planet. All planets revolve around the sun in the same direction, and planets moving in opposite directions is just an illusion. It is just an illusion, and it happens only due to a change in speed between Earth and other planets.

There are eight types of retrogrades on each planet in the solar system. There are 8 retrogrades because of loops of shapes of planets. Earth goes ahead, passing by the planets, and it needs adjustments. The planets opposite the sun and closest to Earth expand and change their shapes more often.

Yes, retrograde planets are considered malefic in astrology. They are considered malefic because they deliver the same and unimagined results when they are in retrograde condition. According to astrology, all retrograde planets are malefic, especially those closest to Earth.

A retrograde planet is strong when it is positioned with the enemy sign. A retrograde planet is considered strong if it is not combustible. The illusion of retrogression makes a planet unexpected and surprising when it comes to results. According to Vedic astrology, the planet's result is unexpected, even if it is a positive and beneficial sign. Retrograde can be negative and evil if it is combustible.

Mercury and Saturn are the toughest retrograde planets. Mercury is tough because it happens more frequently than on other planets. Retrograde Mercury happens 4 times a year and lasts for 1 month every time. Sturn is also tough because Saturn fluctuates more often. Saturn keeps on changing positions and comes back to the same zodiac many times.

Rahu and Ketu always retrograde, and they never move in the front direction. They always move backwards, considered dangerous and evil 'grahas'. They are unique and come with different perspectives in astrology.

Only the Sun and Moon do not move in a backward position. They always move in the same direction, but other planets move retrograde.

Retrograde planets are symbolised as 'R'. '()', or 'Rx' in the birth chart or horoscopes. To find retrograde Mercury, you will see Mer(Rx) orMer(R), which means Retrograde Mercury. The other moving planets will be written normally in your birth chart.