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Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman - Love, Sex, Trust, Traits and Life

Overview of Pisces Woman :

Pisces woman is a special lady, soft, kind, and generous at heart, and has an interesting viewpoint of the world around her. She is a mysterious woman, highly intuitive, and analyzes people around her with a compassionate and generous attitude. She is highly sensual and carries herself with grace and elegance. She is full of compassion and generosity, always trying to work for the betterment of society. She is ready to empathize and help others with a caring and gentle attitude. She keeps others ahead of herself, but most people can only connect with her on a superficial level. It is hard to know her emotionally and touch her soul. She gets attached and dependent on people easily, so she prefers to show her superficial side to society.

Pisces woman is overly trusting and may get hurt because of it, so she creates an unbreakable boundary around her and restricts people from entering that. She keeps her personal life to herself. She doesn’t like depending on anyone, so she prefers to hide her emotions from others. She is really good at pretending that everything is fine, no matter how badly shattered and hurtful she feels from inside. She can pretend to be happy even in her most depressed and desperate times. If she lets someone enter her life and know her true self, consider them lucky or special.

Pisces woman is independent and doesn’t let anyone take care of herself. She doesn’t like to communicate about her vulnerabilities, even with her loved ones. She never wants anyone to use her weaknesses against her, so she completely shuts that side of hers. She often dreams about her future and makes unrealistic expectations that can hurt or make her depressed. Even after getting betrayed or cheated, she ends up forgiving and giving hundreds of chances due to her soft and kind heart. She may forgive easily but never forgets and hold onto her grudges for a long time.

Pisces woman is full of selfless love and always keeps her loved ones ahead of herself. She gets hot-headed and stubborn during her arguments and confrontations. So, She avoids them. She constantly feels an urge to escape her reality and often ends unseeing the truth.

Pisces Woman in Relationship with Friends :

Pisces woman is a loyal and trustworthy friend. She is always willing to help her friends in times of need. Most people have difficulty connecting to her real personality that is highly spiritual. So, they only see what she chooses to show them. She prefers to show her happy and fun side to her friends and keeps her vulnerable side hidden from them. So, they can only connect with her on a superficial level. Few of her friends can touch her soul and know her real personality. She hardly lets anyone enter her personal space. If she decides to let anyone enter her life, consider that person special to her.

Pisces woman is selfless and keeps her friends ahead of herself. She is always willing to share and help them with their problems but rarely shares her own. She likes to keep her vulnerabilities to herself and doesn’t communicate her feelings and emotions with anyone. She doesn’t take any help or support from her friends. She can easily get hurt by their actions and words and gets hot-headed and stubborn at times. She may forgive her friends for being dishonest and betraying her, but she never forgets that and can hold on to her grudges for a long time.

Pisces Woman in Relationship with Family :

Pisces woman is an independent and kind-hearted woman filled with selfless love for her family. She keeps her family members above everyone else and tries to help them in times of need. She is a spiritual personality and often creates an intense aura in her home. She never appreciates any interference of her family members in her life and strives to make her own decisions. She is willing to take responsibility for her family and provide for them. She needs emotional support from her family.

Pisces woman is concerned about the secured future of her family and seeks protection for them. She is highly intuitive and has strong beliefs. She can listen to the problems of her family members and motivate them to have a better and more spiritual life.

Pisces Woman in Relationship with a Love Interest :

Pisces woman often loves to live an independent life and doesn’t like to compromise with her freedom. She has unrealistic expectations from her man, which can depress her and hurt her emotionally. If she is not treated nicely in her relationship, she tries to escape the bonds of her relationship. She starts criticizing her partner and gets irritated about small things. She wants to feel secure and protected by her man. She manages her time to be with him and can sacrifice her dreams and ambitions, if necessary.

Pisces woman is loyal, trustworthy, and committed to a man she considers as her soulmate. She is highly sensual and romantic and seeks love and emotional support from her man. She lets him enter her personal space and expects him to know her inside out. She can honestly share her vulnerabilities and feelings with her man and expects him to do the same. She loves her soulmate with her mind and soul and always tries to make him happy with her warm and compassionate attitude. She tends to get dependent and even compromises her mental peace and stability for that man.

Pisces woman is intense and sensitive about her love relationship and wants her man to stay committed and true to her. She wants her relationship to work and seeks love, care, and attention from her man. She avoids seeing the truth and even tries to manipulate her reality to make things work between them. She tries to avoid any confrontation or argument that can make her stubborn or hot-headed. She may forgive him for his blunderous mistakes like cheating and betrayals. She may forgive her man for those mistakes but never forgets what hurt or disappointed her.

Sexual Relationships of a Pisces Woman :

Pisces woman is a highly romantic and sensual woman always dreaming about her sex life. She is a seductress having high sexual energies. She has a unique and innovative sex life and can experience a magically surprising ride in her bed. She cares for the sexual needs of her man and wants him to be fun and exciting in bed. She creates an intense atmosphere in bed and tries to excite her partner every chance she gets.

Love plays an equally important role in the sex life of a Pisces woman. She expects her man to be loyal, loving, and trustworthy. She wants him to know his ways in bed and how to make her toes curl with pleasure. She expresses her passion and affection to her man in public and expects him to arouse her with his creativity and imagination. But before jumping into bed with her man, she likes to connect with him on an emotional level. She will be more than happy to make love with a loyal and faithful man.

Pisces woman wants a perfect ‘love making’ where she has foreplay and is wild enough for something new and exciting in bed. She never hesitates to try out new positions and her darkest fantasies with her man to have maximum pleasure and satisfaction. She can be there for her partner and loves to please him. She can even make him feel like the luckiest and the most special guy in the entire world. If a Pisces woman is not satisfied with her sex life, she can hurt her man on an emotional level.

Ways to Attract a Pisces Woman :

The most important and easiest way to attract a Pisces woman is by gaining her trust and loyalty. She seeks a man who can be mature and responsible enough to make her feel secure and protected. Show your creative and innovative side to her. Realize the importance of a secure future and be ambitious and career-oriented but always prioritize your family and friends. She is a spiritual and sensitive woman who wants to live for the betterment of society. Be gentle, caring, and generous, always willing to empathize and help people in need. She is imaginative and dreamy, so help her see the future in a simplified way without any unrealistic expectations.

Pisces woman wants a dependable man she can rely upon and appreciate her spiritual and unique personality. She never asks for help, so you have to be intuitive and offer your support in times of her need. She highly appreciates loyalty and expects a man to be committed and respectful of her. Value her freedom and strong beliefs. Try to make her feel special by complimenting her. She rarely opens up about her vulnerabilities. So, gain her trust and make her comfortable enough to share her emotions with you.

Pisces Woman at work :

Pisces woman is creative, innovative, and imaginative in her professional life. She realizes the importance of a secured future and works hard to achieve her goals and ambitions. She is always ready to help and empathize with people with her caring, kind, and generous heart. She likes to work for the betterment of society. She establishes clear boundaries and wants a secure work environment where she can work passionately without any interference from her co-workers. She doesn’t like people to enter her personal space. She is not friendly with her co-workers but can amazingly pretend or fake her happiness and excitement.

Pisces woman has a flexible mind and can adapt to any situation, but she avoids any confrontation or argument that makes her stubborn and hot-headed. She may face problems making important decisions in her professional life due to her indecisive nature. She is always willing to help her co-workers with her caring and empathetic heart but desires to feel important in her work atmosphere. She needs appreciation for her selfless work and innovative ideas.

Financial Management of Pisces Woman :

Pisces woman is future-oriented and always realizes the value of having a secured future. She feels complacent with what she has and stays away from the greed of material pleasures and luxuries. She understands the difference between her needs and wants. She is highly career-oriented and spends her money to fulfill her dreams and ambitions in life. She is kind and generous, always ready to empathize and help others with her finances. She never hesitates to raise a helping hand for people in need. So, she works hard to earn her finances and believes in her analytic and spiritual power to have better financial management.

Pisces woman can invest her finances for a better and secure future. She often saves her money for a rainy day, but her stubborn nature restricts her from taking any help from others. She needs proper financial guidance for keeping her finances under check and making the right decisions for better financial management.

Positives and Negatives of Pisces Woman :

Positives of a Pisces Woman:

Pisces woman is soft, gentle, and kind at heart.

She is always willing to help and empathize with others.

She is a caring and generous woman always working for the betterment of society.

She is creative, imaginative, and innovative in her professional life.

She is warm, affectionate and loyal towards her loved ones.

She is a sensitive, spiritual, and intuitive personality with strong beliefs.

She is independent and respects the personal space of others.

She is analytic and takes her time to act upon things.

Negatives of a Pisces Woman :

Pisces woman is overly trusting and faithful that can break her heart.

She unwontedly becomes the victim of the situation.

She feels a constant urge to escape her reality.

She avoids confrontations and arguments.

She gets stubborn and hot-headed if not treated nicely and respectfully.

She needs to be loved and appreciated all the time.

Likes and Dislikes of Pisces Woman :

Likes of Pisces Woman :

Pisces woman likes to work for the betterment of society and its people.

She likes to be surrounded by her loved ones.

She is sensitive and likes to be treated with respect.

She likes to be romantic and committed in her relationship.

She likes to gain spiritual knowledge and spend her time in her deep thinking sessions.

Dislikes of Pisces Woman :

Pisces woman hates criticizing and judgmental people.

She hates disrespectful people with no regard for emotions.

She hates confrontations and arguments that make her stubborn and hot-headed.

She doesn’t like dishonest and over clever people.

She hates to talk about her personal and emotional life.

Gift Guide of a Pisces Woman :

Pisces woman is unique and spiritual personality. She values caring and compassionate gestures of presenting a gift more than the actual gift. She values all the efforts you go through to select a gift for her. She likes to feel different and one of a kind. She likes having spiritual books and expanding her knowledge by reading intellectual stuff. She loves to be creative and to explore her innovative ideas. So gifts that can help her to explore her skillful and talented side are well suited for her. A nice artifact or a unique piece of jewelry will surely melt her heart. A nice romantic dinner with her man of dreams is always a great way to express your love and care for your Pisces woman. Remember to show your care and love while presenting your gift to her. It will surely earn you her brownie points and get you in her good books.