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Libra Woman

Libra Woman

Libra Woman

Libra Woman - Love, Sex, Trust, Traits and Life

Libra Woman personality overview :

Libra woman is an extrovert and outgoing woman who likes to socialize and add fun to her life. She is a fun-loving person with a zest for life. She lives in peace and harmony with her feminine traits embracing her elegant and sophisticated womanhood. She is socially active and has a large friends circle. She is intelligent and rational and can easily knock your socks off with her charming and fun-loving aura.

Libra woman is optimistic and highly ambitious in life. She works with passion and creativity to achieve her goals in life. She is a natural born-leader filled with generosity to help society. She never shies away from raising her helping hand to the people in need. She isn’t vocal about her problems and takes her time to share her feelings and vulnerabilities with someone. She is often strong-headed and holds on to her grounds in an argument. Confrontations and arguments make her fuzzy and irritated at times. So, she tries to avoid any possible confrontation and live her life peacefully.

Libra woman is ruled by the planet Venus, which is associated with love, beauty, and pleasures in life. She wants to be loved and craves a stable relationship. She is a classy and stylish woman who is appreciative of beauty and art. She has exceptional judgment skills with a good eye for equality and justice. She desires justice and fairness for everyone. Her patient and balanced mind help her to find the solutions to her problems and differentiate between right and wrong.

Libra Woman in Relationship with Friends :

Libra woman is a fun-loving and friendly woman filled with positivity and a zest for life. She likes to socialize and has a large friend circle. Her extrovert personality helps her to make new friends. She is intelligent and stable-minded and has a charming aura, which attracts people to know her more. She is concerned for the happiness and well-being of her friends. She makes sure to entertain and support her friends with her fun-loving and enthusiastic approach to life. She is unbiased and fair towards her friends and always has pure intentions for them. Usually, a Libra woman avoids arguments and confrontations, but she can also hold on to her grounds if needed.

Libra woman is supportive of her friends and has their backs in times of need. She is optimistic and helps her friends to see the brighter side even in the most desperate times. She helps her friends to achieve their goals and ambitions in life by pushing them out of their comfort zones. She highly appreciates her friends for sharing their thoughts and feelings with her. It is always beneficial to be friends with generous and big-hearted Libra women. They are willing to share their advice and material pleasures with their friends.

Libra Woman in Relationship with Family :

Libra woman is a fun-loving and enthusiastic woman with a zest for life. She creates a happy and peaceful atmosphere at home. She takes care of her family with a passionate approach. She loves her family and tries to be patient with them by avoiding any possible confrontation or argument. She is a fair and intelligent woman who takes care of every family member with an unbiased attitude.

Libra woman is a workaholic and independent woman. It may get challenging to maintain a balance between her social and family life. She desires luxuries and fun-loving life filled with material pleasures and comforts. She has a good eye for selecting the best for herself.

Libra women have a great sense of taste for beauty, art, and style. They are creative and artistic and help their family to have better things in life. They may struggle with their decision-making skills but always desire the best for their families.

Libra Woman in Relationship with a Love Interest :

Libra woman likes to take her time while choosing her partner. She strives to live independently and faces a dilemma to get committed or continue with her independent life. She expects her man to match up to her expectations. She is a passionate woman who wants complete devotion and commitment in her relationship. Once in love, she takes her relationship very seriously. She likes to have fun and excitement in her love life. She is always ready to help her man and expects him to be open about his vulnerabilities.

Libra woman is extroverted and likes to share her thoughts and emotions with her man. She values her social and fun-loving side. She seeks a romantic and independent man, who can share his interests and appreciate her for her beauty. She expects her man to understand her friendly nature and be secure enough to not judge her. She expects equality in her relationship as she is loyal and faithful to her man.

Sexual Relationships of a Libra Woman :

Libra woman is gentle and passionate in her sex life. She likes to take her time and connect on all the levels before jumping into bed with her man. She wants commitment and seeks a strong bond filled with intimacy. She wants her partner to share equal pleasure and be creative in bed. She is highly sensual and wants to please her man equally at the time of having sex. She expects her man to make her toes curl with pleasure every single time while having sex. She likes to try out new things and go on a rough ride in bed. She can act out fantasies and is willing to explore new dimensions of having sexual pleasures. She likes to feel various emotions at the same time in her sexual life. She won’t shy away from displaying her affection and passion towards her partner in public.

Ways to Attract a Libra Woman :

Libra woman seeks sensitivity in a man. She seeks peace and harmony in life and gets attracted to the patience and politeness of a person. She has a great eye for beauty and style and likes to analyze minute details about people. So be as gorgeous and charismatic as you can. Open up about your feelings and vulnerabilities and try to be honest with her.

Virgo woman is a social and outgoing woman who is intelligent and flirty. Try to impress her by being witty and charming. Show your creative and artistic side to her. She is an extroverted personality who is clear about her thoughts and communication, so try to lend her an ear. Don’t try to confront her or argue with her instead be appreciative of her honesty. Show her your support and offer her some help. She will be willing to know more about you if you can share your interests with her.

Libra Woman at work :

Libra woman is a creative and artistic woman who can work hard with passion in her professional life. She likes to work in her headspace with her creative and intellectual ideas. She has a practical and stable mind and can work hard to put her best foot forward in her work-life. She is ambitious and filled with energy and enthusiasm, which helps her to achieve her goals and ambitions in life. She is diplomatic and has a problem-solving attitude in her professional life.

Libra woman likes to maintain her mental peace and serenity. She can help others to resolve their conflicts but avoids any possible argument or confrontation for herself. She has great communication skills with an extroverted personality. She can work extraordinarily in the fields that require her optimistic and passionate approach. She never appreciates criticism in her professional life and expects respect from her co-workers.

Financial Management of a Libra Woman :

Libra woman is a stable-minded and practical woman who manages her finances with a balance between needs and wants. But she is into materialistic luxuries and can’t help herself from overspending her finances. She seeks beauty and style in her life and often falls for the pleasure and comfort of materials. She is passionate and enthusiastic in life but may lack some basic decision-making skills. She tries to use her mind and intellect for better management of her finances, but the greed of having a comfortable and exciting life is too hard to avoid for her. She may face difficulties to save her finances for a rainy day.

Libra woman should consider taking some outside help to manage her finances and maintain a balance between her needs and wants.

Positives and Negatives of a Libra Woman :

Positives of a Libra Woman :

Libra Woman is a social and outgoing woman filled with a zest for life.

She is a graceful and sophisticated woman who loves to have peace and harmony in life.

She is a charming and intellectual woman always ready to have fun in her life.

She is willing to help her friends with her exceptional problem-solving skills and empathetic approach in life.

She is a natural-born leader and has affection and generosity for society.

She has excellent communication skills which help her to understand people in a better way.

She has a great eye for beauty, creativity, style, and art.

She is adaptive to her surroundings and different situations in life.

She is an extroverted personality who likes to share her feelings and emotions with her loved ones.

Negatives of a Libra Woman :

Libra woman lacks basic decision-making skills.

She avoids any possible arguments or confrontations.

She is overly analytic of small things that are of least importance for others.

She always seeks a comfortable life filled with materialistic pleasures.

She can get self-involved at times and may end up condemning herself.

She can get fuzzy and irritated when she doesn’t get the required attention.

Likes and Dislikes of a Libra Woman :

Likes of Libra Woman :

Libra woman seeks peace and harmony in life.

She likes to be optimistic and have a stable mind.

She likes to be fair and just.

She likes to be treated with equality.

She likes to be committed in her relationship with her loved ones.

She likes to share her feelings and emotions with her loved ones.

She likes to have an active social life and is surrounded by positivity.

She likes to empathize with and help people in need.

She likes to explore her creative and artistic side.

She likes to be appreciated for her passion and dedication in her life.

Dislikes of Libra Woman :

Libra woman hates to compromise with her social and outgoing life.

She never appreciates criticism in her life.

She avoids any argument or confrontation.

She is not a good decision-maker and she doesn’t like to take major decisions.

She hates negative and illogical people.

She hates it when she doesn’t get to express her thoughts and emotions with clarity.

Gift guide for a Libra Woman :

Libra woman has a great eye for beauty, art, and style. She loves to have comfort and material pleasures in life. She would highly appreciate gifts like brand new clothing, accessories, pricey earrings, and pendants. She would be happy to have branded glasses, watches, shoes, or anything catchy enough to match up with her style statement. She is highly creative and artistic and will be thrilled to have an artifact or modern art paintings, filled with creativity and high artistic value. Puzzles, books or a novel are also well suited for her. She is highly social and fun-loving and will be more than happy to go on an outing with her loved ones. Throwing her a surprise party is another good idea to make her happy. Finally, a nice romantic dinner can melt the heart of a Libra woman and make you earn some extra brownie points.