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Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman - Love, Sex, Trust, Traits and Life

Overview of Aquarius Woman :

An Aquarius woman is a unique personality holding originality in her characteristics and traits. She is an independent woman who can take care of herself and lives her life on her own terms. She is an open-minded and intellectual woman full of compassion and has a generous and progressive mindset. She is a visionary investing herself in the betterment of society and tries to make the world a better place to live. She is least interested in others’ perspectives of her personality and can’t stand confusing norms and traditions of society. She always looks forward to the big picture and tries to revolutionize society.

Aquarius woman has a strong belief system and values her thoughts. She is witty and keeps on expanding her knowledge by sharing her wisdom. She has a charming personality and is always one of the brightest people in the room. But this trait of hers can make her stubborn and believe she is always right and knows it all. She can communicate with ease but doesn’t share her emotional side, which may expose her vulnerabilities. She has her personal space and expects people to respect that.

Aquarius woman is moody and difficult to know at times. It may be frustrating to know her disappointments. It takes a lot of patience to deal with her due to her unpredictable and spontaneous attitude.

She is a frank and truthful woman who can be an excellent leader with her problem-solving skills. She loves to fix things and has a compassionate approach towards society. She loves to work in a group and is always happy to be a team player. She seeks power and always chases success with her innovative and intellectual mind. She is highly intuitive and doesn’t waste her time with people with no potential. She is filled with confidence and doesn’t require anyone to feel secure and happy.

Aquarius Woman in Relationship with Friends :

Aquarius woman is a friendly woman who doesn’t have difficulty making new friends. She is a frank and outgoing personality who likes to socialize with her friends. She has a charming and adorable persona that attracts people to know her more. She is often analytic and picky in choosing her friends, as she hangs out with people who can match up with her intellectual and progressive mind. She doesn’t like to waste her time with people with no vision and potential. Once she has invested herself in her friendship, she is one of the most interesting people in her friend’s life.

Aquarius woman is highly witty and always has something to share with her friends. She is willing to know all about their lives while respecting their personal space and expects them to reciprocate. She can communicate with ease but prefers to keep her emotional side hidden. She is full of affection for her friends and is always willing to help them with her pearls of wisdom and knowledge. She may get disappointed and frustrated due to her stubborn nature. It is hard to know her mind and requires a lot of patience to deal with her moody personality. She may seem cold and distant and doesn’t require friends to be happy due to her deep thinking personality. When she is hurt, she may carry her grudges for a long time and doesn’t forgive or forget easily. But she is full of compassion and generosity for her friends.

Aquarius Woman in Relationship with Family :

Aquarius woman is filled with compassion and love for her family but strives to live an independent life with her own rules and conditions. She tries to focus on the big picture with her future-oriented thinking. She is always willing to provide them with her precious knowledge and wisdom and helps them to understand a better perspective of life. She communicates with them about their needs and wants and motivates them to achieve their goals and ambitions in life. She expects her family members to understand and respect her personal space and reciprocate with them.

Aquarius woman is moody and stubborn at times and requires a lot of patience and understanding to deal with her. She seems to be cold and distant and gets disappointed with small things. She doesn’t like to be restricted by her household problems and wants to do something big for society. She can be an excellent head of the family, helping them solve issues with her problem-solving skills.

Aquarius Woman in Relationship with a Love Interest :

Aquarius woman is sensitive and rational, but she doesn’t compromise with freedom and independence for a relationship. She doesn’t waste her time with the wrong people and always prefers serious relationships over a fling. When she allows someone in her life, she is serious and sure about him. She considers her professional life more important than her love life and loves to have a life outside of the relationship. She strongly believes feelings hold her back and are illogical. She is a logical and open-minded woman practical in her love relationships. She keeps her emotions and vulnerabilities hidden until she is sure about her man. She prefers to be friends first with her man before jumping into a love relationship. She takes her time to build her relationship and then invests herself wholeheartedly.

Once in love, an Aquarius woman needs to have her space and be treated equally in her relationship. She doesn’t want a controlling man who holds her back. She isn’t possessive or insecure and never gets jealous of her man having a life of his own. Her man needs to gain her trust and make her comfortable to open her up emotionally. She gets attracted to the traits of a man and is least concerned about looks and style.

Aquarius woman can be cold and distant if her man hurts or disappoints her in any way. She won’t hesitate to shut him out of his life if he cheats or is dishonest with her. A man needs to have a lot of patience and treat her with respect if he wants to have a loving and romantic relationship with an Aquarius woman.

Sexual Relationships of an Aquarius Woman :

The Sexual life of an Aquarius woman is unique and hotter than most of the other signs. It is a memorable experience for a man to have sex with this hottie. She is full of surprises and willing to explore the darkest fantasies with her man, which makes her even hotter. She never hesitates to show her affection to her man in public and is open to having sex in public places. She has high sex drives and loves to talk dirty with her man. She is full of passion and loves to lead her way and dominate her man in bed. She can also be submissive but just for the sake of experimenting and trying out something exciting. She is willing to explore every aspect like different positions, fantasies, and taboo stuff to have maximum pleasure while having sex.

Ways to Attract an Aquarius Woman :

An Aquarius woman is attracted to the unique traits and characteristics of men. She expects a man to respect her space and freedom. She wants to be treated equally and doesn’t like to be controlled or dominated by a man, so treat her equally and let her be expressive about her perspectives. She never compromises with her freedom and independence to be with a man. She gets attracted to a successful man who is future-oriented. Try to gain her trust and make her comfortable to open her up emotionally. She is least concerned about style and appearance, so don’t even bother trying to impress her with style. She expects a man to be patient enough to deal with her moody and stubborn attitude.

Have a practical and logical approach and value time to impress an Aquarius woman. Have an open mind and communicate with her about thoughts and beliefs. She will highly appreciate honesty and a progressive mindset. She loves to lead her way and expand her knowledge by sharing it. Appreciate her practical and adorable personality from time to time to enter her good books.

Aquarius Woman at work :

Aquarius woman is born intellectual wanting to create an impact on society. She focuses on the betterment of society and making the world a better place to live. She is more than happy to be spontaneous and unpredictable in her professional life and doesn’t stick with boring and routine jobs. She loves to expand her knowledge by sharing it with her co-workers and can be an excellent leader in her professional life. She highly values time and potential at work and doesn’t waste it where she doesn’t see any.

Aquarius woman keeps her professional life above her relationships and is highly work-oriented. She loves to work in a team and be an asset to her group. She is innovative and creative, which helps her with doing exceptional work. She is a visionary and loves to work in an environment where she can work according to her terms and conditions.

Financial Management of Aquarius Woman :

An Aquarius woman is future-oriented and always wants a secure financial status. She looks forward to a cause for saving her finances and investing them. She cares for her stable financial management so she can contribute to society. She never hesitates to invest her money in a great cause. She wants a comfortable lifestyle but is least concerned about unnecessary luxuries and pleasures. She doesn’t overspend her money on materials and spends it wisely. She needs to be thoughtful of her own future and take bits of advice for better financial management.

Positives and Negatives of Aquarius Woman :

Positives of an Aquarius Woman :

An Aquarius woman is an independent and intellectual woman who likes to live by her rules.

She loves to gain and keep on expanding her knowledge.

She is generous, adorable, and witty with a charming personality.

She doesn’t care about people’s perspectives about her.

She has an open and progressive mindset.

She is compassionate towards society and works for its betterment.

She is a visionary who wants to revolutionize the world.

She is an eccentric and motivated woman who is optimistic and energetic all the time.

She never invests herself in a relationship unless she is sure about it.

She is unpredictable, which can be her strength.

She is honest and truthful and can communicate with ease.

Negatives of an Aquarius Woman :

An Aquarius woman can be overly confident at times.

She can hold onto her grudges for a long time.

She could get disappointed and depressed very easily.

She can be cold and distant at times.

She prefers to hide her emotional side even from her loved ones.

It requires a lot of patience to deal with her moody and stubborn attitude.

She doesn’t forgive easily, which results in her disappointments.

Likes and Dislikes of Aquarius Woman :

Likes of Aquarius Woman :

An Aquarius woman likes to gain and expand her knowledge.

She likes to contribute to the betterment of society.

She likes to socialize and make new friends.

She likes power and stability in her life.

She likes to work in a team and be a team leader.

She likes to live an independent life without any rules and restrictions.

She likes to know more about people before investing herself.

She likes to be respected and be generous and wants to reciprocate the same.

Dislikes of Aquarius Woman :

Aquarius woman doesn’t like to compromise with her freedom and independence.

She doesn’t like to be open about her feelings unless she is sure about the person on the receiving end.

She doesn’t like dishonest and potential-less people.

She highly values her time and doesn’t like to waste it.

She doesn’t like traditions and judgemental people.

She doesn’t appreciate the disrespect and being controlled or dominated.

Gift Guide of an Aquarius Woman :

An Aquarius woman is unique and different, always expecting a unique gift for herself. She that exudes her individuality will be warmly welcomed by her. She loves gifts that help her expand her knowledge like books and novels. She loves social gatherings and surprises, so a surprise party may catch her off-guard. She is not a fan of material goods and prefers something practical that she can use in her day-to-day life. Try to be creative and witty with your gift choice to gain her brownie points. Finally, a nice dinner in her favorite restaurant, where she can spend some quality time with her loved ones, can make her day and melt her heart.