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Aries Man

Aries Man

Aries Man

Aries Man - Love, Sex, Trust, Traits and Life

Aries man personality overview :

With an energetic, confident, and highly competitive spirit, Aries man can be brave, adoring, and a motivated person. He can leave a big impact on anyone's life or even on society. despite his age, he has youthful strength and energy. He is a risk-taker, who will always love to seek adventures, pushing his limits further away from his comfort zone and taking charge.

Aries man is quite natural and crystal clear, which in turn makes him honest and loyal. This will give him true well-wishers and good social health. He often possesses great wit and probably has all the answers people seek. The self comes first for him, and he is a bit ‘self-centered’ or ‘self-involved’, by putting his own needs first. He usually had his priority list all set in his life, and people rarely saw any Aries man compromise with that. This man is never biased and will always think without any help, which makes him brutally honest even towards his loved ones. He doesn’t think twice before saying anything, which can hurt people who are close to him. People get hurt by his strong and harsh words, but he can also form really deep relations using this straightforward nature. His cherished ones will always know his true intention, which he won’t be able to hide due to his blunt nature.

Aries man has a big weapon in the form of their nerve, and this weapon along with his willpower will most likely help him to reach unexpected heights. As this man will always be high on energy, he can be a great person to hang out with and to start something new and exciting with an eager approach.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, Aries men are often aggressive and can easily be seen in a fight or an argument. Sometimes their firm nature can also be misunderstood as to their rude attitude, which is often just the high spirit that helps them to possess such high energy. These men are random and are most likely to take their decisions under the influence of their impulses. They are “short-tempered” and “straight-forward” which can sometimes make people around them feel anxious.

Aries men can be quite emotional and vulnerable, but only a few will know this, as they like to keep their emotions private. They will often mask their feelings behind their mocking and amusing side. So, one should not be surprised if our Aries friend opens up to us. Below that macho and scary side, they also have a weak spot in their armor, like everyone else. Still, these men tend to move on quickly over things and don’t let the small things affect their progress.

Relationships of an Aries Man :

When it comes to relation-building, an Aries man will initiate his relations with complete honesty, excitement, and confidence. Due to their straightforward nature, these men are quite spontaneous and transparent. It makes them honest and loyal and gives true well-wishers. These men have a major impact on anyone's life, through their bold, brave, and passionate side. Society can also see their highly, firm, artistic, and bold approach. People may feel intimidated by their words, but once they truly get to know an Aries’ man, they can see their real and honest side. They will automatically start having a different outlook for these men. The complete social life of an Aries’ man, will include relations with, society, Friends, Family, Love interests, or life partners. All their relationships depend on their very core nature.

Relationship with the Society :

Aries men are not welcoming types and generally cannot connect much. Still, with their creative, firm, and eager approach, they manage to cope up well in society. People who don’t know these men well enough will always feel a bit intimidated by their bold, blunt, and straightforward approach to dealing with things. Once they get to know an Aries’ man, they start to see the exact motive behind every action that these men do. These men are stubborn and do whatever they want to do. They have a brave and fearless approach that never gets influenced by society. They don’t like to take suggestions, and will most likely do their own thing. So, it may take some time to know an Aries’ man well enough to like him, but people will always be appreciative of his honesty.

Relationship with the Friends :

Every bond with the friends will be strong enough, that it can't get easily manipulated by others. Aries’ men may have issues with their friends, but don’t have a communication gap between their friends. This nature helps them not to hold any grudges for their friends. These men burst out on the very spot of the argument or a fight. They may use bad and harsh words, but their heart is always pure with no bad intention or motive for their friends.

Relationship with the Friends :

Aries man often loves their families very much, but they tend to keep them at a certain distance just for the sake of their own space. After a while, this can make it difficult for them to act out over certain responsibilities, as they will be under the impression that their loved ones can invade that privacy. These men can be stubborn with their family members and want their things well organized and managed, just the way they like. They want to be the sole decision-makers of their household and don't like anyone interfering in their decision, which can portray their dominance in the family.

Aries men can do an excellent job in being a father or head of the family and may surprise you with how friendly and supportive they can be. They can manage, organize and motivate everyone to do the best in their respective lives. It is not difficult for them to understand the needs of their family, but to act over them can be a tricky thing for these men, as they easily get bored due to their high energy, enthusiasm, and flexible minds.

Relationship with a Love interest :

Aries men don't like to play in the hay, either they love someone or they don't, there are no middle or mixed feelings in their case. These men can love their partners from the bottom of their hearts and never shy away from surprising them with their passionate acts of romantic gestures. Even if these men are not good-looking, they can still charm their partner with their manly vibes and raw sexual energies, which can easily compensate for their good looks. There is something special in the way these men carry themselves. When these men are in love, they cannot stay mad at their partners for too long, unless she double-crossed them, they can find a way to resolve things and forgive their partner. Aries men like a partner to have her individuality, one who they can respect. In a relationship full of love and romance, Aries man always likes to seek some attention from their partner and want to be the 'hero' of their relationship. If they find an opportunity, they would love to dominate their partner from time to time. These men have very flexible minds so it will be up to their partners to keep them at the edge of their seats, or else they can easily get bored even in their love relationship.

Sexual Relationships :

Aries man has raw sexual energies within him. he can be extremely hot and passionate with their partner and never shy away to try out new things in their sexual relationship with their partner. These men like to dominate their girl in their bed and rarely believe in being there for her. These men are most likely to bring exciting fantasies to their sex life, and their partners may find themselves in different positions and situations when they put their foot on the accelerator.

Aries Man at work :

An Aries man always follows their heart, and knows exactly what to do, with zero hesitations. They are risk-takers and adventurous, they are probable to take the leap of faith in their work-life also. With their impulsive and idealistic traits, these men like to dream big and will never shy away from working hard to achieve it. They show the same amount of passion and determination in their work-life like they do in their other spheres of life. They have a flexible and creative mind which helps them to generate new energies in their atmosphere at work.

Finances of an Aries Man :

Most Aries man likes to plan their finances and are wise enough with money matters. They can save some money for the unexpected, but following these plans are quite questionable for them. These men are risk-takers and like to have the joy of spending money. They usually have an undying willingness to spend money and are not able to control that spending. These men live in the present and aren’t focused on the future which makes them irrational when it comes to financial issues. Somehow these men always find a way to earn money and compensate for what they had spent or will spend. These men never give up on their professional plans by getting guided away by emotions, and remember that competition helps them so shine brighter.

Likes of an Aries Man :

Aries man always likes to have a little excitement in his life. He likes to have an adventurous life full of actions and risks. These men get a feeling of euphoria from challenges, and like challenging themselves physically, or in any task that can challenge them. These men like to have the spotlight on them and play hero, in their very own stories by saving the day or doing something extraordinary. Taking leadership roles and dominating someone or guiding someone, gives a push to their egoistic souls, which they often seek.

Positives and Negatives of an Aries Man :

Positives of an Aries Man :

An Aries man is always high on energy, confidence, enthusiasm, and is filled with a competitive spirit.

He can easily become an impressive leader and will never shy away from doing something new.

He always tries to win the day with his optimistic and fearless attitude.

He is an independent thinker and won't get easily influenced by people.

Aries men like to come out of their comfort zone and push their boundaries to achieve new heights.

They are determined towards their goal and small things can not hinder their progress.

They can be excellent managers and have exceptional organizational skills.

Negatives of an Aries Man :

Aries men are aggressive and very short-tempered.

They are very impatient and want to have things at the very moment they think of them.

They miss out on a lot of opportunities because of their stubborn and rebellious attitude.

They can get quite self-centered but needs the constant approval of people around them.

Aries men have a major ego issue which can make them quite judgemental.

Gift guide for an Aries Man :

An Aries man is not like anyone else and is originals, so he like gifts that are originals. If anyone already had it, he probably wouldn’t want it, nor will he select it for others. These men have a love for material so, they will enjoy giving as well as receiving branded items like clothes, watches, engraved pocket knives, etc. While giving a gift, these men like to add or express their self-signature to the gift. These men have fiery personalities so expect the unexpected from them, as they can easily surprise people with their choices.

When choosing a gift for an Aries’ man, it is important to have in mind that he likes to be surprised, and all kinds of surprises are welcome from his side. A candlelight dinner or any kind of quiet gesture may not be suitable for these men. He always likes to be taken out on adventurous nights, risky places, and thriller events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aries men don't like to play in the hay. They either love someone or they don't. There are no mixed feelings in their cases. Aries men can fall for their woman from the bottom of their hearts. They never shy away from surprising their partners with their passionate acts of romantic gestures.

In a relationship full of love and romance, Aries man always likes to seek some attention from their partner and want to be the 'hero' of their relationship. They would love to dominate their partner from time to time and express their love in a bold romantic way. These men have very flexible minds so it will be up to their partners to keep them at the edge of their seats, or else they can easily get bored even in their romantic relationship.

Aries man is quite natural and crystal clear, which in turn makes him honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Due to their spontaneous nature, they never hold any grudges for anyone. If an Aries man truly cares about someone, he can be trusted for life.

Aries men are risk-takers and are probable to take the leap of faith in their work-life. With their impulsive and idealistic traits at work, these men like to dream big. They show a great amount of passion and determination in their work-life. They generate new optimistic energies in their atmosphere at work.

Being a Fire sign, Aries men are most compatible with Leo and Saggitarius women. They can also form an excellent pair with Libra women, due to their similar modalities and the fact that Air Sign(Libra), gives life to the Fire Sign(Aries).