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Virgo and Libra Compatibility

virgo and libra Love Compatibility

Your sun sign is Virgo
Your partner sun sign is Libra
Virgo                 Libra

Match Percentage  35%

Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Virgos and Libras are not emotionally compatible, but they can form a strong intellectual bond. Their relationship can be a success if they learn to respect each other and synchronize their pace of life. Both have fragile egos, and in situations when their egos are hurt, it is hard for them to reconcile. 

Virgos and Libras are neighbors, and they do have many common traits. Virgos are extremely mature and practical, whereas Libras are social butterflies with expensive attractions. Even though they have completely different personalities, their shared values can help them find common ground. 

The air and the earth sign don't clash in most cases and can form a non-lethal match. But the only way the couple can make things work is by putting away their differences and supporting each other. Even though it is a match that is not very easy, they can make it work. 

Personality Traits of Virgo and Libra


Virgos are earth signs, and the goodness of agriculture represents them. They are extremely logical and practical and have a systematic approach in everything they do. They are perfectionists, and they always try to improve their skills. They are also known to be hyper-aware of the most minute details that something works against them. 


Libras are air signs, and they have a balanced and harmonious nature. They are always looking to create an equilibrium in life. Venus rules them, and they have an attraction for love, money, and beauty. Libras are highly intellectual, and they love being surrounded by people. 

Love Compatibility of Virgo and Libra

Even though Virgos and Libras can be content with their lives, they will try to find enough time for their partners. In a romantic relationship, both the signs look for stability and loyalty along with commitment. So they are capable of forming a strong bond if they are captivated by one another. Libras being ruled by the seventh house of partnership seek more quality time for security. And The Virgos ruled by the Sixth house of service can fulfill their partner's needs and reassure them. 

These two sun signs share a unique love for beauty and culture, and they can work together towards the same goal. The Virgo and Libra relationship may be difficult to tackle in the beginning. But once the partners grow to respect one another, they can form a strong bond. 

Both the air and the earth sign greatly appreciate superficial pleasures, and they love collecting art. They also enjoy spending their time in theatres and all other forms of performances. And two of the essential requirements of these partners are pleasure and practicality. 

Virgos tend to be attracted to Libra's charm and diplomatic nature. On the other hand, Libras are attracted to Virgo's need for everything to be in order. In addition to these, both can find different aspects of a conversation and make decisions together. 

Sexual Compatibility of Virgo and Libra

Virgos and Libras are highly incompatible in a sexual relationship. Virgos are ruled by God's messenger, Mercury, and are highly intellectual and bring Venus to its fall. Libras, on the other hand, are ruled by Venus and are far from being shy. So when these two come together in a sexual relationship, they can practically drive each other crazy. While one is always scared of emotional contact, the other is always in search of spiritual love. 

In most cases, these couples are not attracted to one another sexually in the first place. But if they decide to begin a sexual life, they may be threatened with each other's pace. Virgos always tend to take things slow, whereas Libras being air signs are too fast for them. The only way that their sexual relationship can work is if the mutable Virgos can adapt quickly. And the Libras exalted by Saturn can slow down and find common ground. 

But even if both partners can find the perfect timing, they can remain unsatisfied in the relationship. Virgos may end up finding too many faults in their partner as they expect them to form an unrealistic connection. This will hurt Libra's self-esteem and make them see Virgos as stiff and boring. So the only way they can have a good sexual life is to find a perfect emotional connection. 

Trust And Communication of Virgo and Libra

Libras exalt Saturn, and thus being fair is a necessity for them. With Virgo's doubtful nature, this trait is extremely important to acknowledge what their partners say. But there is still a lot of tension between them as they cannot understand each other's nature. 

Initially, the differences in their nature may not be a big issue, but as time goes, it turns into trust issues. It can be very hard for the shy and introverted Virgos to understand Libra's extrovert nature. It is even hard for them to handle the amount of attention they need from others. The flirting nature is also not very clear to Virgos, and they find it distrustful. On the other hand, Libras cannot seem to trust the moody Virgos and take their introverted nature to be a sign of cheating. 

But good communication is something that can help save their relationship. If they pick professional topics or speak about serious matters, they can come to an understanding. This conversation can help build a clear ground for them, especially if they share similar professional goals. Since both are rational and highly intellectual, they can find a way back to one another. But that is only if they can find emotional contact with their partners. 

But the true problems arise when one of the partners starts having true emotions for the other. This is when they might realize that they don't have proper communication between them. And as soon as one of them finds certain issues in their relationship, the other freezes. This means that if the partnership breaks from one side, they will be incapable of finding closeness. 

The main issue in their relationship lies in the fact that they are connected mentally with one another. And this interferes with their actual emotional feelings and creates a barrier in their free feelings. 

Values and Emotions of Virgo and Libra

Both Virgos and Libras value stability and loyalty in their relationship. But as time passes, they will realize that they value completely different things. They get a feeling of deception and feel like they are acting like completely different people. With time, they start feeling guilty for dismissing each other's emotions, which overwhelms them and leaves them amazed. They cannot understand how they seem to have completely different values by the end of their relationship. 

The emotional contact that this pair shares completely depends on their level of communication. This couple is prone to have completely different emotions, which can lead to a dissatisfying relationship. With time the relationship may turn toxic as they cannot find a way to escape from the relationship even when they are dissatisfied. 

Virgos fall in Venus, which is the ruling planet of Libra. Libra, ruled by Venus, is at the same level as Moon, who represents emotions. But all the value and stability of emotions lose their essence once the rational Virgos come into play. Libras generally try to pretend to be more rational than they are. The main reason is that they always like to be the voice in the relationship. And as time passes by, their emotions start to accumulate and release as an unstoppable wave. With time Virgos understand that cannot restrain Libras's emotional nature, which tends to be a problem. 


Virgos and Libras do not form a very fulfilling pair, but they can form a strong psychological bond. If they can offer each other appropriate time and care and respect their feelings, they can work as a couple. Both of these signs look for a commitment in a relationship. So if these signs are truly attracted to one another, they can form a joyous married life and look forward to children.

Libras can generally get along with most of the zodiac signs. But when it comes to Virgos, they form a truly unstable bonding. Libras tend to have a flighty nature that is intolerable for Virgos. Even though this childish nature may attract Virgos at first, they grow tired of it with time. Libras tend to waste a lot of time and Virgos are all about efficiency. Thus Virgos became a highly critical partner for Libras. 

Even though Virgos and Libras do not entirely agree on everything they do, they are attracted to one another. Libras are attracted to Virgo's appreciation for the smallest details. So if they can manage to put their differences apart, they can form a great pair. 

Keeping aside the differences, Virgos do admire Libras. They are attracted towards their clear mind and requirement for balance. Both make sure to offer each other the required time and offer thoughtful suggestions. Dates are something they are good at as they find an opportunity to talk over one another. 

Even though there are chances that a Libra man and a Virgo woman will have a great relationship, in most cases, they don't. They are both too sensitive and emotional and can easily hurt each other's feelings.