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Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

virgo and cancer Love Compatibility

Your sun sign is Virgo
Your partner sun sign is Cancer
Virgo                 Cancer

Match Percentage  80%

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo can have a brilliant association and are normally united by sexual agreement. The primary issue of their relationship is in the potential clash between passionate Cancer and sensible Virgo. 

In the event that they figure out how to beat this, tolerating each other's inadequacies and figuring out how to fuse some judiciousness or some feeling into their lives, they could cut off in a motivating friendship that will keep going for seemingly forever. 

As it were, they complete one another however much the heart supplements the soul. In the event that they share a sparkle of adoration, it would be a disgrace to pass up on the chance for bliss on account of somebody's silly assumptions or somebody's shut heart.

Mercury signifying Communication and Moon emblematic of the emotions represent Virgo and Cancer respectively. Apparently very different Cancer and Virgo are close to the Sun and hence in each other’s vicinity or neighbourhood. It is a mothering influence that the Moon has and focuses on engendering growth and cultivation. Both these are vitally important for Cancer. Mercury has a neutral kind of energy and the main focal point is communication. Whatever garb is best suited to any situation Virgo will easily adapt to. The approach to life is cerebral for Virgo (particularly if you compare this to Cancer who is far more emotional. What is remarkable is that, they can still be discerning and to have a good understanding of others if they so want. The Cancer can however rest assured that a Virgo feels very strongly about domestic fulfilment and devotion if that is what their partner wants. There are no unnecessary arguments and both will work hard at getting what is required.

People treasure Cancers because they are very loving and understated. There is no deliberate attempt to hurt anybody and are canny enough to a long distance between harm and themselves. A Cancer tends to brood on the miseries that might have been part of his past. Cancers are well armoured with hard protective shells, usually related to finance. Money has a lot of importance for them because for them it is absolutely essential. There is a kind of duality in Cancers – they are emotionally soft hearted but are also susceptible to flattery and get easily hurt if criticised. In their vicinity people should be conscious of their mood swings so that they are not taken aback by their changes of behaviour.

A slow start progresses faster and strengthens later on. Romance to this couple means practicalities and principles romantic sweet nothing or inconsequential meanderings. Their enjoyment of the luxuries and good things of life has to be the However, to be fair, Cancer also needs to comprehend that the Virgo’s habit of point out stuff is more habit than a deliberate accusation. In turn if a Virgo takes umbrage because Cancer appears to be too stubborn, with patience and understanding Virgo ought to try and reach across to understand. Further, the desire that Virgo has to serve is well suited to the affectionate and nurturing nature of Scorpio.

Virgos are basically intellectually strong, down to earth people who are prone to taking well planned steps, armed with the detailed information required. This stems from the strong hunger for success in them. A solitary life style suits them because then there is no need to change how they live in accordance with the needs of the people around. By nature they are picky and ultimately turn out to making the best possible choice in the circumstances. Their best side might be revealed when it comes to matters where other people are concerned. Virgos could become overly concerned about their professional responsibilities.

Romance between Virgo and Cancer is pragmatic and grounded with straying power. This bonding grows from strength to strength over the years. Both Virgo and Cancer have particular goals in mind and are extremely well organized and methodical. Both are genuinely devoted to each other and have a common sense of purpose. A light flirtation does not even come into the picture. There is a depth of admiration that Virgo feels for Cancer and there is an abiding respect for the Cancer’s dedication and strength. In turn Cancer respects the keen intelligence and adaptability that Virgo possesses.

This is one of the best relationships to ever come about. Both have an equal longing to cherish and care.

Virgo and Cancer are Mutable and Cardinal Signs respectively. Cancer likes to be up and about and Virgo too shows up best when the routines change periodically. This relationship is not one full of excitement or fervour and is low-key.. However, because of the very strong bonding and respect between the two, there is an even stronger sense of security. Since their reach spreads far and wide, there will always be a place for Virgo in Cancer’s plans. It is Virgo’s nature to remember what the Cancer has said and ensure that plans have worked out, even if Cancer has moved on by then.

Virgo and Cancer enjoy each other’s company. Cancer learns to be more rational and take things less to heart thanks to Virgo; in turn Cancer teaches Virgos to be a little more empathic with the problems and difficulties others face. If there is unity between Virgo and Cancer, a lot of physical and emotional/mental illnesses are easily resolved. Both tend to brood and so if left along might turn sick through sheer melancholia. Staying together takes care that this does not happen. When Cancer broods about past unhappiness’s, Virgo tends to be extremely supportive. Cancer is just as appreciative of the humility shown by Virgo.

Virgo and Cancer are Earth and Water signs respectively. Though as their overlord suggest, Virgos can be very pragmatic; but at the same time they can be extremely acquisitive and materialistic. As a couple in love Virgo and Cancer like to keep around themselves all that is beautiful and comfortable. The emotive force behind this relationship is Cancer because they are largely dependent on intuitions and feelings. Coupled with a longing for good living and a decorative life style, both are more than willing to work hard towards that goal. Both always retain a sense of practicality and so that never becomes an issue or problem.

The misunderstandings that could be a little troublesome in this relationship is too much thinking about things on the part of the Virgo while the Cancer likes to act on what they are thinking about! Should the Virgos choose to remain unaware of thi , the Cancer might be hurt by an overtly grounded behaviour. Even they could be taken aback at the Cancerian mood swings . Criticism by both these signs should be avoided as far as possible because neither can take criticism very well. Often termed ‘perfectionists’, Virgos can turn hyper critical. But they should always keep in mind that Cancers can be hurt by too much harshness. If Cancer can teach a little patience to the Virgo and in turn try to be a little more logical and a bit strict about life, criticism will definitely be handled in a better way.

The relationship that Cancer and Virgo share in every aspect is casual and yet cheerful. As relatives and siblings or associates in any form, their ties are easy flowing and nurturing. They greatly assist each other in a proper growth and the teaching comes from their personal experience. Though attention grabbing is never an issue, , the financial structure in any business venture they undertake turns out to be a very important role. The love that blossoms between this pair usually works out very well; the exception is when Cancer tries to push too hard and when Virgo persists in taking more time. Both these signs however love parenthood and they are ready to take on whatever is required in this part of life.

At the beginning of any relationship there is no display of false pride by the Virgo in the presence of the Cancer. Cancer too tries to remain bot so cloistered. One of the reasons for Virgo feeling so comfortable with Cancer is because there are absolutely no attempts at control. The Cancer’s sense of humour has a perfect blending of brilliant critic and have a very discerning attitude to grandiloquence and humour. Virgos are by nature well aware of the Cancer determination behind all that they do. Both are fond of developing money and whatever else lies in their path of progress.

The fact that both the zodiac signs move towards the same goal is the best part of thre Virgo-Cancer relationship relationship. Both are similarly dedicated and work towards the same goal. A room full of love and beauty truly attracts them. Virgo enjoys Cancer along their way to success. The fact that they share their goals and success make it such an extremely compatible match.

Personality Traits of Virgo and Cancer

Every zodiac sign comes with certain positive and negative personality traits. Cancers have many strengths, but at the same time, they have some shortcomings also. Cancer has temper issues. They are extremely emotional, hyper, and spiteful. However, we just cannot ignore the level of devotion Cancerians hold for their loved ones. Their family, even their loved ones, are everything for them.

On the other hand, Virgos are known for being functional, reasonable, and faithful. They make magnificent companions and accomplices. On the other hand, Virgos are known for being sticklers and can be fastidious and determined in their quest for development.

The Moon is Cancer's ruling planet, so they are not really talkative personalities; they tend to be shy or defensive when they interact with new people. But once a Cancerian trusts you enough to let their guard down, you will notice that they are actually quite talkative and socialized. 

On the other hand, because Mercury is Virgo's decision planet, they've generally got a ton at the forefront of their thoughts. Normally somewhat hypochondriac and restless, they may not generally feel adequately daring to make some noise; however, let them notice something turning out badly, and they'll give you a tongue-lashing with regards to it. 

Love Compatibility of Virgo and Cancer

As two of the most held signs in the zodiac, Cancer, and Virgo will pulverize on one another for a while before one of them takes action. The two of them are inclined toward becoming acquainted with each other on a more profound level and move slowly. It may not be pretty much as exceptional and searing as other zodiac couples, yet it could very well work.

Cancer and Virgo's zodiac similarity has all the understanding of this enthusiastic and grounded couple. Cancer is a homemaker and still up in the air, while Virgo is the healer of the zodiac, who loves to continue with life at an idle and quiet speed. Subsequently, they are both minding in their own particular manner and are drawn towards comfort throughout everyday life. 

This is the reason they track down an ideal accomplice to one another, making an energetic connection between the Cancer man and a Virgo woman. Both cancer and Virgo individuals favor serenity over the disturbance. Once they make their mind to be with each other, they will be incredibly steadfast and committed to their relationship no matter what. 

A certain part of Cancerian's character causes a sense of security to Virgo, which turns out perfectly for their relationship, as soundness matters the most to this mysterious zodiac sign. Virgo, of course, infuses predictable confidence in the Crab and makes it feel valued similarly as it is centered around. Similarly, the association and connection between the Virgo man and Cancer lady also work for them. 

Seeing someone, the Cancer Virgo match can be adoring, erotic, and gave. Undoubtedly, closeness can be one more opportunity to satisfy one another, with Virgo's stunning scrupulousness and Cancer's listless sexiness. This matching is marriage material, and when the responsibility is made, it will probably be forever.

Sexual Compatibility of Virgo and Cancer

At the point when Cancerian and Virgo get together, there is potential for an extraordinary, never-ending love. Moreover, they have a likelihood to turn into a helpful contact of heart and psyche if, by some stroke of good luck, they surrender to the chance to enter each other's universes. 

Their sexual relationship is, by all accounts, a talk on feeling. The indication of Virgo carries Venus to its fall and experiences an overall absence of feeling. It is an objective sign with a great deal to dissect that seldom surrenders to the main drive or their delicate, enthusiastic state. 

They are to learn the most proficient method to have a sense of security enough to let their bodies loosen up and shut their psyche off to feel and appreciate their sexual activity. Cancer doesn't actually see how somebody could experience difficulty reaching out to their feelings and can have ridiculous assumptions along these lines. 

They will figure out how to comprehend their accomplice better and make a more grounded sexual bond, acknowledging how various individuals can be.

Trust And Communication of Virgo and Cancer

This is an interesting side of the relationship between a Cancer and a Virgo accomplice. The absence of words from Cancerian positively accounts for all that Virgo needs to say, yet assigns are controlled by the Moon and Mercury; they have a straightforward clash of feeling versus rationale. 

In spite of the fact that Virgo addresses the grounded side of Mercury, which makes it a lot simpler for them to speak with somebody like Cancer, they are as yet inclining all in all too much on their level-headedness instead of their heart. Deeply and Moon leads its remainder. 

This is the reason when their points and their scholarly qualities consolidate properly, and with their feelings to follow, they track down an unknown, new domain in which none of them has at any time ever. Their correspondence can turn out to be genuinely moving and otherworldly if they fully acknowledge each other's characters. 

If somebody can assist Virgo with building their trust, it is their Cancerian accomplice. In spite of the fact that Cancer is a cardinal sign, they are steady essentially, particularly with regards to enthusiastic choices they have made. In the event that they have picked Virgo to be their caring accomplice, they will have no justifiable excuse to lie or defraud. 

This conduct would just jeopardize their vision of an ordinary life and a caring family they need with the accomplice they picked. This is also a motivation behind why Cancer feels comfortable and attached with Virgo and is an easy person to talk with. Their feelings are more grounded than their uncertainty.

Values and Emotions of Virgo and Cancer

Cancer and Virgo express their feelings in various ways, which can prompt mistaken assumptions in their relationship. The more coherent Virgo runs everything through their brain, while the super delicate Cancer feels things profoundly and acknowledges everything. Virgos are additionally enthusiastic about correspondence and like talking through issues; Cancer really disguises issues and can be detached and forceful. 

Assuming Cancer and Virgo need to remain "euphorically associated," Virgos should be more careful with regards to Cancer's sentiments. They may not be just about as natural as the Crab, yet understanding their accomplice's mindsets can assist them with reaching all the more suitably. Cancer, then again, should figure out how to show restraint toward Virgo's more saved method of managing feelings. 

But, of course, since Virgos aren't telling Cancer they love them at regular intervals, it doesn't mean they couldn't care less.

Be that as it may, their various qualities may hinder them from getting to this point in a relationship. As a profoundly enthusiastic and keenest sign in the zodiac, one of them esteems family, love, and understanding, and the other insight, carefulness, and well-being.

It doesn't matter, for they don't have a gathering point; however, it won't be effortlessly found on the off chance that the two of them determinedly keep to their propensities and suppositions.


Indeed, Cancer and Virgos can be the ideal match for each other because they connect with each other emotionally and mentally really well. Their communication skills and their trust sync with each other. If in a situation something won't work between them, they figure it out and clear everything before it ruins their relationship. 

By and large, Cancer and Virgo are a very decent zodiac match in a relationship. However, tracking down that center ground among feelings and rationale will be critical. Eventually, the two of them need to assemble a solid relationship that endures.

The two signs are guardians, so they're comfortable with one another. Touchy Cancer assists Virgo with reaching out to their sentiments, and Virgo's grounded common sense gives Cancer the security they want. A cancer Virgo relationship is one that crystal gazer Golden Kalm sees pretty frequently.

Cancers and Virgos have one thing in common, and that is their loyalty towards their relationship. The cancer Virgo match can be cherishing, arousing, and giving. Cancerian esteems the faithfulness that Virgo offers and makes a decent attempt to show it through every day. As a result, Virgo begins to have a sense of safety in the mindful climate that is made between them.

A cancer man and Virgo female can be one of the best zodiac signs, making the best pair in sexual compatibility. Once both the partners connect with each other emotionally and open up about their insecurities, they are the ideal match for each other.