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Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

scorpio and cancer Love Compatibility

Your sun sign is Scorpio
Your partner sun sign is Cancer
Scorpio                 Cancer

Match Percentage  79%

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Cancers are exceptionally compatible with Scorpios, and they can balance each other well. They have a deep emotional connection with each other further, and they can build a robust romantic relationship based on commitment and loyalty. As a result, they have a very intense relationship and are magically attracted to one another. 

They are one of the most compatible pairs in the zodiac signs as they are highly emotional, have a creative understanding of each other's needs, and find a sense of security. 

They make one of the best sign matches as they have similar character traits and are empathic and intuitive. They create an ultimate bonding owed to their loyal and possessive nature.

It doesn't surprise that these pairs may get married sooner than other couples as they complete each other. Both love their privacy and are intensive and romantic, and are excellent communicators. 

Scorpios are generally very controlling and not very flexible, but unlike other zodiac signs, Cancers find it attractive when combined with their sensitive and emotional nature. 

The problems that arise in a Scorpio-Cancer relationship is primarily because of a sense of over possessiveness by both, a desire to maintain an upper hand in the relationship and have most of the attention all the time. This is simply not possible. Scorpio is frequently irritated by the wavering Cancer. In turn the overtly suspicious nature of the Scorpio can cut Cancer to the quick. Both need to follow a slower pace with each other. Their comfort level with each other is such that their shortcomings can also easily be shared and a solution found without too much difficulty. Secrets are shared with each other which is impossible to do with anybody else and that makes for an even in depth bonding.

Scorpio and Cancer are not only deep, but both are also water signs and the depths can never be quite gauged. There might be a prolonged period of withdrawal and then both return to the fore with a vengeance. A desire for safety of emotions makes loyalty a very valuable commodity for them. Scorpio focuses on the different shades of meaning life can have and the secrets and undercurrents of others. On the other hand it is emotional energy in the family and at home that the Cancer focuses on. Cancer can be taken on a sojourn by Scorpio beyond what apparently appears on the surface; the Cancerian generosity can also help Scorpio to open and fear nothing at all. Scorpio is fully appreciative of the Cancerian practicality, but also savours the Scorpion jealousy. They take it as proof that the Scorpio genuinely loves and treasures them.

Some characteristics of a Cancer are that they not only a very brainy lot, but well-mannered and empathic with an infectious sense of humour. They are adept not only at making, but also at saving money; however extravagance does not appeal to them. It is remarkable how they can laugh at themselves in situations that are highly irritating. The element of cynicism is a little disconcerting, but normally it is kept in check. Cancers tend to be careful before making any kind of move. In the role of a lover or friend a Cancer can be lots of fun. They have a streak of savoir faire that is impressive and, their capacity of endurance leaves an indelible impression on people.

When Scorpio and Cancer fall in love, this bonding mingles the intensity of both the signs. They act as a perfect foil for each other and balance each other’s strength and weakness. The irresistible sexual attraction both have for each other can heat the atmosphere all around. Both Scorpio and Cancer have so much to share that their bonding can be very physically strong.

By and large Scorpio and Cancer have a smooth flowing relationship in every aspect. Their wants and feelings of possessiveness make for stability and dependability. There can be patches where Cancer is moody and Scorpio emotionless and taciturn, but for the most part they are very close with and responsive to each other.

Mars signifying passion and Pluto symbolic of power rule Scorpio; Cancer is rules by the Moon, which is the overlord of emotions. The combination of the planets makes it a very intense one, but at the same time there is a very good balance of feminine and masculine energy. It is the most fundamental basis of human relationships when both these signs come together in a union. Mars has the motivation and the thirst, while the Moon nurtures and is empathic. Romance and the sheer passion it induces is in tandem with growth and re-birth which is typical of the Moon. Martian energy affects smouldering Scorpio and is very attractive to the emotional Cancer. As a kind of reciprocal, Scorpio savours the adulation that is deeply embedded in Cancer ruled by the Moon.

The relationship shared by Scorpio and Cancer is sustainable all through life. No matter what the relationship, they always stand by each other whether in rough times or good weather. If some business venture is planned with Scorpio and Cancer, it usually is a success; this is primarily because of both their acumen in financial analysis. A love relationship between both of them usually turns out to be a winner – and even more so when the man is Scorpio and the woman Cancer. Parenthood and childhood are cherished by them and thoroughly enjoyed too.

Scorpio and Cancer and Fixed and Cardinal signs respectively. A common wish normally comes true. However, in the course of a difference of opinion, Cancer is usually the one to instigate and Scorpio of course has to have the last word. Though it might appear that Cancer is taking the lead and also having the last word, the actual situation is very different. What can happen is that Scorpio will not even disagree, but just pretend to give in. Both Scorpio and Cancer are very good at emotional manipulation to get their own way. Instead of permitting bad blood to get in the way. Cancer and Scorpion could always try bringing out all their differences in the open and sort out what is most important to them and thus reach a solution or compromise. Should the trust factor be strengthened, practically anything can be achieved through sheer willpower. The only contingency in which this relationship can fail is if both remain obdurate and dig in their heels.

There just has to be a harmonious and attraction in the Scorpio-Cancer relationship. Since both these signs are usually sensitive and mature, they usually have a thoroughly good time together. Their times together are replete with childish fun. There are various stages of creativity through which their relationship flourishes. It might even happen that though both do not exactly verbalize their emotions, an unspoken communication exists. Their positive and negative qualities are amazingly similar. The mistakes that are committed are easily visible to the other because both have the same kind of faults. Thanks to the empathy they share, the support system between them is very good. The basic nature of Scorpio allows Cancer to very easily to have faith in them.

Shopping together is a past-time both enjoy because it leads to creating a comfortable ambience to live in. Scorpio desires power above all and security is what Cancer hankers after. Financial possibilities through stocks, bonds and inheritances occupy both their thoughts. Cancer and Scorpio both have the home at the core of their heart and are loyalty with every iota of their being – this is yet another factor that they have in common. They are both emotionally connected and deeply appreciative of that as well.

Cancer is by nature not a vengeful kind, though they might have been injured. They are absolutely unlike the Scorpions who will seek revenge at any cost if they have been hurt or upset in any way. The Cancer will nurse a grudge, but will not do anything about it. Money is the central point of both these signs – the loss of it in different ways. When they get together, there is a genuine feeling of security. However, at some points of time Scorpio tends to ignore what the Cancer is trying to put across and that upsets them immensely. These are just some of the minor problems that could arise, but which gets settled very easily because both tend to easily forgive each other.

Scorpios have a certain magnetism that is virtually impossible to ignore. Thanks to an indomitable will they end up achieving most of what they have planned for success. Any step is taken only when it is almost sure that the opportunity is right. It is usually patience that pulls them through each time. Though the Scorpio might appear to be soft-spoken both personally and professionally, it belies the turbulent inner emotions. This is a cover-up for the passionate desire to achieve success at any cost. They have a whole-hearted love for comforts and luxury. However, they are as suspicious as much as they expect.

The most admirable trait of Scorpio-Cancer relationship is the excellent team work that both put in once the goal has been decided on. Once Cancer has the confidence that the Scorpios is a permanent fixture and there is emotional stability any romance between them blossoms very fast. Their shared determination make them a daunting pair to challenge.

Personality Traits of Scorpio and Cancer

Cancers are highly loyal, and even though it might be hard for them to open up quickly initially, they are highly committed to life. It takes time to win over their trust, but they offer undying loyalty after they come to trust someone. They are also extraordinarily nurturing and emotionally passionate. But the biggest drawback is their tendency to be overly sensitive to criticism. 

Scorpios are extremely honest and ambitious, and they also share the same intensity of loyalty as their Cancer partners. Once they are committed to a person, they will offer them unparalleled dedication for the rest of their lives. They also have a brave character and stand by what's right no matter the consequence, but they are also secretive and resentful, making it hard to understand their true feelings. 

Love Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer

Both Cancers and Scorpios have a great understanding between them, and they understand the difficulty of finding the perfect partner who can understand them. Thus they try their best to hold up a harmonious relationship from both sides. However, cancers are generally overly emotional and sensitive, and Scorpios can be highly possessive and intense about their partners. 

The relationship between Cancer and Scorpio brings in a trine aspect as they are 120 degrees apart from each other. This helps to build a harmonious relationship between the two. Both of these are water signs, and thus they find it easier to connect and have characteristics that are similar to one another. Both of these water signs tend to be very sensitive, and they form the perfect tune with their emotions and are both empathetic. 

When these two signs come together in a relationship, they crave an emotional connection based on deeper feelings for one another. This is one such pair of zodiac signs that is not very verbal, but they still have a great understanding of each other. The only drawback in their relationship is that too many emotions can fit into their way, but if they are strong and fight, they can attain a highly functional relationship. 

Sexual Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpios are generally associated with death and are known to have a spiteful nature. In most cases, their malicious nature is due to emotional and sexual suppression. But when Cancer and a Scorpio come together, they seem to understand each other. Cancers understand their partners needs to express their deepest and darkest emotions in their sex lives. As long as a Cancer partner stays strong and doesn't let their emotions cloud their judgement, they can have a perfect love life. 

These couples use their sex lives to reflect their emotional connection. So if they are not emotionally connected or attracted to one another, they will have a disappointing sex life. Once these couples fall in love they must express their feelings to have an incredibly intimate relationship. 

These couples can only have an active sex life if the Scorpios can bury their intense emotions. If not, then there is a high chance that they might be highly insensitive to their overly sensitive crab partners. In Many cases, this creates tension between the pair, and they drift away as Cancers become tired of camping with Scorpios aggressive sexual requirements. 

Trust And Communication of Scorpio and Cancer

When these two water signs fall in love with one another, they create a great sense of trust. The most important aspect of a relationship for both these zodiac signs is trust, and at first sight of betrayal, they tend to show their maleficent sides. This leads to both the partners becoming extraordinarily possessive and jealous, which manage to create a distance between them.

These two water signs may fear telling the truth to a certain point, but this doesn't mean that they are unfaithful to one another. Instead, they can both offer each other the security required in a relationship and make each other feel safe. 

Cancers and Scorpios do not need words to communicate, and this can have both advantages or disadvantages. This could either lead to making their sex lives more colourful or worse. However, these are both highly emotional signs, and they can have healthy conversations as long as emotions do not surround them. They can generally talk to each other about most things due to the depth of connection with one another. 

The only point when these pairs might face issues forming a relationship at the first palace is if the Cancers are trying to vent out their negative experiences and Scorpios are running away from their emotions. But this only happens in sporadic tendencies, and in most cases, they find comfort in one another. 

Values and Emotions of Scorpio and Cancer

Both Cancers and Scorpios are highly emotional, and this is very tricky territory. Cancers are filled with emotions that can be both positive and negative, and in most cases, they can incorporate them as a part of their day-to-day lives. However, Scorpios may feel troubled in this concept, especially as they tend to dismiss emotions because they think it is the only way to succeed in life. 

To create a compatible and harmonious relationship, they need to find a common ground of emotions and interests where both will have the freedom of doing what they need. To ensure that the relationship works, it is essential that they are emotionally compatible with one another and their emotions don't interfere with their goals. But it is also necessary for both of them to lose and gain control and go with the flow. 

When we are talking about cancer values, they value their stability and inner peace the most. On the other hand, Scorpios values change and require a dynamic relationship even if they are fully aware of it. Sometimes these partners might find it hard to coordinate their feelings and keep up with their superficial needs. But since Cancers can understand Scorpios fears and agony, they can approach them in the best ways and help to create an emotionally balanced relationship.


Cancers and Scorpios can make an extremely compatible match overall. Both these water signs are incredibly loyal to one another, and they understand each other's emotions and feelings. The cancers feel safe around Scorpios, and Scorpios are always attracted to Cancer's loving and nurturing nature. So even though their relationship will not be void of hurdles, they are sure to have a long term relationship with one another. 

In most cases, these water signs form a very compatible pair, and they create a deep connection with one another. But with time, their relationship can swing from one end to another, and as long as the Cancer partner can help to hold up a stable relationship, they can understand a long-lasting relationship. 

These two sun signs share the same emotions and are also magnetically attracted to one another sexually. Scorpios are drawn to Cancer's sweet and loving nature, whereas the crabs appreciate the depth and strength of their fellow natives. These signs share a powerful emotional bond with their partners, which helps them have an extremely satisfying relationship. 

Cancers tend to like the solid and intense nature of Scorpios. Cancers are extremely shy and responsive, and they can understand the suppressed emotions of Scorpios. They are also attracted to the self-control that the Scorpios have mastered, and as both are water signs, they can understand each other without much required verbal conversation. 

Scorpios can, at times, get under their crab partner's skin. But, in most cases, they don't want to be pressured into something serious, and their secretive nature can at a point in time get on their partner's nerves.