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Pisces and Aries Compatibility

pisces and aries Love Compatibility

Your sun sign is Pisces
Your partner sun sign is Aries
Pisces                 Aries

Match Percentage  28%

Pisces and Aries Compatibility

Aries and Pisces are two individuals that are so different from one another and have such a different understanding of the world.These two might as well be speaking to one another in a foreign language. One is more into escapism and creativity that often blurs the reality between fiction and reality. In contrast, the other one is very much self-focused and likes to play a brave hero or a warrior. 

Their compatibility would have still been possible if not because they have complete distrust and suspicion of one another. Their Sex life is primarily filled with one person interested in the release while the other is for the act. The two personalities shouldn't meet and like fire, where they are just not meant to be together.

Personality Traits of Pisces and Aries

Aries is a dynamic and fiery thinker born to the elements of fire, and they have a deep desire to conquer the world. Their attraction to leadership positions is almost magnetic as they know how to lead a collective group of people and personalities to align with a goal. They show lots of energy and passion that makes them attractive to everyone around them. 

Their desires can often turn into lava as their hot-tempered personality can alienate many people around them. Some may describe them as rude, arrogant, insensitive, but what they see as their falling is just their rough exterior. On the inside, they are emotionally stunted and struggle to deal with a wide variety of emotions going through their brains.  

Personality Traits of Pisces Zodiac

Pisces tend to be highly personable and are very good at creating emotional bonds. They can be extremely generous, and their soulful self comes from their natural element, water. Their sense of empathy and understanding of emotions is strong until it starts to become their guiding force. Frequently their rational self takes a backseat which leads to a constantly shifting personality. These personalities can range from being joyful to being depressed.

The sense of forgiveness can give them a very saint-like spiritual outlook, but it is part of their deep connection to emotions that they can find the heart to forget past misdeeds. They can sometimes be so compassionate and tolerant that they often don't tend to preserve themselves, leading to health and mental stress.

They had a deep connection to the field of creativity, whether it was music, art or informal expression. They feel that their talents can be used to enrich the world further.

Love Compatibility of Pisces and Aries

Aries and Pisces love compatibility is extremely low as they are fundamentally two different personalities that shouldn't be together. This is fire and water, which is a combination that can be pretty destructive. Their idea of love is also quite different, with Aries emphasizing raging passion as their primary motivator while Pisces is more into the art form of love. 

Sexual Compatibility of Pisces and Aries

These two's sexual connection is as sizzling as a rock on an oven; that's to say it's not very good and conductive. There's too much expectation, hormones rushing through the body for each to physically and emotionally bond with one another. Pisces sexually inexperienced selves are terrified of the Aries' brutal ways; no soul bonding and physical expression are happening. Their libidos are set at a different frequency, and they rarely match with one another.

 Aries likes to have Sex, focusing on their raw instincts as a guide, while the Pisces's expression self is more interested in finding the release, whether sexual or creative. Each one's needs are unique and different; It is hard for them to satisfy their needs.

Aries are salt and earth kind of personality that understands animalistic instincts, but Pisces is interested in an experiential aspect of Sex. It is a sensual art form practised like a dance while Aries is still trying to understand how to walk. Higher form sex by one half is not something the other half enjoys being thrown into their face. 

If these two can connect their style of intimacy, it can lead to some enjoyable and kinky sex. Matching their sex style is not something they are ever looking forward to, which can fraught this relationship.

Trust And Communication of Pisces and Aries

Aries are outwardly masculine and sexual about their needs. They emit energy around them that gets everyone attracted to them, but Pieces might not enjoy this. They will have a distrust of the Aries that somehow behind their back, there's infidelity happening. Aries will try to disarm their mistrust but ultimately give up that Pisces will ever understand them. There's a growing mutual plotting happening, and it has the potential to destroy this relationship.

These two could have a good sense of connection if they are willing to welcome each other's company and opinion. They need to lean on each other and learn about their weaknesses to mend the relationship. It won't necessarily turn them into soulmates overnight, but they will at least be much better suited for one another.

Aries have a fast-paced lifestyle where they are moving at the speed of lighting through life. They need to start becoming serious about their relationships if the plan to date a Pisces ever comes to fruition. 

They both change each other in many ways as Pisces teaches Aries how to be sensitive and caring. To not live life with a purpose other than being an excited dog chasing anyone that throws them a bone. Aries ensures that Pisces become more grounded as a personality and realistic about life itself. Try to teach them about how to have more initiative and convert their dream into reality.

These two will somehow, or the other will find some common ground to build their relationship upon. 

Values and Emotions of Pisces and Aries

Their core values are significantly different from one another, which is a defining aspect of their relationship. Aries is prominent in a show of a knight's strength, bravery, and power who single-handedly defeated the evil dragon while saving the princess. It is pure alpha machismo that runs through their veins. Pisces sees them as more emotional and fragile. They like the idea of being in a utopic beauty and reality that is far more idyllic escapist fantasy. One value system is more heightened self reality, and the other one is escapist fantasies. 

Emotionally these are two rich personalities on either end of the spectrum. The flaring passion and emotions are what can best describe Aries. In contrast, Pisces are cooler, neutral emotions that represent a sense of wanderlust that enchants them to the big blue sea.


Pisces are constantly searching for ways to be creative and release their pent up energy through sexual acts. Their high demands can overwhelm you and put a lot of pressure on you to perform. It is important to remember, however, that it takes two to tango. Sex with Pisces is all about locking eyes, building intimacy and doing a couple of dances. Once you find a groove with one another, Sex with them feels less overwhelming and more natural.

Pisces and Aries can build up trust with one another by moderating your energy a little bit and having lots of communication. You have to open up to each other emotionally and find common ground on the personality issues. 

Grounding an Aries might seem like a strange concept, but people who have been around them know their constant first and overly passionate talks can at times make one feel like they are in a Shakespearean drama. You have to ground them by making them understand the ideas of soft-heartedness and sensitivity. To help them see that they can be vulnerable and not have to be constant act as the white knight.

Aries brutalism is infamous, and the only way to deal with it is being as honest, clear about what you want from a relationship. Ask them to build up to your standards and be completely brave in front of them. For Aries, they often respect and listen to a more dominating personality only.

They can express their artistic mindset through writing, painting, music, drama and theatre. For Pisces, it's not their creativity that is the issue, but it is the fact that they put so much pressure on their other half to perform that it can burden their relationship. Their constant need to see beauty can often be too disconnected from reality.