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Pisces Sign

Pisces Sign

Pisces is a Water Sign (February 18 to March 20)

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Pisces:
Smart, Intelligent, and creative are the correct terms to define the Zodiac sign Pisces. They are friendly people, always ready to help the needy. But, the problem with them is that they do not like being offended. In fact, they cannot take criticism and would get angry or start confronting the people. This does not mean that they are not compassionate. Indeed, they can develop incredibly great emotional connections with people matching their vibe. Besides this, they have an artistic mindset that enables innovation. 

As per the introduction and history of the Zodiac Sign Pisces, the legends date back to Greek mythology. In this, Aphrodite and her son Eros or Cupid disguised themselves as fish to stay safe from the monster Typhon. Typhon (Father of Monsters) was sent by Baia to attack Gods and Pan (Greek Mythology Character) informed everyone. So, Aphrodite and Eros jumped into the Euphrates River by transforming them into fishes. Later on, they were put in the sky by Zeus as a constellation having two fishes. Indeed, Greek mythology has been considered to play a pivotal role in creating constellations that represent zodiac signs. 

Basic Personality of the Zodiac Sign Pisces:
Being a friendly zodiac sign, Pisces tends to find them in the company of various people. They are very noble people and always ready to help others. According to the basic personality of the Zodiac sign Pisces, the admirable part is that they do not expect much in return from the person they would help. Incumbents born with the Sun in Pisces have an instinctive understanding of life. This enables them to develop outstanding emotional bonds with others based on their senses. 

The Zodiac sign Pisces is characterized by empathy and incredible emotive capacity, but only if they sustain substantial limitations and do not let peripheral emotions overpower them. Needless to say, the willingness to channel their feelings into a favorite art form enables them to feel more enlightened. In the matter of their artistic instincts, compassion, and spirituality, they tend to achieve a whole new level of knowledge. On being hurt, the Pisces carries deep sensitive wounds throughout life. But, this does not mean that they would live in pain. These people channel their pain into healing, and innovative aspects, which makes them true artists. 

Pisces Zodiac Sign Traits:
The Pisceans are friendly people, who always make sure to help the needy ones. In fact, they are great-minded people with the ability to create space for themselves. As they cannot handle criticism and do not like being proved wrong, it is better not to argue with them.
In terms of personality traits, the Zodiac sign Pisces is always considered humble by the people. But, this does not mean that anyone can take over them. People trying to take advantage of them can see a different side of the Pisceans. 

Love and Relationship of Zodiac Sign Pisces:
The Zodiac sign of Pisces boosts Venus, which is linked with devotion, love, pleasure, and tender beauty. Indeed, these individuals are ideally gentle and very liberal with their partners. When Pisceans look for the share of love, they might compromise on their moral values. To them, establishing faith in a relationship is mandatory for opening up with their partner. Of course, they do not like the idea of adapting to changes in the matter of love relationships.

Though short-term relationship is not a common factor for them, they can change themselves to experience a carefree and flirtatious link-up. Once they create a deeper connection with someone, they turn extremely loyal. In fact, their sole purpose remains to keep their partner happier. To them, romantic link-ups can be a roller coaster ride because of their gentle nature. They make sure that things go smoothly with their partner by giving due respect to them. 

Pisces Man:
The Pisces man is often very dedicated to loving his life partner. It is vital for him to have a realistic and caring partner to keep him linked to the materialistic world. Though sensitivity, sympathy, and kindness come obviously to the Zodiac sign Pisces, they may get engaged in dappled activities in their spare time. In fact, the Piscean man always makes sure to impress their partner with gifts. 

A Pisces man likes to enjoy the company of a carefree and amusing partner. However, he can be slightly sensitive in taking care of their partner which turns them out to be manipulative. Being sensitive, the Pisceans can become overly emotional and might not be able to show their real feelings to the world. 

Pisces Woman:
The Pisces woman is a kind, sympathetic, creative, noble, and very sensitive person. In fact, such a woman may get attracted to a man within seconds or may not get attracted at all. There is a possibility that she might not be attracted to a man who has existed in her life for ages and gets attracted to someone who met her once or very rarely. Indeed, the Zodiac sign Pisces remains calm and likes to get involved in spiritual discussions. She would prefer a man who treats her with respect without interfering in her personal space. Another thing to note about a Pisces woman is that she will never forget a wrong done to her and would not forget the culprit too. There is a possibility that a betrayal in the past may not let her open up with a new person easily. 

Pisces Friend and Family:
Considering the Zodiac sign Pisces, they are kind and caring friends. These people are helpful-natured and always listen to their buddies. They may change their plans suddenly, but their empathy and love make people feel happy around them. They tend to pay attention to the others and not themselves. One thing to note is that they prefer friends who understand their boundaries and do not restrict them. 

Pisceans have the ability to sense things before they happen because of their intuitive qualities. This can be stimulating in their main relationships, as the emotional cloud they were raised with might define their sensitive states. These people always tend to help their family members and would do anything to keep them happy. When creating their own family, the Piscean partner should understand they seek inner peace and not perfection. 

How to Recognize Pisces?
The Zodiac sign Pisces is very kind, which makes them help others in their time of need. But, this does not mean that they allow people to cross their line of control and interfere with their peaceful space. Such situations can turn them furious too. Indeed, they can be recognized through different aspects:
Always helping people
Sharing knowledge and ideas
Having intelligent conversations
Gentle in talking to others
Showing their artistic side
Do not like to be instructed
Smart thinkers and respond quickly
The above-mentioned traits will enable the Pisceans to be easily recognizable. Ideally, this Zodiac sign is empathetic towards people and would go beyond their boundaries to help them. 

Pisces Strengths:
Talking of the Pisces strengths, they are very caring and will go to any extent to help people with problems. Besides this, they are intuitive and creative which makes them share knowledge. Indeed, the Zodiac sign Pisces is emotional and empathetic towards everyone enabling them to behave gently. Moreover, such people would prioritize others more than them which enables them to be helpful

Pisces Weaknesses:
Considering Pisces weaknesses, they have a habit of playing the victim card on being proved wrong. In fact, they will argue in such situations and will keep their point ahead. Along with this, the Zodiac sign Pisces does not like to be instructed in any way and this would make them really angry. 

Pisces in Career and Money:
The Zodiac sign Pisces is the instinctual person who prospers in places where their artistic skills are utilized the most. Indeed, working for charity events or organizing them will best bring out their innovative side. Moreover, they do great with occupations showcasing their empathetic, faithful, and devotional side. In the wake of helping others through their work, they tend to hide their true identity. 

Money is never a priority to the Pisceans because they would work hard and earn enough to support or realize their dreams. They never yearn for surplus money. Indeed, they may spend on the things necessary to achieve their goals with calculative means. But, this does not mean that they do not like lavish lifestyles. 

Pisces in Health:
The Zodiac sign Pisces tends to have a gentle structure, which makes them vulnerable to diseases quickly. They can easily catch sinus trouble, colds, and water retention issues. In fact, they are helpers and tend to overthink about finding ways to assist. This may lead to cerebral problems like stress in their life. These Pisceans have delicate, sensitive personalities, and infections are normally emotionally based. As they take stress a lot on not being shown their rea; side, this could lead to headaches. 

Pisces Compatibility with Other Signs:
Usually, the most well-matched signs for the zodiac sign Pisces are the fellow water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisceans themselves. The reason is that they exhibit the same emotional aspect of their characteristic. Apart from this, they are compatible with earth signs such as Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn as these signs are very down-to-earth like Pisceans. They are also helpful in nature. All the other zodiac signs are either incompatible with Pisceans or might have short-lived connections. 

Pisces Symbol:
The Pisces symbol is denoted by the fishes. It’s a glyph representing two fishes tied together. But, they are shown to be swimming on opposite sides. By this, it means that the Zodiac sign Pisces has two sides to their personality, out of which, the gentle side is always highlighted. If anyone tries to cross their line or interfere in the personal space, the second side representing anger tends to come out. So, the Piscean symbol is meant to integrate both sides and attain peace in their life. 

Pisces Ruling Planet:
The Zodiac sign Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. It is a celestial body that signifies creativity and visions. This means that the exquisite fishes (Pisceans) love to explore their unlimited imaginations. On the other hand, Pisces ruling planet Neptune represents illusions and escapism. At times, it means that the Pisceans tend to pretend victims of problems and wish to escape from reality. In the wake of helping others, they are good at hiding their real side and may go beyond boundaries to assist the needy out of empathy. 

Pisces Ruling House:
The Pisces ruling house is represented by twelfth house in the birth chart. It signifies spirituality and Karma. This means that the Zodiac sign Pisces is meant to analyze various aspects of a problem before giving their verdicts. This helps them in achieving goals, and get spiritual growth in life. As these people are always seen helping others, they will observe both sides of a situation and not jump without knowing the entire story. 

Pisces Element:
The Pisces element is represented by water, which means that they have a lot of fluidity in their emotional side. In fact, they are so emotionally involved in a connection that the Pisceans would feel the joy or sorrow of the other person as their own. Indeed, the Zodiac sign Pisces has another side to its personality too. As the water changes in its unruly form, the Pisceans can get angry about being given instructions or anyone trying to prove them wrong. 

Pisces Quality:
Taking note of the Pisces quality, they are smart and kind people willing to help those with problems. They are very kind-hearted and get moved by the sorrows of others. These people have the quality to do anything to help. But, they do not like to be proved wrong and live life on their own terms. Apart from this, they like to gain knowledge and spread it to others too. 

Pisces Gemstone:
As per the lucky Pisces gemstone, the most favored choice is Yellow Sapphire as it helps them to become courageous and more friendly. Besides this, wearing a Pearl is good for the overall well-being of Pisces because it purifies their unclear thoughts and helps them grow in life. Another gemstone found good for the Zodiac sign Pisces is Red Coral as it lends them spiritual maturity and helps in coming out of anxiety problems. 

Pisces Color:
As the Zodiac sign Pisces represents water signifying compassion and intuitiveness, the most suited range of Pisces color is light blue, sea green, and lavender.