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Pisces Personality

Pisces Personality

Pisces -The Fish
( February 19 to March 20 )

Pisces is a Water Sign
The Water sign Pisces, with Jupiter as the ruling planet is regarded as the most humble and free from pomp or affectation. Despite Pisces gaining an in depth knowledge, they are unconcerned about flaunting this, believing that facet to be absolutely unimportant. There is a sneaking belief that those who brag about their abilities might just be having a more in depth of knowledge than them. It is Jupiter which foists on them an overly trusting nature that fundamentally stems from generosity. It is their magnanimous nature that Pisceans do not recognize their own potential. The more honest they are, the greater their propensity to doubt. A unfounded fear about the future results from excessive honesty. In short, they become worrywarts! A Piscean is most vigilant about matters involving their own efforts. However an inherent cheerful disposition helps this genre to overcome any problem.

Details :
Pisces is the twelfth Sign and final Sign of the Zodiac, being ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. As a result of these two planets being paired, some unique qualities come to the surface. Not only are Pisceans charitable, but have inherent spiritual qualities as well. Thus, many characteristics of the eleven signs preceding it are reflected here to a certain extent. Members of this sign prefer to keep this fact secret. Pisceans are extremely giving, are drawn to the mystical and very motivated about moving forward on their inner journey. Feelings are all important to Pisceans and not only those of their own, but also those of others. They are rather intuitive and prone to secret dreams and visions. They are quite comfortable in a world that is ethereal. Pisceans are represented by a pair of fish – an icon that symbolizes flowing with the tide and not creating unnecessary turbulence. There is a dichotomy in Pisceans, who can be molten as well as happy go lucky. This is quite in conformity with the Mutable Quality that is assigned to them. A duality is indicated by the two fish and not one – and both facing opposite directions. This is the yin and the yang. There is an alternation between non-reality and reality. That they are introspective is a fact as is also that Pisceans are intuitive, frequently remaining seeped in a subconscious dreamlike state. Most of them can definitely be called psychic. A dislike of being tethered in any way has people labelling them as chameleons. Their vague disposition gives them a sense of safety. However, they do not remain clostered for very long as they are genuinely empathetic and like to extend a helping hand – making the needs of others the primary focus. Unfortunately this kind of self-sacrifice is sometimes misused by a few unscrupulous people. They are loving and empathetic. The fallout is that, being in a dream like state, Pisceans find it a tough job distinguishing what is a fact and what is a fallacy. They can even become melancholic if they feel misunderstood. Dithering and brooding might make Pisceans lethargic. The solution in such an instance is to find time for themselves that will help them to become centred once again. Delving into the arts is another option by which they would greatly benefit. Water is associated with Pisces and is somewhat emotional and unpredictable. Pisceans feel more intensely than most, but also tend to feel misunderstood without any just cause. Ultra-sensitive, they positively revel in bouts of tears. However, there is also always – a genuine caring for others. Romantic by nature, they give all that they have to their partners. By nature Pisceans are usually soft-spoken and easy to get along with. But they are certainly not outgoing and prefer to remain unobtrusive. They often take modesty to impractical heights – exceptions being music or the arts like painting. It is leading the life of a lotus eater that they prefer the most. Water sports are yet another activity they are drawn to. Indulging in a swim or just splashing in the pool or sea is a great relaxant. It is advisable that the Piscean takes care of his feet – metaphorically speaking, it is their Achilles’ heel. A sense of peace and ease comes from a world coloured a soft white and purple. So far as love affairs are concerned – Pisceans display their emotions with great tenderness and in an entirely unique way. What is their strength is an abundance of empathy and of course generosity. They are very sensitive to the problems and needs of others. This is what draws people close to them.

Profile :
Neptune is the ruling planet and the element is water. An empathetic, caring and approachable sign, they share a certain similarity with Scorpios. It is a somewhat difficult task to measure the depths of water. The feelings have great depth. Since they are mutable, Pisceans have an amalgamating energy and are also malleable. Psychic energy is frequently the result of Piscean receptivity. They are close-mouthed about whatever knowledge they gain –closely guarding all manner of secrets. However, should a lack of balance transpire Pisceans are prone to lose themselves in a whirlpool of emotions, which result in smothers fears surfacing. Since Pisceans have virtually no ego to speak of, a feeling of being afloat without any aid is likely to induce a feeling of martyrdom. If they can bring themselves to share their problems, there is no doubt that they would emotionally be the better for it. Pisceans also have the right to seek and get help, like everybody else.


The Positive Side of Pisces:
Pisceans genuinely empathise with the distress of others and single-mindedly try to help them. Empathy comes easily to the Piscean and they genuinely feel bad about the problems being faced by the other person. He genuinely does all that he can to assist all the way and not sporadically. People are drawn to him for guidance and for concrete help. Being broadminded the people belonging to this sign are not overly critical of the faults of others and normally accept people at face value. A Piscean is dependable and genuine. Loyalty is another commendable trait most Pisceans have. Peace is important to a Pisces personality and he is more than willing to do what he can to resolve any discord. Rehabilitation of the misguided is yet another facet of life that intrigues him. Pisces have a strong intuitive sense that they put to good use. It allows them to be conscious of the problems others are facing even before they are consciously aware themselves. Idealistic, the Piscean strongly desires that the world become a better place to live in for everybody. It is an inherent belief they have that everybody should be willing to assist anybody who asks for help. For every step that is taken by someone the Piscean will take one more. Almost all Pisceans have more than the average aptitude for arts and the music. There is equanimity in him that makes him take the good with the bad very easily.

The Negative Side of Pisces:
Pisceans unfortunately can have a negative complex, unjustifiably believing that people are taking advantage of them. They believe that the world is a harsh and thorny place and tends to become disheartened rather easily. This results in a withdrawal symptom and a lot of time is frittered away. Pisceans sadly enough can be lazy, sloth and inactive – happy to just drift along. There is lack of will power and drugs and alcohol take on an escape route. Sexually Pisceans are permissive and temptation is hard to resist.