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Pisces Male

Pisces Male

The Piscean male is amongst the most compassionate of all the zodiac signs. However sometimes an acute ennui about flowing against the tide in any way finds people labelling them as lazy, too laid back. While this is true to some extent, what is just as true is the fact that they can be just as determined and stubborn. The Pisces male is sensitive, emotional and very intuitive to say the least. There is a mystic aura about them which remains inexplicable most of the time. There is a constant sway between the harsh realities of the actual world and the world of spiritualism. Since they are polar opposites, Pisces men more often than not are unable to relax completely. The Pisces male depends more on his gut feeling in forming an impression about people than on concrete black and white facts. Social beings, Pisces male love gatherings and adventures and what scares them silly is them is dull drudgery and routine. An average Pisces male is extremely likable and calm if one goes by external appearances, especially when the question of extending help to others is concerned. Money making is not way interests them and they tend to forget that there is no short cut route to this. It is an absolute necessity that the Pisces male have around them people who are strong minded and practical, so that there is a neutral reminder about their potential. The Pisces male are likely to let their emotions get the better of them and could cause him to quit his job, cheat on his wife, or perhaps even join a group that can help others or adopt a pet from a shelter.

Being a water sign the Pisces male is both emotional and passionate. Stress and strain affect different people in a variety of manners. Some difficult to behave in this casual manner,.people can laugh it off, making it seem that it does not really matter. However, for the Pisces male, when he is stressed it is extremely difficult to pretend as though nothing has happened and carry on casually. The pain and the hurt embarrasses him deeply and he is ashamed of feeling the way that he does. What he does need to understand that it is certainly not humiliating to feel pain – life would be dull and meaningless if that were to actually happen. Pain should be regarded not as a liability, but as a possibility. It is an important step forward in the right direction. It is the natural reaction for a lot of humans not to show emotions and keep them stifled under a lot of cheer and bonhomie. This is an extremely dangerous choice; not only does the problem remain unresolved, but ultimately it is bound to surface and will act like a miniature explosion in the mind. This is particularly applicable for the Pisces male – he has to learn to accept pain, failure and whatever other glitches and after dealing with them as best he can just move on. This will make the healing process a lot easier. There is a distinct possibility that the Pisces male will socialise a great deal more than he is normally in the habit of doing – and this is more than likely to be a sign of the stress that he is contending with. A better idea would be if he gave himself a little time to actually reflect deeply on what is happening. Once that the effort has been made, it will be seen that the Pisces male can correctly asses the pros and cons of the situation and thus arrive at the right decision. By relegating past hurts, disappointments and anger in the past, the Pisces male can move proudly ahead.

A great deal of benevolence can be displayed by the water signs like Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. The Pisces male has a decided tendency to being kindly and of course being generous and promoting good feelings for all. The welfare of people other than themselves truly makes a world of difference to them. Especially when they are at peace and there is no matter that niggling them or worrying them, they are not in the habit of harbouring grudges. Good deeds generate even greater feelings of peace. Often designated ‘servers’ because the upliftment of humanity at large truly matters to them. If there is someone who is unwell or in some other kind of trouble, unconditionally they will do all they can to help. At such times the unfortunate are treated like members of the Pisces male’s greater family. Even and especially during times of peace, the Pisces male are more emotional than rational. Their instincts are highly hones and they are always on the look-out for relationships that last. What disturbs their peace is when people deliberately choose to misunderstand them.

Love and romance are the focal point of a Pisces male. They will do their best to understand what their partner is truly looking for and then proceed to give it to them as frequently as possible. The Pisces sexuality can be torrid and difficult to live up to. They have an abundance of sexual fantasies. The Piscean is practically flawless where giving sexual gratification is concerned and they are blessed with a wild and vivid imagination. Connecting with the Pisces sexuality on an emotional level brings rewards that cannot even be imagined. However, it has to be admitted that the Pisces sexuality is not turned on merely by exploring the pleasures of the flesh. If the Pisces male has been hard at work in helping to ease the distress of some person, they need to make merry for a while – to rid themselves of the depression, which is an almost inevitable fall-back. The attraction of a Pisces male is stimulated when a prospective partner can make him feel like laughing, relaxing and in general having a good time. There is an apparent exterior calmness, but internally the Pisces male might be battling a lot of contrary emotions. The Pisces male will start all those pent up feelings flowing he gets a little help in getting those emotions flowing .As one becomes more intimate with the Pisces male, it will become absolutely apparent that the male is intense and encompassing, almost to the point of smothering. This results from an inherent fear of inadequacy and deep desire to be loved. The Pisces male only wants assurance that his partner won’t leave. Once that realization becomes deep-rooted and he is flooded with what he needs, there will be double returns and freedom to boot.

Pisces male are practically the only genre of men who can generate excellent profits without knowing in any depth the actual nature of the matter bought. There is often a lot of wastage involved because of uncertainties and battles fought with his own self. The result is changing and totally confused strategies – which in turn results in a whole bunch of useless moves or remaining so still for long stretches that there is the imminent prospect of collapse. Where finances are concerned or money making professions are concerned, the Pisces male would do very well in professions like being poets, writers, painters, musicians, actors, and dancers. This is not an attempt to joke or pull a fast one , money will flow in very easily if the option is going in for professions involving the ‘fish; industry in any way. There is a very natural leaning or affinity towards this trade. There is really no reason for this but bar-tending or handling anything to do with alcohol is also a trusted and tried profession where the Pisces male is concerned. The pharmaceutical industry will also bring in money so far the Pisces male is concerned. There is a natural empathy that Pisceans – men or women have in helping others Thus a career that will be financially rewarding as well as soul satisfying is nursing or anything related that means looking after or tending to some people in need. There is a depth of understanding that no other sign could possibly have.

The Pisces natives should firmly control himself from over indulgences and addictions of all types. These ailments that may worry the Pisces could be related to foot related issues such as bunions, bone spurs and heal bruising/ pain. The Pisces have a major tendency to forget even to important issues, which could adversely affect them. Sometimes it even reaches the point of resembling some forms of insanity. For a Pisces born ( and to some extent all water signs) a great deal of care should be taken for an adequate in take of sleep. If this does not happen for prolonged periods, lack of sleep will definitely have a detrimental effect on their health.

A career where dreams can actually be fulfilled are ones most suited to a Pisces; this is a slightly difficult proposition because they are not only creative, but ultra sensitive as well. Initially the Pisces would have to work extra hard for both job satisfaction and monetary gains. The Pisces-born are very dedicated to their work and perfect their art so that they can top in what they are into. The long term result is that in the long run they eventually succeed in reaching great heights in their respective careers. The Pisces male are creative and can think out of the box. This makes them stand out from the mass in general and hence in complicated and tough situations, their contributions are a boon.