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Pisces Female

Pisces Female

When one thinks of a Pisces female, one usually picturizes someone who is sensual and mysterious and keeps her secrets very well covered. Her mind is however super-active and at the same time spiritual and romantic. If one looks at some similarity in nature, they are like still pools of water. The unknown plays a great deal of importance in the life of a Pisces – whether it be her untold intuitions. Being a social animal too, there are interactions with a variety of people and there is an absorption of events and connections are made that most people would probably not even observe. The patterns that exist in the actions and feelings of other people offers a deep insight and that is what provides an inspiration to them. Their work is often somewhat odd and outlandish, but there is always a great deal of sincerity. Neptune is the ruling planet and once again the Pisces female is extremely spiritual and intuitive. There is a sensitivity about them that makes their company quite enchanting. Like the symbol that represents them, the Pisces has a certain duality to their behavioural pattern. Suppose there is some social gathering in full swing - the Pisces female will either remain in the position of a wilting wall flower or she be the veritable life and soul of the party. It all depends on her mood. There is an escapist tendency too and she retreats from the world of harshness by slipping into a make belief world where she does only and what she pleases – and the ambience is absolutely to her choice. This might seem somewhat of an escapist attitude to some, but for the Pisces female herself , this is just a creative way of solving her own problems. Evasiveness is to her a solution to many of her myriad problems. While the Pisces female is not exactly aloof, there is an unspoken line drawn that few people would like to cross. By nature a Pisces female is a pacifist and would much rather avoid any discord if it is at all possible. Her lover must be someone who is able to be very protective and shelter her from all storms. Pisceans are extremely aware of and profoundly sensitive to the needs of others. In this modern day world where most people know only how to take, there is no doubting the fact that the Pisces female is a giver in every sense of the word. The Pisces female have depths of compassion and it is their unspoken mission in life to lend a helping hand to others. However, that said, it would be very very unwise to take advantage of this innocence. It never does work out in the long run.

When one thinks of a Pisces female in some kind of a profession, it usually has to be something which is involved directly or indirectly with serving people. It could be psychology, counselling as well as the hospitality trade and retail. Of course there is a certain segment of Pisces female who opt for far more varied career options like being gifted singers, musicians, dancers, actors and poets. The Pisces female is constantly at war with herself – trying to find some kind of a balance between the need to have some financial standing and what to them is also a necessity – dreaming. They are down to earth, but there is also a streak in them that would much rather create than stick to putting together. To them a vital issue in this business is the art of feeling good and that really is of prime importance to them. Pisces female are highly idealistic and though this streak might cause them problem, they just would not want to have it any other way. In their professional (and personal) lives they get along best with Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus. Particularly female Pisceans are gullible and prone to falling for suggestions – this could lead them into big time trouble. Management is not really an arena in which they perform very well. There is one simple reason for this – they tend to knuckle down under pressure. The atmosphere in their office is most likely to be furnishing that is soft, comfortable and welcoming. A female Pisces would regard a local café or pub as the best place for a meeting. This probably means that female Pisceans prefer meeting places where it is comfortable – ideas definitely flow more easily.

It is really not the norm for a Pisces female to jump straight into bed for some sexual gymnastics right at the first meeting. What sex means for a Pisces female is a very very special means of bonding - it has very emotional meaning. Sex at the same time happens to be a lot of fun for her and every once in a while she enjoys assuming control; but the thrilling part is it is just as wondrous for her when her male and partner assumes a superior position. For the Pisces sex is just as emotional as the rest of what is happening in her life. The physical part takes up a lot of her attention and make belief thrills in the bedroom constitute a major part of her sexual enjoyment. There is a thorough enjoyment of sex, though admittedly she also likes to be surprised with oodles of unpredictability. Unlike the Aquarius who can compartmentalize love and sex, the Pisces pits all in the same compartment. Where love compatibility in a relationship is concerned, this can certainly make a world of difference. So far as the actual act of sex is concerned, the Pisces is submissive and quite willingly too. This is primarily with the intention of ensuring the pleasing of her husband in every single way and this is certainly inclusive of trying out new postures and acts. It is very easy for her to come to an orgasm. An inherent characteristic of the Pisces female is trying to further deepen the relationship with her mate into even greater depths through the act of mating and making love.

The Pisces has very marked characteristics in every aspect – which is absolutely different from those of the other signs. Hence, a lot of care has to be taken where the choice of profession, which in turn leads to the factor of making money is concerned. An appropriate vocation is all important to the Pisces and hence great care has to be taken in choosing her profession. They put their heart and soul into their work and hence their work has to be something that truly interests them. If there is this degree of dedication, any kind of obstruction makes them feel terribly downcast and morose. If job satisfaction is there, then the finances are not all that important. The Pisces female will be more than happy to work with very little pay, if he is happy doing what he is doing. The maximum must be derived from the job. Where the job is concerned, they totally believe in it and do not mind in the least making sacrifices for it. A female Pisces does not really mind giving up her job in order to marry and raise a family. Profession is not just work to the Pisces. What they do reflects a lot of warmth and kindness. Though this is apparently idealistic and noble, sometimes the nastiness of life manages to catch up with the Pisces. They react by behaving just like everyone else – chasing after money and financial gains with a vengeance. However, it is not very long before they realize that this really is not the life which they enjoy – the noise, clamour and backbiting is not really for them. What best suits them is being left on their own – no hounding to meet deadlines. This is the ideal situation in which they will come up with the best and neither is there intention of impression anyone or accumulating any worldly goods as such. The common good is simply what attracts them. There is great creative potential; unfortunately most of it can go to waste unless there is very strong impulse to back it up. At the same time it must also be kept in mind that even with the presence of great creativity, there has to be nurturing and encouragement of the talent, or else all that result will be a total waste.

If one looks at the symbol of the Pisces, there are two fish, swimming in opposite directions. This is very strongly indicative of some kind of a dual personality. Over all the picture of the Pisces female is of great generosity and largesse. There is also a lot of artistry involved ; an avoidance of unpleasant issues by simply moving away and seeking open spaces with a tinge of spirituality – that is characteristic of them. By and large , in particular the female are content with their surroundings and generally prefer to remain within their comfort zone. This of course depends to a large extent on the people around and the circumstances alongside. In the department of being a patient, the Pisces female can certainly not be regarded as the best. The reason behind this is very simple – the Pisces female is not happy at all when something is just not right. Further, there is an extremely strong and marked tendency to just let oneself go. It so happens that it is usually the Pisces female who lets herself go totally and the doctors, friends and close acquaintances are the ones who have to ultimately step into the picture. When a Pisces female starts feeling chronically ill or sick, it usually is the outward manifestation of the fear of facing feels or your daily challenges and restraints. At this point the doctor should take into account these factors and behave in accordance with them. A little bit of physical exercise will help in coming to a state of well-being. Medication should be avoided as far as possible. The most likely cause of ill health and ennui is rejection, exclusion and of course unavoidable restraints or restrictions. This might end up being the cause of a break-up or a job that is normally a favourite.