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Leo Personality

Leo Personality

Leo -The Lion
( July 23 to August 22 )

Leo is a Fire Sign
Leo is a Fire Sign and the sign of exuberance. It is indicative of born leaders and dominant personalities. The sun is the ruling planet and the grandeur is more than well reflected. Unfortunately Leo has a tendency to be rather high-handed too. Their super ego can sometimes result in an almighty collapse, which is not even indicative till it is much too late. What is not positive can lend a deceptive aura to this sign. They are generally large hearted, a mite impulsive, courageous and follow their own intuitions. Almost all Leos have a marked influence on everybody they meet and their magnetic personality very easily wins over even the naysayers. They chart the path to follow and do so with vigorous intensity.

Details :
Leos cannot possibly be missed since they love drawing attention to themselves. An extremely task for the fifth sign of the zodiac is imprinting their magnetic personality on others – which is not all that difficult a task for them. Leos are a Fire Sign and single-minded, achieving a lot by their sheer driving force. Since they are so inventive, all their efforts are for everybody concerned. That is why the film world is a natural arena and profession for them. Being creative their efforts are generally rather enjoyable. A penchant for the dramatic, the Leo laps up all the limelight he can get. They possess innate warmth since they are ever so warm and fervent. As a jungle king and queen, this mascot is very suitable for this sun sign since they consider themselves the natural rulers of the universe and the zodiac. Leos are honourable and revel in their sense of power which gives them the impetus to get things done. A Leo on the team is an asset since they are always eager to get their assignments completed efficiently and further, they are natural leaders. This sign has a fixed quality, which could perhaps explain their rather domineering and tyrannical nature. This is more often than not an irritant to most people. Leos have a knack for organization and their idealism is also an inspiration for others. It is the Sun which is centre of the universe that is holds sway over Leo. It is similar to most situations where Leos regard themselves as vital to every situation and everybody. Members of this zodiac are zany, supremely confident and have unlimited zest for life. A heart-warming quality is their generosity of spirit and grit for succeeding. Leos have an innate ability to ignore any remarks about their alleged ego or bossiness and continue doing right what they want. However, on the other side of the coin, they are just as intensely loyal and honourable. In keeping with the Sun that rules, they are very fiery in almost every aspect of their life. Being totally bereft of fear and having an abundance of strength they have a tendency to act impulsively before thinking matters through. But their innate and basic dignity allows them to usually avoid such pitfalls. Implacable valour draws people in trouble close. Further, the larger the arena of display, the more satisfied they are. Critics like to emphasize that Leos are extremely status conscious, but they genuinely are loving and like everybody all around to be happy. Thanks to the laudable qualities of vibrancy, having foresight and belief in himself draws the attention of acquaintances, friends and romantic associations as well. Children are also an all-time favourite. Lions love all things pleasurable and that means an enjoyment in spending money in this context. Spending money at the tables means a lot of them can be found in casinos. There is also a thorough enjoyment of sports – both in groups and indoor and outdoor games. A devoted lover – that’s the Leo for you. Their passion almost singes. Sometimes it becomes almost mandatory for them to slow down. Among the colours that appeal will most certainly be gold and purple. They are natural leaders and guiding anybody in a spot of trouble comes spontaneously to them. Since Leos are highly ambitious, accomplishment is a natural follow through. They are so warm and loyal that others also enjoy their rising and flourishing.

Profile :
The fiery Leo results in wanting to develop and also be innovative – which means having oodles of confidence. What remains absolutely essential is an audience. A Leo would find it extremely difficult to do without standing ovation. It is self-reliance, a characteristic of the fixed motivation factor. Leadership is greatly favoured in this kind of alignment. An inferno is also fire and can be supremely destructive. Hence keeping in mind a sense of balance might be wiser for these people. Once in a while Leos can become childishly demanding instead of striving for recognition that is positive. If an amicable accessibility is permitted, a Leo will be greatly benefitted. Any member of this zodiac emanates so much love that it is positively heart-warming.


The Positive Side of Leo:
It is seen that more often than not Leos are rather inspirational leaders and administrators and organizers. Popular most of the time, Leos usually become the top brass in whatever group they belong to. Almost always the Leo is very giving and that is the most appealing factor about him. Leos take great pleasure in showering gifts on the people they know and is happy when people around him are happy. Sometimes they are so bountiful that it seems to exceed all boundaries. Leos are amongst the most hospitable of all the signs and loves welcoming people to his home. There is never any lack of company and the Leo himself is brimming over with energy and vibrancy. A specific goal or objective is the challenge that he savours and with due application he can conquer most of whatever peak he has set out to conquer. There is never any dearth of confidence and the Leos go for what they want without meandering. Being extremely alert, taking a spot on decision is never a problem. Most people like to emulate him because the better part of the time he sets a good example himself and does not just preach. A job does get completed if he puts his mind to it and is hardly ever left unfinished. Though jovial a Leo cannot be called artificial. No Leo is mean or trifling. They are dependable and do their utmost for all who approach him and whom he feels deserve the help. Leos are people of value, honest and friends who can truly be dependable.

The Negative Side of Leo:
A Leo tends to be somewhat egoistical and is firmly convinced that no person can be a better leader than him or even deserve to be. There is an excessively high opinion about his own capabilities or abilities. Sometimes this vanity and smugness makes him unpopular and disliked too. Too much focus on materialism and devotion to just money and profit is another facet that is not very appealing. Some Leos do not give a hoot about what others feel or care about – it is only their opinion that matters. They feel it is their right to be sardonic and insolent.