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Leo Male

The Leo Male – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Mean ?
When things are going right for the Leo and he is being complimented at every turn, there is no person happier or more generous than him. For them happy and peaceful times mean having a plethora of friends all around and plenty of parties and a vibrant social life. The Leo by and large, especially when things are going swimmingly well, wants everybody around them also to be happy. To this end he is unstinting about the advice he metes out and the help that he is more than willing to give. Sometimes his suggestions could be that much more assertive than desired, but it is always done with the purest of intentions.

Tact is not a strong point with the Leo; but the Leo male is caring and generous. When he is in a good mood or when there are happy times all around, he is ready at the drop of a hat to forgive any wrong that might have been done to him and unintentionally bruised his ego.

The Leo is a Fixed sign and traditional and set in their ways. Even when there is no trouble or turmoil anywhere, they take a very long time to change in any way. In the best of times they are idealistic and they an innate nobility and high ideals that they always strive to live up to. Despite what they might appear on the surface, in reality there is a deep core of humility in them. They are the first to step up and take the responsibility of anything around them is not properly in synch.

There is an aura of self-importance when they are happy. A rich and fatty food diet is what makes the Leo even more happy. It is very tough for him to maintain a healthy diet. However, since he strongly is in favour of maintaining a healthy aura, he makes up his mind and does what he has to do. It usually so happens that the Leo has a happy and healthy life span, but he must take care of issues regarding the heart.

The active Leo is quite creative to say the least, so a day with him will rarely be monotonous.

How Does The Leo Male Handle Stress And Strain In Life?
First of all one has to take the time to understand what gives rise to the stress and strain in a Leo who is normally a happy going and cheerful personality. The Sun is the ruler of Leo and this generally results in optimism all around. It is very rare that there are prolonged periods of depression. At the same time it is also true that prolonged periods of continuous labour can be very stressful. This is even more so if no time at all is take off for oneself. As Leo is normally a hard worker, it may so happen that he finds it practically impossible to ‘switch off’. All the responsibility that the Leo has taken on turns out to be far more than is manageable. This could bring material comforts and also luxuries. At the same time the Leo begins to understand that there are major important arenas in life that have taken a beating because of this lopsided way of looking at things. There could also be the feeling that there is something more to be done. It is like an itch that never leaves one feeling quite comfortable.

As the Leo grows older, the desire to work hard is there, but the ability to do so gradually diminishes. The number of hours in a day seems to diminish. But the work still has to get done, right? So it is leisure and the time to relax and have fun that is forced to take a back seat. As the Leo moves through life, there will surely be some moments of regret. Are there chances that there regrets will be casting aside fun and leisure in pursuit of work? It’s not worth the while to strive and out all ones energies in one aspect of life at the cost of everything else. The Leo tends to take on so much responsibility that even with his great strength he starts knuckling down under the pressure. The Leo can always work and play – both. However it he who must realize this.

There are always some stress busters that the Leo could put to good use. Since the Leo is basically a social animal, when they are feeling a little blue, they should surround themselves with friends who make them feel good and chirpy. Shabby surroundings are always a depressant for a Leo loves a luxurious ambience. New clothing in a bright shade is sure to act as a ‘pick me up’. At such times the Leo should keep well away from people who invoke the spirit of competitiveness in them and might well have an adverse effect if they happen to lose in any way.

At this time if the Leo is smothered in love and caring and oodles of compliments from friends and the spouse it just might make all the difference in the world. It is also good to remember that Leo does tend to over dramatize whatever is happening and it is best to take what he says with large pinches of salt.

Various other facets of the Leo Male
As a Leo, there is an intense dislike about being told what to do, despite the fact that it could be excellent advice. To give a very minor example. If the Leo is given some suggestion that has not originally occurred to him, he is more than likely to think to himself – if this idea has nit come to me, then no matter what appearances seem, it cannot really be any good. The next step that follows is to totally ignore it – which is not a good idea at all. If the Leo is feeling out of sorts, it always is a good plan to travel to a warm and sunny place since bright and sunny places suit the Leo like very few else places do.

The Leo Male can be regarded as arrogant because of the bright aura of confidence that is always shining forth from him. Though the male can be blunt to the point of rudeness, at heart the Leo is a very loving and compassionate male. The entire gamut of family, friends and employers he does not take for granted. Just a little bit of ego stroking goes a long way with him. Talking about the finer things in life always catches the Leo’s attention – i.e big fancy cars, expensive jewellery or big homes. The Leo male unfortunately does not think too much about saving up for a rainy day. All said and done there is a lingering worry about money at the back of his mind.

Though in every other aspect the Leo likes to rule, so far as romance is concerned, he is quite content to let his partner take over the romance in the bedroom. Monotony and boredom find no place with him and wild games are most interesting and appealing. The Leo also overflows with an abundance of ideas. If this is not too much for the Leo’s partner to handle, the games can continue all through the night. Romantic gestures of any and every kind impress him greatly.

The Leo male is always interested in outdoor or physical activities and thus becomes very prone to back pain and injury. This could cause major problems in his later life. It is an amazing fact that he sleeps and relaxed just as intensely as he is active. Thus the transformation is quite a sight to behold. By and large the Leos are hardworking. All the luxuries in life are of great attraction to them and they realize that hard work is necessary is reach there. When the Leo is in a languid mood, the Leos can laze around, sleep inand luxuriate for long periods of time.

The Leo is a born leader, to a large extent because of the natural confidence that comes to him. There are no complications inherent in him and he has an unique ability to motivate the people around him by organizing them in a systematic fashion. There is no career goal beyond the reach of the Leo and he can shine in whatever profession he chooses. However, what is best suited to him is usually politics, social work, event coordination, sports, sales, and clothing design.

If one looks at the faults of the Leo, they can be as large scale as their virtues. Should their negative side be examined, they can be among the most unpleasant to be sighted. They are capable of displaying extreme arrogance,unjustified pride, haughtiness, and excessive hastiness of temper. However, excessive ego problems might lead them to come crashing down as uncontrolled impetuosity is likely to bring them low. Fortunately a Leo is rarely so undisciplined as to give way thoroughly to this list of vices. The leaning they have to them is usually balanced by an innate wisdom. Those who are afflicted with them also have the intelligence it takes to consciously and actively overcome them. These happy, jovial people become mighty hurt when others don't see them for their noble intentions.