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Shraddha Dates 1983

Shraddha 1983

India (India)



1983 Shraddha Dates
September 22, 1983 (Thu)
Purnima Shraddha
Shukla Ekadashi
Bhadrapada, Shukla Purnima
Begin: 21/09/1983
Timing: 10:17:53 AM
End: 22/09/1983
Timing: 12:06:09 PM
September 23, 1983 (Fri)
Pratipada Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Pratipada
Begin: 22/09/1983
Timing: 12:06:10 PM
End: 23/09/1983
Timing: 01:34:08 PM
September 24, 1983 (Sat)
Dwitiya Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Dwitiya
Begin: 23/09/1983
Timing: 01:34:09 PM
End: 24/09/1983
Timing: 02:41:04 PM
September 25, 1983 (Sun)
Tritiya Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Tritiya
Begin: 24/09/1983
Timing: 02:41:05 PM
End: 25/09/1983
Timing: 03:26:14 PM
September 26, 1983 (Mon)
Chaturthi Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Chaturthi
Begin: 25/09/1983
Timing: 03:26:15 PM
End: 26/09/1983
Timing: 03:48:24 PM
September 27, 1983 (Tue)
Panchami Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Panchami
Begin: 26/09/1983
Timing: 03:48:25 PM
End: 27/09/1983
Timing: 03:45:40 PM
September 28, 1983 (Wed)
Shashthi Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Shashthi
Begin: 27/09/1983
Timing: 03:45:41 PM
End: 28/09/1983
Timing: 03:15:42 PM
September 29, 1983 (Thu)
Saptami Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Saptami
Begin: 28/09/1983
Timing: 03:15:43 PM
End: 29/09/1983
Timing: 02:16:23 PM
September 30, 1983 (Fri)
Ashtami Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 29/09/1983
Timing: 02:16:24 PM
End: 30/09/1983
Timing: 12:46:28 PM
October 01, 1983 (Sat)
Navami Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Navami
Begin: 30/09/1983
Timing: 12:46:29 PM
End: 01/10/1983
Timing: 10:46:23 AM
October 02, 1983 (Sun)
Dashami Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Dashami
Begin: 01/10/1983
Timing: 10:46:24 AM
End: 02/10/1983
Timing: 08:18:35 AM
October 03, 1983 (Mon)
Ekadashi Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Ekadashi
Begin: 02/10/1983
Timing: 08:18:36 AM
End: 03/10/1983
Timing: 05:27:39 AM
October 04, 1983 (Tue)
Dwadashi Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Dwadashi
Begin: 03/10/1983
Timing: 05:27:40 AM
End: 04/10/1983
Timing: 02:20:09 AM
October 05, 1983 (Wed)
Chaturdashi Shraddha
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Chaturdashi
Begin: 04/10/1983
Timing: 11:04:13 PM
End: 05/10/1983
Timing: 07:49:25 PM
October 06, 1983 (Thu)
Sarva Pitru Amavasya
Krishna Ekadashi
Ashwina, Krishna Sarva Pitru Amavasya
Begin: 05/10/1983
Timing: 07:49:25 PM
End: 06/10/1983
Timing: 04:45:46 PM

Significance of Shraddha

According to the Hindu religion, The ceremony of Shraddha is celebrated as a remembrance of parents or grandparents who have passed away. There are some Ritual traditions of performing this ceremony by paying homage to the individual's lost parents or grandparents.

It is believed that The Shraddha Karma for your ancestors ensures their afterlife journey is peaceful and comfortable. If it is not done in the right manner as per the ritual traditions, the soul of ancestors wonders in the environment, causing a lack of prosperity in the family. It is also a great way to show gratitude to your parents and grandparents in the Hindu culture by praying for their peace of soul.

As per the Hindu calendar, the ceremony of Shraddha is performed for mother and father separately on their respective tithi. It is done for the whole "Pitr '' community during the shraddha Paksha or Pitru Paksha. Scroll down to understand the meaning, significance, and advantages of performing Shraddha Karma.

Meaning of Shraddha

Shradha is a ritual ceremony in Hinduism which is performed in honor of their dead ancestors. It is a social and religious responsibility of Hindus male to perform or participate in the Shradha karma of their ancestors. It is believed that a person gets Moksha only after the Shradha karma. It can be only done by a close family member like a son or grandson etc. Hence, a male child in Hindus has a special significance of birth, especially in India.

This ritual ceremony is performed in respect of the deceased father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, or great-grandfather-mother, usually between the eleventh to thirty-first day after their death. However, the day can vary depending upon the caste.

Importance of Shraddha in Hinduism

As per Hinduism belief and tradition, Shraddha Karma is one of the most significant ceremonies to ensure the peace of the soul and Moksha to the ancestors. Besides this, It is beneficial for the family's growth and prosperity. Some benefits include

Stability in the family regarding the family members' financial, social and overall welfare.

It ensures the progress of your family members in terms of their job, career, and overall life activities.

Performing Shraddha Karma of your deceased parents or grandparents helps in acquiring immovable assets and property.

It also ensures the smooth running of your business or job.

By practicing Shraddha Karma, people obtain enlightenment in spirituality and mental calmness.

Shraddha Rituals in the Hindu Religion

You might have understood the significance of Shraddha karma in Hindu traditions. Here are some rituals that you need to follow while doing the Shraddha of your ancestors. It includes

Firstly, Invite at least five Brahmanas to participate in the Shraddha ceremony. Make sure you don't disrespect them on that day, especially.

Also, Invite your Purohit, who will guide you with the proper procedures of Sharddha Karma on every step.

You will need to do the fire ritual gratifying the Agni (Fire), which will transmit your offerings to the deceased ancestor.

You will also have to do Pinda Pradanam by serving some rice to the crows to departed souls.

And Finally, you give Dakshina as per your mutual concern with Brahmins as a Dakshina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you failed to do the Sharddha karma of your ancestors due to any reason. In this scenario, you can throw some sesame seeds in the river and offer the remaining sesame to the Brahmins with some Dakshina. You can also do some charity of utensils, clothes, and food in the name of your deceased ancestors and feed animals, especially cows and crows.

The Shraddha is performed by the descendent family members, including a son or grandson, by inviting Brahmins, respecting, worshipping, and feeding them. On this day, the ShraddhaKarta ensures the comfortability of the deceased person by offering lots of things like sandals too, plates, spoons, even furniture, and money.

It depends on your status how much you can donate to the brahmins on that specific day to appease them. It is believed that if you can alleviate the brahmins participating in the ceremony, it will ensure the peace and comfortability of the deceased person.

But Remember, In most cases, it becomes difficult to negotiate with the Brahmins as they may put a high demand that you need to fulfill or convince them politely on whatever you are offering them as a Dakshina.