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Vastu Shastra

What is Vastu Shastra and its significant effects on every phase of our life

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra means the science of architecture, which was initially designed to build temples in the Hindu religion. Later, this branch of science spread to the vast area for buildings like homes, shops, offices, warehousing, and many more. Many ancient texts provide the intensive knowledge and principles of Vastu Shastra. It briefly explains everything during the building process, starting from the soil testing to the end of the skyscrapers.

Origin of Vastu Shastra

The principles can describe almost everything, including space arrangements, spatial geometry, layout, measurements, and whatnot. The area of Hindu architecture science is vast, providing for the detailed study of Vastu Shastra as well. You can also call it the yoga of design, and all the guidelines originated from the Hindu scriptures, which are popularly known as Vastu Vidya.

Reason to adopt Vastu principles in the construction

It is proven and believed that people living in a place designed based on the Vastu principles tend to live a better and healthier lifestyle. It opens positive energy flow, and one can make the perfect balance in life.

All the architectural designs are based on the Vastu principles to obtain an excellent outcome. It can enhance productivity at the workplace in several folds and make workers' lives productive and healthy. In the same manner, individuals who live in vastu balanced places can expect to have prosperity.

What to do for Vastu Shastra optimization of a place?

In the present time, most architecture and property owners take the advice of the vastu specialist to ensure that the building is created in a perfect manner that can channel the positive energy in the life of residents. To simplify this term, one can understand that Vastu Shastra is bringing harmony among Mother Nature and building so that human lives can be balanced and happy.

What are the aims and objectives of using the Vastu shastra?

Remember that Vastu Shastra can control a particular structure's Spiritual and psychological aspects. It is the primary reason why most people considered creating their building as per the Vastu Shastra.

If you also closely observe Vastu Shastra's principles, You will find that they can significantly impact people's energy and mindset. It can control the external and internal energy of the building. So, you should continually expand the Vastu Shastra to the directions, colors, and interior.

Indeed a wide range of things are being covered in Vastu Shastra, including the prayers, the mindset of people, the positive flow of energy, and the entire ecosystem. You may have seen that many ancient sculptures and Indian buildings still stand firm even after thousands of years.

They are not just standing but provide positive vibes to the people using them for various purposes even after decades. Therefore, one can always use the power of India's architecture and design legacy to get the most outcomes from the buildings and make them positive.

What are the essential elements of vastu shastra?

Vastu Shastra is designed so that one can get the maximum benefits of 5 essential elements of Mother Nature available to every human being. By applying the principles of Vastu Shastra, users can get the harmony of the five crucial elements of mother nature: fire, Earth, air, water, sky, and Earth. Vastu Shastra also studies the different directions in context to these five elements to make a perfect balance.

Importance of Five Elements Vastu

Through making this balance, human beings can get the best outcome from all the material and mother nature to live a happy and prosperous life. You will also notice that in the ways of Vastu Shastra, there is a robust scientific base that works harmoniously with the environment to generate health and wealth for the happiness of human beings.

Element of Earth

A wide range of things are included in the elements of Earth as per the Vastu principle. It consists of the soil and all the other minerals of the Earth in a border sense to study. In a particular place, you will find that the Earth contains soil, sand, stone, iron, lime, etc.

The composition of the surface is also a detrimental factor in these essential elements. For example, a place may have different types and sizes of trees and vegetation. Sites full of greenery may have different types of surface area and soil quality.

Additional categories can be there for the soil, like touch, shape, sound, and many others. The house owners must check and consider all the elements of the Earth carefully.

Element of water

When it comes to elements of Earth, it can be represented by rain, sea, and river. Water can be present in many forms, like solid, gas, and liquid. You will find that every other element is also significantly impacted by it.

The availability of water highly influences all living beings. You can also understand it by taking the example of human blood, which is a mixture of water with other Essential elements like hemoglobin and oxygen.

Element of Fire

The work of fire is to circulate the energy and produce the heat. We are getting these two significant things from the sun in our universe. However, our relationship with the sun changes, and day-nights are formed per the Earth's rotation. Per the Vastu, some places must have sunlight to bring positivity and remove negativity.

Element of Air

Air is also considered the life-supporting element And one of the most potent life sources. You must have noticed that the physical comfort of living beings and sensitivity depend entirely on the humidity and airflow.

The temperature and pressure of the Year can also significantly impact the life of all human beings. The air must be fresh and clean, free from any pollutants, and the correct flow of air is necessary through the character direction to get the best harmony from it.

Element of space

The following central element studied in Vastu Shastra is the element of space. It is impossible to find this particular element's ending as all the heavenly bodies are also there for this specific element. This element is everywhere in the universe, and one can always feel the gravitational pull of different celestial bodies with magnetic power.

Many other things are always present in the universe, like different kinds of radiation and waves like ultraviolet rays. As per the Vastu Shastra, there is an excellent relationship among all these five elements. Man can improve his lifestyle and living conditions by adequately designing buildings after profoundly understanding the connection of these five elements and their impact on human life with their natural forces.

Role of different directions in Vastu Shastra

After the elements, the next most important aspect is the study of all the directions in Vastu Shastra. Ancient signs of Vastu Shastra consider the directions as one of the most important things to study when constructing a building.

Through the directions, one can determine that a building is created at the right place, which will always give the best results. To get complete benefits from the ancient practice of Vastu Shastra, one should always deeply study the directions. It also explores the different angles of the directions.

The east direction in Vastu

Energy has a significant space in the study of the Vastu Shastra. Therefore, the first direction is considered East, which is the sun's and energy's direction. As per Vastu, this is one of the most promising directions, and one can start new things from this direction. It brings prosperity and fortune in life. When constructing the building, one should always keep in mind some particular principles in context to the east direction.

  • The entrance to the building and its room should face the east direction.
  • East is considered a promising direction; therefore, one must never build a Kitchen or toilet here.
  • Cash lockers and treasure boxes of the house must also open to attract positivity and prosperity.
  • The east direction of the building must be kept from other directions.

North direction in Vastu

North is a highly suitable direction for business professionals. Therefore it is one of the most promising places and directions to create officers, which will undoubtedly bring prosperity and good luck. Many studies have shown that the sun's ultraviolet rays hardly reach this direction. Therefore natives can keep this place open to get positive energy flow.

Some other helpful tips are

  • The ultraviolet rays most negligible impact this area; therefore, one should keep it open and never construct staircases in this direction. It Will hinder the process of financial growth.
  • One must always build a Kitchen in a different direction.
  • It is suitable to have a slope or elevation on the North side of the building.
  • You should never construct a toilet in this direction, and ensure you keep this direction free from any garbage.

West direction in Vast

West direction is compassionate for the Vastu Shastra; therefore, lots of actions are prohibited in this direction. The entrance of the building should not be in the best direction as it will always keep you gloomy. As per Vastu Shastra, never start something new in the west because of sunsets in this direction.

There are a few tips through which you can understand more about the best direction to use in Vastu Shastra.

  • When can we place or tank or have stairs in this direction to make it more suitable?
  • For keeping the garbage bins, this direction is appropriate.
  • If you have a vehicle in your house And want to build a garage for it, You must choose the Western direction.
  • If you want to build a small office in the house but do not have enough space in the north direction, you can also select the Western side.

South direction in Vast

Many contradictions are related to the south direction; therefore, it is also considered the most fearful. For example, people living in south-facing houses are said to have many financial and other problems. Astrologers and Vastu experts always give clear instructions to many natives not to live or work in classes that have their entrance facing south.

Tips per the South direction as per Vastu Shastra that you should always keep in mind:-

  • The south direction must be elevated compared to other directions of the building.
  • It will be auspicious to put a tank or overhead tank in the Southern direction of the house or building.
  • South Direction is not suitable for the construction of the basement.
  • To avoid malefic effects, you should never build the kitchen or dining room in this direction.

Study of sub-directions

Vastu Shastra also has profound instructions of do's and don'ts for the sub directions of the building. Therefore one must also consider taking advice from the Vastu expert about the sub-directions. Constructions can only be done occasionally, so one must always consider taking strong guidance from the Vastu expert to get it done harmoniously to get the best value for their investment in construction.

Why is Vastu Shastra becoming popular in the modern time?

Vastu Shastra aims to make a person's life more meaningful and prosperous. Nowadays, people pay attention and construct houses and workplaces per Vastu Shastra's principles. It unlocks the cosmic courses and gives them the complete advantage of Vastu Shastra.

With the help of a vastu expert, you can make specific changes in things and actions. It means that you don't have to construct or renovate the place to implement the principles of Vastu Shastra. With the help of Vastu experts, users can make some changes in their present building and get prosperity at their doorstep. Vastu Techniques are always available to help the users and give them outstanding benefits.

Vastu gives Comfortable life and strength

With the help of Vastu, native can remove the negative energy from the space and increase the flow of positive energy. It can certainly open the doors of peaceful and happy life. Life is full of ups and downs and one needs enough strength to deal with the same. Therefore, you should never hesitate to use the Vastu principles in life. You can adopt them with or without make any physical changes in your building.

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