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Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Three of Wands Tarot Card

The three of Wands Achieving inner balance provides you with a sense of optimism when you embark on new endeavors. In a Tarot reading, the Three of Wands indicates patience and trust. Taking on great adventures and achieving notable feats require great energy. Three of Wands suggests looking for opportunities and being confident in your skills and abilities.

Three of Wands depicts a man in red and green robes standing on a cliff with his back to the viewer. His commitment to his plans is depicted by the three wands planted firmly in the ground. A vast open area lies before him, with views of distant mountains and the sea. He The sailing ships represent progress and movement as he watches them pass by. A high vantage point allows him to see all the possibilities and challenges ahead.

The three of wands symbolizes

Ideas crystallizing



A hobby becoming a business

Confirmation you’re on the right path

Control with harmony

Business expansion

Making long-term plans; investing in your future

The 3 of Wands shows you that if you have been actively thinking about and creating new projects and ideas these last few days, or even weeks, now is the time to seed and nurture them. It's time to make your offering to the world a point of focus and to associate yourself with it.

You will notice a change in your mindset and your energy today if you've been feeling depleted. Take this assurance from the 3 of Wands. Having this card in hand will give you the fuel to overcome your malady and to start living.

Occasionally, we need to be shunted into action by a powerful energy. Today we'll experience one.

Upright Three Of Wands

A Two of Wands shows opportunities to plan and prepare for the future from a comfortable position, while a Three of Wands shows that your strategy is now underway and that you are considering ways to expand it. Due to your commitment and solid preparation, everything is going as planned.

Through study, travel, entrepreneurship, and learning, you have many chances to broaden your horizons. There are several opportunities you will be able to take advantage of shortly. You must be ready to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and stay committed to your mission to fully realize this opportunity. Taking action means thinking big. Think about ways to open the doors to self-development and exploration. Dream bigger than you think you can. Don't give up on your vision and be confident that it can be achieved.

As well as bringing your attention to the changes to come, The Three of Wands warns you of challenges to come. The man in this card can see far into the future, which means you will already be aware of any upcoming obstacles or developments.

As the Three of Wands represent land and sea, it may indicate travel, especially overseas. In addition to exploring unknown places, you also learn many new things and discover more about yourself. International job opportunities are also available to you.

Love – Upright Three of Wands Tarot Card

Romantic flings and love abound when the Three of Wands appears! Especially if you are going on a spring break or vacation soon, you should get ready to mingle. It's not to say you won't fall for a person long-term if you like them.

You definitely won't meet in the same way twice. If this gentleman appears in a reading, you can find him on long-distance, or a trip abroad.

Plan a getaway for just the two of you if you are married or otherwise committed. Having some alone time is important even when you have children. Prepare a trip together by pulling out a map. As a result, the romantic bond will be much closer.

Friendships work the same way. The adventures you have with your friends can be fulfilling as well because you can learn more about your friends and yourself.

Health - Upright Three of Wands Tarot Card

Feel free to reach out if you have been struggling with your health. A spiritual issue, an illness.

The Three Of Wands This is an indication that you should take action on your behalf. Look for alternatives that may be unknown to those nearby.

Career - Upright Three of Wands Tarot Card

If you are considering a career or finances, the Three of Wands suggests that you go on a treasure hunt. Have you overlooked any opportunities or perhaps put them on hold? A job or promotion was offered to you in the past, but you declined? You may want to rethink your decision now.

You should think globally if you own or plan to start a business. It will not just be a niche that is needed in your city but in a large area. When you feel confident about moving forward, explore different options.

In a career spread, the Three recommend working overseas or looking for employment with foreign companies. A card like this highlights the importance of researching before making a decision, for example, searching online for career opportunities abroad. Though you are determined to go, you haven't yet decided where to go.

As the man on the hill scouts with his ships, he remains in his territory.

You can use this card to indicate that you are traveling for work or to further your career. A new career or job opportunity may be on the horizon. Also, you may be moving overseas, or you may have applied to move to a foreign branch of a company you work for. An old, outworn career may be abandoned in search of a new one that excites and inspires you. In terms of career, the Three of Wands is associated with shipping and foreign trade. Having this card leads to a good outlook for careers and jobs, as it opens up the possibility for growth and advancement in these fields.

Spirituality - Upright Three of Wands Tarot Card

Your spiritual foundation is already pretty solid. Regardless of whether you realize it or not, you are growing spiritually with The Three of Wands. Your spiritual outlook will eventually change and develop in more awareness over time. We evolve as we accept new information and change our perspectives.

Reversed Three of wands

Reversed Three of Wands suggests that you have the option of growing and expanding, but you choose to stay within your comfort zone. Consequently, you limit your potential and limit your chances of gaining new opportunities. What are you holding yourself back from? You have the chance to fly now.

Reversed Three of Wands suggests that you started your journey towards personal growth, but did not reach your goals. There might have been unplanned delays or creative blocks along the way. You may feel disappointed, frustrated and like you were wasting your time even by starting this journey. Despite this, many of us fail to recognize that setbacks are an integral part of life's journey, and contribute to our personal growth.

When the Three of Wands is reversed, you may encounter unexpected delays, delays, or other frustrating obstacles. The task may not be completed on time, or you may have underestimated how long it will take. Plan so external problems don't negatively affect your work.

Additionally, you may feel that you are over-committing yourself and have difficulty following through on your plans. Your plan might not have been realistically prepared for the challenges you would face, or you didn't prepare adequately for them. Make your ideas more manageable and realistic by breaking them down into smaller tasks. Create strategies ahead of time so you can avoid or minimize any difficulties you may face. Also, conduct a risk assessment.

Love – Reversed Three of Wands

Reversed Three of Wands indicate a lack of growth and commitment in relationships. Perhaps the shine has worn off on what you thought was a promising relationship, leaving you upset and disappointed. Similarly, the reversed Three of Wands indicates rekindled love. When an ex-partner realizes that they have erred, they may return to their former companion. Perhaps you are hankering after a past relationship instead of your current one. This reversed card may indicate that you are having a hard time moving on from a separation or divorce. You might not be able to sustain your long-distance relationship if you are in one.

The commitment may be a problem for you. Initially, you cannot sustain the fire. Passion burns out quickly. Decide what it is you want by going back to the Two. Often, relationships are rushed and intense too soon.

The support of your partner and family may be lacking. Your enthusiasm and vision may not be shared by them. Your wishes may not be what they want. Your relationship may seem to be deteriorating.

Reversed Wands may simply represent a typical holiday romance - great fun but short-lived.

Career – Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Card

Concerning career choices, the Reversed Three of Wands can indicate limited prospects for advancement. Taking one of the two job offers may leave you feeling disappointed in your choice.

Reversed Threes of Wands indicates bad decisions and poor business growth. Perhaps you were so eager to start a new venture that you failed to do the proper research. Perhaps your business idea is not meeting the expectations you had when you launched it, or maybe you're having difficulties breaking into the overseas market. It may not be possible for you to get a return on your investment. There might be stiff competition for you.

Health – Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Card

Reversed Three of Wands indicates you will be surprised by the results of your upcoming health check-up. Taking care of yourself is a good idea. Congratulations and keep up the good work. It's easy to reach out to other people "in the same boat" for support if you need it.

Spirituality – Reversed Three of Wands Card

In regards to spirituality, the card means that a decision was to be made - but not the right one. This could impact your happiness. We all have tough choices in life and bad decisions can often lead to further problems. Maybe you have married the wrong person? We all behave in s various situations that we do not want to be. The most important point to note of this card when it appears reversed is that we must recognize our bad choices. The card appeared reversed because problems need to be solved and one's perspective and beliefs, and values needed to be reviewed. Perhaps true wisdom means developing one's belief system in the universe in a peaceful way without frustration or anger.