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Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Four of Wands Tarot Card

In the Four of Wands, two happy people are dancing and holding flowers in their hands. Between two wands hangs a wreath of blossoms and grapes in the foreground. Together, these elements represent the satisfaction and joy that come with accomplishing an important milestone. There is also a large castle in the background, representing the safety and comfort of home for another family or group of people.

A couple of dances beneath the welcome wreath which is tied between four crystal-tipped wands, which represent a couple. An arrangement of flowers on the card evokes the canopy that is so characteristic of Jewish ceremonies. There appears to be some kind of party going on, or a welcome committee for the couple in question. This image represents a time of fulfillment and satisfaction brought about by achieving a goal.

Upright Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is a card that heralds harmony, happiness, and a relaxed home environment. The number four in numerology represents stability as well as particularly strong foundations. A period of balance and happiness is associated with these.

According to the symbolism of the Four of Wands, this is the perfect time to get together with close friends and family. It could be with or without a special occasion. The card usually represents a period of holiday when you are with your family and friends for an extended period of time. It could also be urging you to invite a group of close friends over for a fun, casual dinner.

Furthermore, if you have been working on a particular project, this card signifies that you will be reaching a particularly significant milestone. Also, this will provide you with a reason to celebrate. There is every reason to feel proud and satisfied about having completed the essential phase of that project, which is among the general feelings induced and reflected by the Four of Wands card.

Love – Upright Four of Wands Tarot Card

This is a card of family, reunions, and festivities. The 4 of Wands tarot love meaning can bring about engagements, marriages, or other occasions that commemorate love. Your union may be strengthened even more with the support and witness of your family and friends if you're in a stable relationship built upon trust, support, and understanding. Rather than the love between two individuals, this type of love is supported by a broader group of people. If you are single, you might find love within these communities and gatherings.

Career - Upright Four of Wands Tarot Card

Stability and social stability are indicated by the upright four of wands. In an upright position, it represents a stable, supportive relationship. Your sense of community extends to your work environment when it appears in this role. At work, perhaps you have made some new friends or you have been experiencing a particularly positive environment. Additionally, you may be invited to work gatherings such as office parties in the near future. There is a good chance that these events will bring you and your colleagues closer together.

This card represents a house you buy, not one you get through other means (rent, government). People are aware of the fact that it takes a lot of money to buy a house. Your career will be successful enough that you will be able to purchase a home soon, based on The Four of Wands.

A career reading that includes the Four of Wands indicates that you will have an opportunity to work from home. If you currently do not have the opportunity to work at home, you will in the future.

Health - Upright Four of Wands Tarot Card

Sadly, most business owners do not earn enough profit from their company to earn a decent wage. Consequently, anything indicating they are (new house, new car) generally means they do not belong to the category. Therefore, I read anything related to large purchases as a plus in a Tarot reading.

Spirituality – Upright Four Of Wands

If you are part of a religious or spiritual community, the Four of Wands can symbolize ceremonies and community events. A good omen indicates that you will be made to feel welcome and will find acceptance and support at events or workshops to which you are invited.

Reversed Four of Wands

Having the card upright represents balance, stability, and harmony, while it has a reverse position indicating that your family or household is completely unbalanced or at odds. It's highly likely that you or your loved ones are experiencing a lot of tension. When you come home after completing something important to you, you expect a welcome celebration to greet you, but instead, you find no one to support you. It may leave you feeling uneasy regarding your relationships and your own ability to rely on certain things.

Love – Reversed four of wands Tarot Card

There may be conflicts between your family and your romantic life right now. A 4 of Wands tarot love meaning can indicate an incompatibility between your partner and your larger network of friends and family, or your approach to love and romance. Since this is also the card of deepening your commitments on a more public level, there can sometimes be a sense of fear or hesitation when it comes to taking these next steps. Change, especially binding yourself to another person, can be wonderful and rewarding, as well as frightening. Both of these emotions may exist simultaneously, but only you can determine whether they are related.

Career – Reversed Four of wands Tarot Card

The convivial nature of the four wands is subverted when reversed. You might find that relationships are difficult to form or are under pressure at work as a result. In general, this difficulty can describe the workplace's atmosphere; however, it might also describe a specific event or issue at work. In the near future, there may be events at the office, but they will probably not go as planned. Rather than increasing comradery, they might make things worse. In the absence of specific concerns in your work setting, it is likely that the card highlights the general condition of the workplace. Perhaps the work atmosphere is unfriendly or harsh. No matter what, you should expect ruder behaviors from your colleagues and yourself as well.

Health – Reversed Four of Wands Tarot Card

In a Tarot reading for health, the Four of Wands reversed can indicate weak health. This may indicate that you are not taking enough time to stop and smell the roses. The problem can also indicate hospitalization or the need for in-home care or family assistance to recover from an illness that knocks you off your feet for a while.

Spirituality – Reversed Four of Wands Tarot Card

A reversed Four of Wands may represent a canceled ceremony or a lack of community spirit, so rituals and events you were supposed to attend within your religious or spiritual community may be canceled. You may not feel like you belong or find support and acceptance at a workshop or event if you are invited to participate.