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Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Four of Cups Tarot Card

We are asked to remember to pay attention to what is now, to the many blessings we currently enjoy, rather than dwell on what could be. It is all too easy to overlook what we already have to pursue what we do not have.

Not spending too much time wishing your life away or feeling sorry for yourself. The quality of your life has a lot to do with where you put your focus. Take time to be thankful for the things and people in your life. There is no perfect solution. Realizing that sooner will make you happier. Kabbalists refer to the Four of Cups as the Lord of Blended Pleasure, a moon symbol in Cancer. When you feel a strong urge to journey within, you wonder if the things you've found rewarding are precious. You know instinctively that you need to be in touch with your feelings.

What's the difference between getting in touch with your feelings and living with them?

Under a tree on a green hill, a young man is seated in the Four of Cups card. It certainly looks like a young Buddha meditating under a tree of enlightenment as depicted on the Four of Cups tarot. But notice that he is looking downcast. He is also crossed-armed.

Do you think he is meditating or pouting?

Certainties exist. It indicates that you are not yet enlightened. Buddha was enlightened when his hand touched the ground to show Maia, the personification of illusion, that there was a witness to his enlightenment.

He can still make it. Remember that the next few days could go either way.

Due to the colours blue, red, and brown on the Four of Cups, his subconscious fills him with restlessness. Despite his accomplishments, he feels unsatisfied.

As ambiguous as the man's body language, the tree's meaning in the Four of Cups tarot is as vague as its symbolism. Trees have been symbolic of growth and stability throughout history. They offer shelter as well. Essentially, it's a refuge from the world's troubles.

The Four of Cups will convey a message of either growth or stagnation. This depends on how much time you spend in its shade and what you accomplish on your inward journey.

Physical achievements and material comfort are symbolized by the fertile hill on which it grows. The grey mountains in the background of the Four of Cups suggest an emptiness and a longing for something higher.

Past pleasures are reflected in the cups on the ground.

You must figure out whether the cup that has been presented to you is a higher inspiration or a pipe dream in the Four of Cups tarot card.

Upright Four of Cups

The Four of Cups upright in a Tarot reading signifies that you should stop focusing on yourself and look outward instead. Where can you put more focus on others? You do, of course, have to pay attention to yourself in certain situations.

The only thing that makes you happy is sitting around the house and listening to a sad song. You'll probably have one of those gloomy philosophical discussions when you do manage to speak. They start with, Wonder what the purpose of this is.

There are moments like these for everyone from time to time. We all experience them.

It is now an excellent time to relax if you feel good and honest exhaustion. But anyway, relax. Your batteries need recharging.

If you burn yourself out completely, you will be useless to anyone.

Burnout can make your mind play harmful games. You may become frustrated and dissatisfied. It could make you tempted to give up when your wholehearted commitment is needed.

Feel free to check your satisfaction level. How satisfied you are and how happy you are with your accomplishments. The quality of your life is something you can assess.

You would be wise to look at the other side first if you think the grass is greener on the other side. It's a cold and barren mountain on the other side of the Four of Cups card, not the green hill you're sitting on.

Scrutinize your current situation. How do you feel about it? Is it a blessing? Weigh your options carefully before abandoning them for a scheme that sounds too good.

The Four of Cups card can indicate that you are not being entirely truthful with yourself in spiritual matters.

Love: Upright Four of Cups Tarot Card

If you are being realistic about love, you should examine yourself seriously. Would you be able to live without anyone else in your life? Is it worth spending your time and money on someone who does not give you anything back?

Career: Upright Four of Cups Tarot Card

At least you have food on the table because of your job, even if you don't like it. A secure job in today's throwaway age is no longer possible. Quite a few people have discovered this to their cost. Thank the lucky stars you don't belong to this group. You will rarely find any one of us genuinely trapped.

Health: Upright Four of Cups Tarot Card

Keep a positive attitude. Remember that the health situation does not always have to be the way it is. Make time to exercise, eat healthfully, and follow a good diet. To move beyond where you are currently health-wise, you may need the help of a trusted counsellor or friend.

Spirituality: Upright Four of Cups Tarot Card

When we are in sorrow or thinking and wishing that things were different, wishful thinking can have a detrimental effect on the spiritual dimension of life.

What truly is in our lives is not visible to us. It is essential to stay grounded and consistent. Think about at least twenty people, situations, and things in your life that you are grateful for now. Even if you cannot keep a gratitude journal, you can at least list twenty things you are thankful for. Thinking along these lines will elevate your spiritual mindset quickly.

Reversed Four of Cups

Reversing the Four of Cups Tarot card implies pulling yourself out of a rut. There may have been a period of stagnation in your life, but that is coming to an end now. In the reversed Four of Cups, you focus on maintaining your mental focus and moving forward in a positive direction so that regrets, remorse, and wishful thinking are left in the past. Your enthusiasm and focus will enable you to seize opportunities. Having this experience signifies that you have become more aware of yourself and detached from the world. Whenever you see this card, you may be letting go of patterns or people in your life that no longer serve your best interests. As a result of being too pampered by others, the Four of Cups reversed may represent feeling spoilt. Taking responsibility for your behaviour and not expecting others to handle everything for you is the right thing to do if you engage in such behaviour. Doing otherwise will be detrimental to your well-being. There is nothing wrong with being disillusioned. These days it's all about equating it with bitterness or being duped.

Nevertheless, disillusionment is an essential step toward enlightenment.

Love: Reversed Four of Cups

When the Four of Cups Tarot card reversed appears in a love Tarot reading, it indicates that you have just come out of a period of detachment or solitude, during which you were not interested in dating. A lousy breakup may have caused you to withdraw from the world so that you could heal. You are ready to move on from your heartbreak by reversing the Four of Cups. You could be prepared to let go if you have recently realized that the relationship no longer works after soul searching. The Four of Cups could be telling you to let go of your current relationship after a period of soul-searching. Alternatively, you may suddenly have a new enthusiasm for the relationship and a greater desire to make it work.

Career: Reversed Four of Cups

Your career is experiencing stagnation, but you will soon change that with the Four of Cups reversed. New opportunities will present themselves soon. The Fours of Cups show a reversed position when you actively approach improving your career and finances. You succeed in your goals due to positive energy filling your body. In the past, you may have felt grateful for what you have because you were overly concerned with what you don't have and envious of others.

Health: Reversed Four of Cups

Reversed, the Four of Cups Tarot card represents feelings of re-energizing and optimism. You can expect things to change if health issues drag you down. Whenever this card appears, you should begin to focus on the positive aspects of life and gain a new enthusiasm for your life if you have been allowing health issues to hinder your outlook on life or stop you from doing things.

Spirituality: Reversed Four of Cups

Fear is usually responsible for us emotionally shutting down the offered good things. We lose energy, joy, and blessings when we fall into this fear trance. In reversed Four of Cups, you may be asked if you've made a habit of going alone. It may be time to knock down the wall you've built around your head and open up to others. Consider throwing a party, inviting a friend to dinner, or accepting a kind gesture when you are given one. The laws of nature are based on reciprocity. Participating in just one will inevitably lead to an imbalance. Be courageous and connect to others today.

You are prepared to let go of the past's remorse, regrets, and what-ifs and focus on the beauty and positivity around you. This can only mean good things for your spiritual path as you begin to live an attitude of gratitude and take a proactive approach to discover your spiritual path.