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Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Five of Wands Tarot Card

In many traditional divination systems, fives, in general, indicate discord. It means that it's time to end the discord and clear the air when the Five of Wands appears. Feel free, to be honest about how you feel. The same as the Five of Swords. It reminds us to mend fences and admit our mistakes, the Five of Wands reminds us to be honest with ourselves and with others if we want to end our arguing.

A fight appears to be taking place between five men as they use their wands as weapons. As an observed closer, however, their wands briefly rise but don't strike or harm anyone. Aside from sowing discord and causing conflict within the group, there doesn't seem to be any real purpose or outcome in this chaotic scene. The men's outfits symbolize their different backgrounds and beliefs and suggest that because of their differences, they cannot find harmony and common ground with each other.

In the Five of Wands, five men each hold their wands and wave them in the air. The five have to do with disagreement, as it appears in most tarot cards. As to the disagreement between them, it can either be viewed as a sign of conflict between them, or as a sign of enjoyment of the conflict, with the rivalry among them being one of friendly rivalry as opposed to anger. It would seem that this is more of a show than a spirited argument from the way they hold their wands with ease.

In the Five of Wands, five men each hold their wands and wave them in the air. The five in the tarot is usually about a disagreement the querent is facing. A disagreement like this could be seen as either an indication of conflict between the men or as an indication that they are simply enjoying the adrenaline rush of the conflict, and that the competition among them is friendly and not a sign of anger. This argument may be a show rather than a fierce debate from the way they seem to be holding their wands in a relaxed fashion.

Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card

The Five of Wands symbolism suggests that there are difficult times in one's life based on the image on the card. Conflicts may already exist or may be brewing and blow up eventually. A communication problem may also be depicted, for example when no one wants to listen to what the other is saying - a situation in which an understanding is not achieved. The five men may represent a group of people who lack patience. Because no one is listening to them, all of them argue at once.

Many of these problems can be resolved if the questioner takes the initiative to open up a dialog by suggesting it be done one by one, one at a time so that everyone speaks their piece. Then everyone will have an opportunity to address the problem. Therefore, everyone will be satisfied.

You may also face competition in a new area that is not comfortable for you. You will come across people who are similar to you at school or work, and you will experience feelings of jealousy, greed, and envy. The competition should not be viewed as a competitive or antagonistic experience, but as a way, for you to improve yourself. This implies that you should learn how to cope with them civilly.

Love – Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card

Love-life-related action is needed from you now. The one you desire may have many suitors, and you may have to compete for their affection if you're single. Avoid becoming too forceful, as this can turn your potential partner off instead of drawing them closer to you. Some small conflicts may occur in a relationship if you are already together. If either of you is stressed, what initially appears to be playful banter can immediately turn into explosive arguments. Most likely, these are not serious arguments. But despite their significance, you will need a sense of humor to realize how inconsequential they are. Playful is the key.

A Tarot reading with this card is usually done when the subject of your affection is not sure whether their feelings are reciprocated. You might have another interest or someone else in the picture competing for their attention. Hence, you should be cautious moving forward.

Its meaning is elusive; it does not reveal whether you will marry your love interest. According to the cards, whether now or later, you are going to be fighting for your partner's love. However, for now, you cannot know whether your efforts will end up being rewarded. Consequently, you should wait until you have a complete understanding of the situation before reading about this subject.

Career – Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card

In this position, the five wands indicate a career that is conflicted and competitive. As a result of your job, this condition might be permanent. Salespeople, bankers, and athletes tend to carry these cards. In the case that this is not the case, and your job does not have a competitive element, you are likely suffering from a temporary state due to conflict over specific concerns. A raise or job position might be up for grabs between you and one other individual. There will always be an ego to contend with, regardless of what conflicts you are experiencing. It is evident from the five in the upright position that you are capable of defeating the obstacles in your path and defeating those that are trying to stop you. Keep in mind that you are capable of succeeding, but you must strive to reach that goal.

Health – Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card

In a health spread, the Five of Wands indicates you will be battling or recovering from an illness.

Taking time to relax and unwind can also serve as a warning.

Take a step back if you are taking on too many projects at once. Keeping yourself too busy could lead to health issues like high blood pressure down the road.

Your batteries can be protected if you take the time to recharge them.

Spirituality – Upright Five of Wands Tarot Card

Have you been caught up in negative emotions and thoughts? The manifestation of such a condition could be physical.

If you want to improve in this area, try reducing stress and embracing gratitude and positivity.

Chaos is harder to handle than calm, but by focusing on all that is positive, you can drown out the negative.

Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card

Reversed, the Five of Wands conveys a unique message. The upside-down version of this card offers a more positive interpretation than its upright counterpart.

Perhaps you are exhausted at this point, especially if you have been dealing with conflict at work or home for a while.

You will soon find a resolution to whatever issues you have faced, internal or external. Whenever you have competed with others, a resolution will quickly appear.

The Five of Wands Reversed, if drawn in the future position, predicts a quick resolution to conflicts and conflicts.

Which is your most cherished desire? Peace and harmony may mean losing the battle to win the war.

Love – Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card

Relationships can be affected by how you handle conflict now. To have a smooth partnership, be sure that you haven't been storing up your resentments in a relationship. If difficult conversations are avoided, eventually trust is eroded. It is important to remember that every person has the right to their needs and that having needs does not make you any less loved.

Career – Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card

The Five of Wands reversed in a career Tarot spread can represent the end of conflict or competition at work. A group of people may come together to complete a project, and all competitiveness is set aside to get the job done as a team. In this case, success comes from working together as a team.

You may also fear appearing too competitive or ruffling anyone's feathers so much that you keep your ideas to yourself, or you don't fight for what you want. If the Five of Wands is reversed in a financial Tarot reading, it symbolizes coming through a tough financial period. The Tarot card will help to ease money issues if it appears in your spread. Nevertheless, it can also be a sign that the problems are intensifying, making it more difficult to find a solution to your finances.

Alternatively, it could signify a resolution of a conflict involving money. To confirm, check the supporting cards.

Health – Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card

Having the Five of Wands reversed in a Tarot health reading can symbolize fighting an illness unsuccessfully. In addition, it could be an indication that you are at risk for more serious medical problems like a heart attack or stroke if you do not learn to manage your stress levels. Also, it can represent serious injuries sustained while playing contact or aggressive sports.

Spirituality – Reversed Five of Wands Tarot Card

In a spiritual context, the reversed Five of Wands indicates that your previous inner conflict has been resolved, leaving you with a sense of inner peace, calm, and harmony.