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14 Mukhi Rudraksha - Uses and Benefits

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha

The extensive, powerful and mythical bead, Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha, is blessed with the powers and energy of Lord Hanuman and Shiva. In Shastras, it is regarded as Deva Mani and Maha Shani as it is believed that this bead originated from the tear of the third eye of Lord Shiva that bestows abundant power. It's one of the highly demanded and precious beads among all the Rudraksha. It is also known as the controller of the Ajna Chakra that is located between the eyebrows and in the place of intuition.

This divine bead is prominently popular because it brings growth, wealth, power, and prosperity to the wearer's life. By wearing this stone, an individual can easily attain success without a great endeavour. This stone holds supreme blessings of God and favours an individual dynamically. It is also considered as fourteen vidya that brings success and several opportunities by accelerating your wisdom and knowledge.

Nepal and Java Indonesia offer various Rudraksha and are famous worldwide for producing a quality of beads. These are the places that develop the most powerful and genuine beads favouring positive impacts. The 14 Mukhi Rudraksha belonging from Nepal are high in quality as these are big beads with visible deep lines on the surface. Generally, Nepalese Rudraksha is well-developed, powerful, and has thorny projections that increase its demand. On the other hand, 14 Mukhi Rudraksha are small, smooth, and have visible lines on the surface that do not cost high in the market.

This mystical bead holds a great place on Vedic astrology as it contains the supreme powers of ruling planet Mars. However, Mars is a strong planet regarded for excursion, passion, and sexuality, making people courageous, outspoken, and self-determined. This bead is also blessed with the powers of Mars that increase wisdom, calmness and control the individual's ranger. Plus, this suspicious bead is also helpful in eliminating the malefic effects of the planet and effectively alleviating Shani Sade Sati and Mangal Dosha from the wearer's life.

The bead is ideal for wearing as it brings success and prosperity by boosting the wearer's willpower and availing them of everything they desire. Moreover, several norms and beliefs are associated with this bead that enhances its value in the market. It's significant to get an authentic 14 Mukhi Rudraksha to avail several advantages.

How To Wear Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha?

Several beliefs and faiths are associated with the authentic Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha as it's a unique and powerful bead holding abundant blessings of Lord Shiva. Furthermore, various norms and rules are also connected with this bead that ensures its positive effects. It is recommended to follow all the norms and methodologies related to this mystical bead.

Astrologers recommend this bead to people dealing with malefic effects of Mars Planet; it is prescribed to wear this bead with a potential thread following correct procedure and mantras. It is highly beneficial to wear a mala on the neck as it touches the body, especially the chest, and efficiently activates the Ajna Chakra. People can wear mala of Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha also in their arms and in the top of the head that gives them the grace of God. It blesses the wearer with the power and strengths of Lord Shiva and Hanuman.

14 Mukhi Rudraksha naturally holds electromagnetic energy; thus, it's significant to wear the beads in a proper alignment consulting with the astrologer. It can also be worn in the form of a bracelet in the right hand. Chant "Om Namah" mantra nine times while wearing the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha. It empowers the energy of the bead and provides an excellent opportunity for growth in career and life.

Furthermore, it is advisable to wear the beads after enhancing their purity and divine energy. Thus, before wearing this bead, it's essential to clean it with raw cow milk and Gangajal and wear it in a holy place of worship. Always be loyal towards the Rudraksha as your faith and trust avail you with unconditional benefits. It's recommended to worship the bead regularly and remove it before sleeping.

Anyone can attain benefits from this bead as anyone can wear this following the methodology of wearing and get exclusive advantages in a short time. It's a precious bead in high demand because of its mystical properties and auspicious appearance. However, it's imperative to wear a genuine quality of bead to get good fortune and opportunities.

The Exclusive Uses & Benefits of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha

It's a spiritual bead that gives Lord Hanuman and Shiva blessings and offers exclusive benefits to its wearer in no time. It is effectively-known for rectifying Muladhara Chakra and favors positive things in the individual's life. A person dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, and any worries can wear this bead and effectively eliminate all the problems from their life. Gain good fortune and power by wearing this spiritual bead and attaining a high success and prosperity level.

It balances your emotions, gives you a new kind of energy, and boosts the courage to open up a new personality. It works as a protector in your life and brings positive things with the grace of God. It represents excellence; thus, it's a beneficial bead for businessmen, leaders, public administrations, and children. This bead can be worn in significant forms such as bracelets, mala, and on the top of the head.

Moreover, to achieve high benefits of the bead, it's significant to follow the correct procedure of wearing. It offers several benefits, and some of them are enlisted here:

Promotes Courage

This divine bead offers effective and positive results if you wear it with the correct procedure. It strengthens your personality through self-confidence, bravery, and courage. It provides quick positive outcomes to its wearer and moves their life into good things.

Remove Saturn Miseries

Mars is the ruling planet of this spiritual bead that rectifies the position of the planets in the horoscope of the individual. It is recommended for those suffering from malefic effects of Saturn. It effectively removes the worries from your life caused by Saturn and supports you to live a peaceful life.

Eliminate Mangal Dosha

High energies are stored by this spiritual bead that is helpful in removing the malefic effects of Mars. It removes barriers from your life caused by the Mangal Dosha and pacifies anxiety and fear. By wearing this bead, a person can attain success and prosperity in life.

Increase Wisdom

People ideally wear this bead to enhance their level of knowledge and intelligence. It is the perfect bead to wear for individuals enrolling in the creative field. Boost the level of your knowledge and creativity by wearing this auspicious bead.

Bless You, With Strength

This Rudraksha is blessed with Lord Hanuman that bestows you with physical and mental power. It enhances the decision-making and willpower of the wearer. It amplifies the strength and increases the problem-solving power of the individual.

Health Benefits

It's a helpful bead for people suffering from physical ailments. It offers good health to the wearer and protects you from evil's effects and negative energy. It effectively cures nervous disorders and heals bone and muscle problems. By wearing this auspicious bead, you can effectively cure traumas and phobias.

Frequently Asked Questions

14 Mukhi Rudraksha is regarded as Devi Mani, and if you are willing to improve your fortune and life, it's an ideal bead to wear. It effectively favours you with spiritual, mental, and physical benefits. It's a helpful bead in reducing stress, mental issues, lack of self-confidence and also helps children in improving their learning power.

It's an expensive bead, having high demand in the market. However, its price depends upon the quality. Generally, you can buy this bead at a starting price of 10000 INR.

The magnificent bead ensures a great future is ideally known for its appearance. However, its authenticity is determined by the lines on its surface, and it represents fourteen lines from top to button with equal distance in its surface. Plus, it is believed that it's an awakening bead that activates Ajna Chakra in the human body and evokes divine energy.

It's significant to follow some norms and rules while wearing suspicious beads to gain extensive power. It is prescribed not to touch Rudraksha with dirty hands, remove this bead while visiting funerals and a newborn baby place as it's a holy bead that needs to maintain its purity.