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Shukra Transit 2024

Shukra Transit

Shukra Transit 2024

In Vedic astrology, planet transit plays a major role in human life. The malefic and benefic planets' positions put an impact on our lives. Every planet has different transit periods, and their effect on birth charts are different. Let's see how one of the crucial planet Shukra transit affects our lives when it gets positioned in our birth chart.

Shukra is the sixth planet among nine planets in the solar system. This planet is the twin sister of earth. Shukra is also known as Venus. Life situations depend on the movements and directions of planets and other celestial bodies.



Shukra Transit 2024
Shukra Transit
18 January 2024
Venus transits Vrischika to Dhanu
12 February 2024
Venus transits Dhanu to Makara
7 March 2024
Venus transits Makara to Kumbha
31 March 2024
Venus transits Kumbha to Meena
25 April 2024
Venus transits Meena to Mesha
19 May 2024
Venus transits Mesha to Vrishabha
12 June 2024
Venus transits Vrishabha to Mithuna
7 July 2024
Venus transits Mithuna to Karka
31 July 2024
Venus transits Karka to Simha
25 August 2024
Venus transits Simha to Kanya
18 September 2024
Venus transits Kanya to Tula
13 October 2024
Venus transits Tula to Vrischika
7 November 2024
Venus transits Vrischika to Dhanu
2 December 2024
Venus transits Dhanu to Makara
28 December 2024
Venus transits Makara to Kumbha

In astrology, we get to know about our life through horoscopes, planetary positions, and directions. Friday, which is called 'Shukrawar' in Hindi, is also named after planet Venus. Shukra is feminine and Goddess of love.

What Does Shukra Transit Mean?

Shukra Transit, also called Venus Transit, means the time when the Shukra planet moves to different houses/zodiacs in your astrology chart. Shukra symbolises the Goddess of beauty, and it remains in one zodiac for around 23 days. According to astrology, Shukra is the ruler of Libra and Taurus zodiacs.

Shukra signifies children, relationships, finances and marriages. The Venus transit in our birth chart comes with some negative and positive effects. The effects depend on the house on which Shukra transits. All the advantages and disadvantages of Shukra depend on its positioning.

People will get money, career growth and popularity due to the positive effects of Shukra. The Shukra transit brings growth and some problems due to the effect of it on the house it is positioned in.

Effects of Shukra Transit

There are many effects of Shukra transit, but it depends on the house on which it is located in the horoscope chart. There are a total of 12 houses, and the effect of Shukra is different on all houses. Each house in the birth chart depicts one zodiac sign and has natural rulers as planets.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 1st house

When Shukra transits to the 1st house from the moon sign, it is a very auspicious time. When Venus transits to the 1st house, it brings success, love, relationship, peace and growth in career.

When Venus transits in the 1st house of a horoscope chart, it brings positive and favourable results. It is a favourable time for strengthening relationships and focusing on the career.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 2nd house

When Shukra transits to the 2nd house, it strengthens desires and attraction. People will start getting attracted towards the opposite sex, children or their hobbies. The desire to share emotions and thoughts with others will increase.

There are high chances of getting profit in business and some good news. Couples' relationships get better and stronger during this Shukra transition period. It is the best time to manifest and attract success in life.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 3rd house

When Shukra transits to the 3rd house from the moon sign, it brings monetary gains, prosperity and respect. It is a time during which you can defeat your enemies and competitors. When Shukra transit in the 3rd house, it is a favourable time, and you can try it.

Everything will work in your favour, whether it's a competition or any deal. You can get profits and great deals at this time. There are high chances of getting together with friends and meeting siblings. Overall, people will have a good time with some luck and power.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 4th house

When Shukra transit in the 4th house from the moon, responsibility, wishes, and wealth will increase. You will get some responsibilities, popularity and strength. Your connection with your loved ones such as family, partner and friends will become stronger. You will be active, and your health will be good. You will stay with your loved ones, especially your partners. You might get the opportunity to meet new people and will have a luxurious lifestyle.

Effect of Venus Transit in 5th house

When Shukra transits in the 5th house, it develops a good personality and attraction. Your personality will develop more, and your attraction level will increase towards the opposite sex. There are high chances of monetary gains and success when Shukra transit in the 5th house. You will get importance and respect from your friends and family.

Effect of Venus Transit in 6th house

When Shukra goes through the 6th house from the moon, it brings advantages and disadvantages as well. When Shukra transits in the 6th house, you will have to face your enemies, and more enemies can come into your life.

There are chances of mental or physical illness due to some problems. This time is beneficial for lovers. Your relationship with your partner will get better, and they will support you.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 7th house

In astrology, when Venus is in the 7th house in your birth chart, it is not so beneficial and favourable. There are high chances of arguments, especially with spouses. Problems can enter your life, such as separation, high expenses, loss in business etc. People might feel unlucky and dissatisfied due to Shukra's influence on horoscopes. If we talk about favourable things, people can get some fame and relief from enemies.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 8th house

It is very favourable for buying property or gaining some profit from it. These 23 days will bring peace and happiness to life. Some people will buy properties, and some will gain profits.

People will enjoy material comfort and will live a wealthy life. A strong and long relationship will start during this time. Love confessions will be made, and many things will be in favour. This Venus transit time brings wealth, success and prosperity.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 9th house

Shukra's transition in the 9th house from the moon provides cheerfulness and travelling opportunities. Due to the effect of this transition, people's luck will get active, and they will have a desire to travel.

Some people will get attracted to the opposite sex of different religions/communities. People will travel and wear luxurious clothes during this Shukra transition. Bonding with family members and other known people becomes better.

Some people will also get attracted to spirituality and will visit temples. During Shukra transition in the 9th house, people can travel and enjoy their time with a peaceful mind.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 10th house

The Shukra transition in the 10th house is not favourable the same as the 6th house. It is not a favourable period due to the bad influence of Venus. During this time, luck is not in favour, and disputes will arise. It is not a good time, and it brings mental and physical disturbance.

This time will take away the peace, and there can be high expenses. Some people will take loans, and some will get into arguments with family members or enemies. It is best not to argue with anyone during this time and not purchase any expensive item.

Effect of Shukra Transit in 11th house

If the Shukra transit in the 11th house in the horoscope, people will get wealth, prosperity, stability and power. Shukra in this house effect is very positive for economic gains and stability. Its effect will attract money, success, and popularity.

Relationships improve, and all financial problems get solved. People will gain popularity in society and buy property. With the positive effect of Shukra, people will get some economic gain from business or property.

Effect of Shukra in 12th house

When the Shukra transition takes place in the 12th house in your horoscope, you will see some positive and negative effects. You will get profits during this time, but it will get spent fastly. The money you will earn during transition time will not stay for longer.

Some people can get into relationships, and some will marry during this period. But people have to be careful with expenditure. There are high chances of money wastage, theft and money loss due to anything. Try not investing money or buying anything during Shukra transit in the 12th house.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to astrology, the planetary positions keep on changing in a birth chart. The travelling of planets to different houses on the birth chart as opposed to the positions they were at birth. Based on the movements of planets in birth charts, astrologers make predictions.

Situations change in life, and many things happen when planets transit. Fast-moving planets such as Shukra, mangal and buddha transitions are fast, bringing happiness and peace in life. Slow-moving planets such as Shani and Brihaspati bring some difficulties and take time to bring effective results.

There are positive effects of Shukra when it transits in the Leo sign. It brings the best career opportunities and growth. During this time, you will get clarity to choose your career and get success in it. If you are on the way to building your career, the Shukra period is favourable to take major decisions in career life.

You can easily see transits of the year on astrology websites or by searching on Google. You can also check the transitions of planets on transition calendars available on the internet.

Shukra is a fast-moving planet that has great importance. Shukra depicts a person's personality, choices and skills. It also depicts jewellery, fragrance, luxury and beauty.

When Shukra transits in the Taurus zodiac sign, it depicts traditions, mechanism, strength, security and productivity. People will get financial gains, happiness and stability in family life. There will be peace, luxury and prosperity in life.