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Today Panchangam

In Vedic astrology, Panchang has two meanings. Panchang is a book where all the celestial events are recorded, referred to by astrologers to calculate natal charts. In the Hindu religion, people carry out important activities only after referring to the Panchang.

Nowadays, there is software to calculate the charts. There is a method of reading the Panchang. It has a record of all celestial activities for a solar year. The record of each day is in the Panchang. If one knows how to read Panchang, you can determine an auspicious time for all activities. For example, activities like a house warming, a marriage, registration of a property, buying any assets, etc. The transition and position of planets are known by looking at the Panchang.

Panchang means “Pancha” which is five and “anga” which is elements. Any new start or beginning one needs to look at these five elements for Hindus. Everything that we see in our natal chart is represented by the five elements of the Panchang. These five elements are the Vaara (Days), Thithi (Hindu lunar day), Nakshatra (constellations), Yoga (period being auspicious or inauspicious), Karana (Half phase of thithi) they are all very different. Based on these five elements a good “muhurat” or auspicious date and time are arrived at. The Panchang plays an important role in guiding the Hindu Calendar in on all festivals and auspicious events.

If the calculations are done using the surya siddhanta calculations, the Panchang is known as the Drik Panchang Panchang.

You can verify whether a day is good for a particular activity once can refer to the daily Panchang/ Aaj Ka Panchang/ Dainik Panchang

Hindu Panchang 1-December-2023, Friday - Vikram Samvat : 2080, Samvat Shaka Samvat : 1945, Purnimanta : Mrigashira, Amanta : Kartika, Season Ritu : Hemant. Today is No Festival . Location  Delhi, India, IN
Today PanchangTithi Krishna Chaturthi up to 15:33:36 Next : Krishna Panchami. Nakshatra Punarvasu up to 16:42:03 Next : Pushya. Yoga Shukla up to 20:03:15 Next : Brahma. Karana Baalav up to 15:35:36. Today Rahu Kaal is from 10:51:24 to 12:09:52. Today Abhijit Muhurat is from 11:49 To 12:29. Anandadi Yoga is from : Lambaka to 16:42:03 Uthpatha Sun Sign is : Scorpio Moon Sign is : Gemini

Panchang ( Delhi, India )



No Festival Today!

Hindu Lunar Dates and Timming

Sunrise : 06:55:58

Sunset : 17:23:47

Vedic Sunrise : 07:00:12

Vedic Sunset : 17:19:32

Moonrise : 20:53:13

Moonset : 10:33:14

Sun Sign : Scorpio

Moon Sign : Gemini

Lunar Month

Vikram Samvat : 2080 Nal

Samvat Shaka Samvat : 1945 Shobhan

Paksha : Krishna-Paksha

Ayana : Dakshinayana

Purnimanta : Mrigashira

Amanta : Kartika

Season Ritu : Hemant

Tithi, Nakshatra, Yog and Karana

Tithi : Krishna Chaturthi up to 15:33:36

Next : Krishna Panchami

Nakshatras : Punarvasu up to 16:42:03

Next : Pushya

Yoga : Shukla up to 20:03:15

Next : Brahma

Karana : Baalav up to 15:35:36

Inauspicious Timings

Rahu Kalam : 10:51:24 to 12:09:52

Yamaganda Kalam : 14:46:50 to 16:05:19

Gulika Kalam : 08:14:26 to 09:32:55

Dur Muharat
09:01:32 To 09:43:23
12:30:48 To 13:12:39

Varjyam : 03:51:30 To 05:34:06 25:25:40 To 27:10:36

Auspicious Timings

Abhijit Muhurat : 11:49 To 12:29

Amrit Kaal :
14:07:06 To 15:49:42

Other Yoga

Anandadi Yoga : Lambaka to 16:42:03 Uthpatha

Nivas and Shool

Disha Shool : WEST

Nakshatra Shool : None

Moon Nivas : WEST

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