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Rahu Kaal ( Delhi, India )

13-May -2022

Friday, 13 May, 2022
Rahu Kaal Today in Delhi, India

Sunrise : 05:34

Sunset : 19:00

Moonrise :

Moonset :

Inauspicious Period

Rahu Kalam
10:37 - 12:18

Gulika Kalam
07:15 - 08:56

15:39 - 17:20

Dur Muhurat
08:16 - 09:09
12:44 - 13:38

03:40:18 To 05:13:30 26:22:00 To 27:52:36

Today Rahu Kaal Timing in Delhi, India
Saturday02 December, 202309:35 - 10:53
Sunday03 December, 202316:03 - 17:21
Monday04 December, 202308:19 - 09:36
Tuesday05 December, 202314:46 - 16:04
Wednesday06 December, 202312:12 - 13:29
Thursday07 December, 202313:30 - 14:47
Friday08 December, 202310:56 - 12:13

Rahu Kaal Today

Rahu Kaal is referred to as an inauspicious time of the day according to Hindu astrology. 'Rahu' is the name of an astrological planet and ‘Kaal’ means time in Sanskrit. This is the time of Rahu and it happens every day for about 90 minutes in between sunrise and sunset (though the duration can differ and the time may differ from place to place). Hence, we can happily say that Rahu Kaal does not prevail during the night time.

Short story behind the names Rahu and Ketu

Rahu is the most malefic planet among all others, according to Vedic astrology. After the Samudra Manthan, there was a time when Amrit (the nectar of immortality) was being distributed between the gods and the demons. Lord Vishnu poured the Amrit into the cups of the Gods but in the cups of demons, he poured water. This was noticed by Swarbhanu who was a demon. Swarbhanu drank the Amrit instead of water (because he came to know about the trick of Lord Vishnu). When the Lord came to know about this, he cut the head of Swarbhanu. Fortunately, he drank the nectar and he did not die and he became immortal. Hence the head of this demon is called ‘Rahu’ and his body is called ‘Ketu’. Hence both Rahu and Ketu are considered as bad planets. Some of the astrologers have named them ‘Shadow Planets’.

According to Hindu mythology, Rahu is considered a demon who is responsible for swallowing the sun during eclipses. Rahu has an intense and long-time rivalry with the sun and the moon and he is believed to cause their eclipse. It is also said that Rahu shadows one’s life. Consequently, the person starts losing his social respect and starts facing various kinds of hurdles. Sometimes people feel the urge to gain more money and slowly start following the wrong path to accumulating it. We feel its impact mostly on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The timings are tricky to calculate hence many people cannot remember the exact time. You can always talk to a reputed astrologer if you want to know about the date. Or you can follow a Panchang if you want to know the exact time. There are many Panchang in our country and they are created calculating the Indian Standard Time and the Local Mean Time.

During this span of 90 minutes, a man can feel depressed. He may get influenced by other people very easily. Different kinds of anxieties can occur giving rise to various troubles. You can also lose your temper and start quarrelling with people who are close to you. The next thing that is going to happen is you are going to lose the people who were there to support you. Be careful during this period, see that you do not injure yourself.

Rahu on our minds

It is said that Rahu has an adverse effect on our minds. It creates confusion and also makes the person believe in wrong assumptions about his inner abilities. Few people start doubting their own capabilities and gradually lose their confidence. Rahu will instigate a man to make wrong decisions and he will not be able to choose between what is wrong or what is right. Hence, he will not be able to reach his goals. Rahu is considered bodiless and he really does not know how much he wants; in other words, you can call him greedy. Since he does not have a body, he always remains unsatisfied. He has a never-ending passion for wanting more and more. He slowly creates an obsession in a person’s mind.

Belief in South India

In South India also this period is considered inauspicious. So, if they have to look for any ‘Muhurats’ they try to avoid this period. There is a belief that if any person starts a new venture (like journeys, trade, sales, business deals, marriage proposals) during this period it will not provide any good result. On the other hand, if you are doing something that you have started before the Rahu Kaal you can carry on with it. Just ensure that you do not start any activity during this particular timeframe because Rahu unnecessarily interferes in everything and creates barriers. People staying in Tamil Nadu and Kerala follow this time diligently.

Here are few remedies of Rahu Kaal: -

I believe you want to reduce the effects of Rahu to lead a better life. Well, these are a few remedies that can reduce or nullify the effects of this period.


  • Start worshipping Goddess Durga and also recite the Durga Stotram
  • Concentrate on the Divine.
  • Shift your focus only on positive ideas and thoughts.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and recite the Kaal Bhairav Beej Mantra.


  • Never start any new venture
  • Do not do any puja rituals
  • Do not borrow money
  • Try not to indulge in any evil practices
  • Do not sign any important documents

Benefits of Durga puja during Rahu period

Goddess Durga represents Sakti or power. This puja will definitely help the person to excel in studies and in the job field. A person who is still not married will get married and married ladies will grow strong with their husbands and in-laws. The childless will give birth to a baby but take the help of your astrologer for this puja. Ask him to tell you the correct time when to start with this puja, he will surely guide you.

To conclude, Rahu Kaal is the most feared aspect of Indian astrology. This term is common in every Hindu household. People who know about it are aware of it and they do not go about making stories about it. Do not be scared of it, there are astrologers to help you out. They will perform puja or provide you with a gemstone according to your birth chart. Contact the best astrologer, take the help of the internet to find out one.