Rahu Kaal Today ( Delhi, India, )

17-May -2020

Rahu Kaal Today

Rahu Kaal Today

17:24:11 to 19:06:20

Rahu Kaal Today

17 May, 2020 Rahu Kaal Today

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu Kaal represents that period which comes every day and is known as an inauspicious time to start anything new. This name is originated from Sanskrit words - ‘Rahu’ (it is the name of an astrological planet) and ‘Kalam’ (it means time). Rahu rules the Zodiac of Aquarius along with Shani. In South India (particularly Tamil Nadu and Kerala), people follow this time. People in India pronounce Rahu Kaal in different ways such as Rahu Kalam, Rahu Kala, Rahukal, Rahu Kala and Rahu Kalaam.

In Hindu religion, we always start any work according to ‘muhrat’. ‘Muhrat’ has crucial value in Hindu astrology. It is known to us that if we start good work and travelling in shubh muhrat, we will get fruitful results. So that we always consider ‘muhrat’ before starting any kind of work. According to Hindu astrology, there are some hours in days, when every good work is prohibited. These auspicious hours are called Rahukaal. Rahu is a paapi or inauspicious planet and it always makes obstacles in good works. According to Hindu Shastra, Rahu planet always adds disturbance, obstacles and hurdles into shubh works. Therefore we should not do any kind of good deeds or travel. Though according the order of every planet’s gochar has its own duration. Therefore, Rahukaal comes for duration every day. Rahukaal comes in sunrise and sunset but it may be different place to place. Rahukaal never comes in early morning and it comes every day in different period of time. Sometimes, Rahukaal comes in morning, noon and evening. But always remember that Rahukaal comes before sunset.

On Monday, Rahukaal comes in the 2nd part of a day, on Saturday it comes in 3rd part of day, on Friday it comes in 4th part of day, on Wednesday it comes 5th part of day, on Thursday it comes in 6th part of day, on Tuesday it comes in 7th and on Sunday it comes on 8th part of day. To know the correct time of Rahukaal there is a calculation which is found by ancient Vedic astrologers. According to this rule, we divide the day (sunrise to sunset) in 8 equal parts. There are 12 hours in a day, if we divide 12 by 8, every parts of the day gets 1.5 hour. So Rahukaal also held in different parts in different days.

People, who start their work before the duration of Rahukaal, should carry on their work during this duration also. Do not quit any work in Rahukaal otherwise this work will not give fruitful results.

Rahu is a malefic planet and it may gives bad or good results according to birth chart. There are some remedies to get relief from this planet’s effect. Rahu Yantra gives effective results. But people should take lots of care to follow the rules of Rahu yantra. People may wear stones but they should consider astrologers first. Hessonite plays important role to get relief from Rahu’s effects. Hessonite may suit according to birth chart and ‘Dasha’.

Rahukaal is a duration when everyone should take care of their works. Specially if they re going to celebrate any occasion, they should take care of this Rahukaal duration. Wedding, mundane, Griha Pravesh and Upnayan Sanskar are strictly prohibited in Rahukaal duration. People should not start travelling in rahukaal because it may cause inauspicious results. It is better for everyone to consider ‘panchang’ and ‘muhrat’ before starting any kind of good works. Rahukaal affects all works and travel tours which are held in its duration.

Why is Rahu Kaal inauspicious?

Astrologers say that Rahu covers or hides the mind during Rahu Kaal which leads to go blind. So the mind stops understanding and doesn't think clearly. Therefore, Rahu Kaal is considered inauspicious.

Rahu Kaal is one of the 8 segments of a day. Each segment’s time period is calculated by taking the overall time between sunrise and sunset and that time is then divided by 8. It is said that Rahu Kaal lasts for 90 minutes each day however this time varies according to the span of the time between sunrise and sunset.

The planet, Rahu is said to be a harmful planet and therefore, its time is also considered inauspicious. People often do not begin any auspicious or important task throughout this time period. It is considered to return negative results, no success, or can even lead to suffering health problems. Therefore, people usually avoid going on any journey, doing marriage events, going for an interview, moving to a new home, or signing new agreements at this time. But it is not applied if the work or task was started before the Rahu Kaal.

When the sunrise is at 6 AM and the daylight remains for 12 hours, below Rahu Kaal timings can be observed. But the time should be adjusted for the days that may be longer or shorter, before being followed. As per Birthastro, These time durations also vary according to different regions.

Rahu Kaal is one of the eight segments of the day between sunrise and sunset that is calculated by taking the total time between sunrise and sunset at a particularlocation and then simply dividing this by eight. Rahu Kalam window differs on each weekday. On Mondays, 2nd part is considered Rahu Kalam. Similarly, 7th part on Tuesday, 5th part on Wednesday, 6th part on Thursday, 4th part on Friday, 3rd part on Saturday, and 8th part on Sunday, is called to be Rahu Kalam.

1. Monday – 7.30AM – 9.00AM (which is the second part of the day)
2. Tuesday – 3.00PM – 4.30PM (which is the seventh part of the day)
3. Wednesday – 12.00PM – 1.30PM (which is the fifth part of the day)
4. Thursday – 1.30PM – 3.00PM (which is the sixth part of the day)
5. Friday – 10.30AM - 12.00PM (which is the fourth part of the day)
6. Saturday – 9.00AM - 10.30AM (which is the third part of the day)
7. Sunday – 4.30PM - 6.00PM (which is the eighth part of the day)
Rahu Kaal is expected to have a large impact on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
Rahu Kaal not only varies across different geographical areas and different days but it is also affected by different movements that may occur in any year.
As per Vedic astrology, not only Rahu Kaal is considered inauspicious but Yamaganda Kaal and Vishaghati are also considered as bad time segments during a day.

Rahu Kaal and Panchang

In India, there are many Panchangs that have been popular in the different parts across the country. These Panchangs indicate the timings of the Rahu. Rahu Kaal lasts for one and a half hours every day but the timing is different from one place to another. Therefore, Panchang is a tool to provide the exact time of Rahu Kaal in a city.

What’s special of this software and how to calculate Rahu Kalam?

Birthastro brings you a free online tool which will give you the comprehensive information of not only Rahu Kalam but other Kalam of the day as well like the time window of YamagandaKalam, GulikaKalam, DurMuharat and Varjyam.

All you need to put the Right Place name and correct date. Moreover, you can also select the language to get the desired results in either English or Hindi.The information varies from place to place and from day to day, so should be looked at for each day.