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Planetary Position

7 May 2022, (Saturday)

Planetary Position Details

Planet R Sign Sign Lord Degree Nakshatra Nakshatra Lord House
Lagna-AriesMars21 : 23 : 45BharaniVenus1
Sun-AriesMars22 : 16 : 29BharaniVenus1
Moon-CancerMoon00 : 01 : 10PunarvasuJupiter4
Mars-AquariousSaturn22 : 21 : 41Purva-BhadrapadJupiter11
Mercury-TaurusVenus10 : 10 : 19RohiniMoon2
Jupiter-PiscesJupiter05 : 02 : 60Uttara-BhadrapadSaturn12
Venus-PiscesJupiter10 : 46 : 59Uttara-BhadrapadSaturn12
Saturn-AquariousSaturn00 : 24 : 35DhanishthaMars11
RahuRAriesMars28 : 41 : 33KrittikaSun1
KetuRLibraVenus28 : 41 : 33VishakhaJupiter7

Lagna(Ascendant) Details

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Planetary Position

The following Planetary Position are shown for the date Planetary Position".

Planetary Position refers to the period of the quantity and quality of time of an individual day, week, month and year according to his/her natal or birth chart. The birth chart contains twelve squares having 12 zodiac symbols in each. The position of planets is calculated with the help of the Sun or Moon.
Rashi of a child or a person is determined according to the Moon position in India. Twelve Zodiac symbols having 30 degrees each concept is also used to find a planetary position. Further, they have 27 stars with 13.333 degrees each. Birthastro provides detailed information regarding this.

Planet Sidereal Position

Planetary positions today refer to current planet positions of Sidereal in astrology. It helps to find the purpose of the planet and its position affect an individual's life. Its position is calculated with the help of two different methods i.e. Nirayana longitude and Saana longitude. Ayanamsa or precision is the main difference between these two longitudes.

  • You must have accurate information on the birth chart. If it is not accurate then it will show the wrong position of planets.
  • One should write the birth city and country, where a person is born the current location.
  • According to the zodiac and houses, it will generate a minute and degree of planetary position.
  • Ascendant and Ayanamsa with their degree must also be present for the planetary position. Time can be adjusted only when it is applicable otherwise it must be accurate.
  • Rahu and Ketu position are mean planetary positions.

The astrological meaning of planetary position in kundli

Combination of planets, houses and zodiac symbols refers to a birth chart or natal chart. Each planet has a different meaning in a person's life. In astrology, inner planets move faster than the outer planets. Outer planets take more than seven years to complete one zodiac symbol cycle.

Sun Position

Sun takes its position when a new baby is born. The symbol of the Sun is also called Zodiac symbol. These are star symbols which show the position of the Sun because the Sun is also a star. In India, people consider Moon Position symbols. Sun revolves around Zodiac sky throughout the year to complete its cycle. It spends almost 30 days in each house. There are 12 sun symbols.
People born with a single symbol are with some similar characteristics. Sun is a ruler and affects on status, personality, ego, and genuineness of a person. A person tries to adapt both the advantages and disadvantages when he/ she shows interest in another person's symbol. Sun in the birth chart is a leader of an individual's life through its position because as all the planets complete their cycle around the sun, this concept helps in carving the style, destiny, and purpose of the person's life. It is also a ruler of the main factor of an individual's career.

Moon Position

It takes 2-3 days to travel between symbols. It is the planetary ruler of Cancer. It can effect on person's mood, emotions, unconsciousness, creativity, instincts, habits, etc. because of the security needed by Cancer.

Mercury Position

It takes 3-4 weeks to travel between symbols. It is the planetary ruler of Virgo and Gemini. It can affect a person's Intellect, Language, Intelligence, Mind, Reason, communication, etc. This planet is God's messenger. According to astrology, it effects a person's daily communications.

Venus Position

It takes 4-5 weeks to travel between symbols. It is the planetary ruler of Libra and Taurus. It can affect a person's Beauty, Relationship, Harmony, Love, Art, and Attraction, etc. It is a planet of sex, beauty, and pleasure.

Mars Position

It takes 6-7 weeks to travel between symbols. It is the planetary ruler of Aries. It can affect a person's Aggression, Action, Courage, Sex, Desire, Competition, Passion, etc. It is symbolized war planet. Its mountain is the tallest in the solar system.

Jupiter Position

It takes 12-13 months to travel between symbols. It is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius. It can affect a person's Luck, Understanding, Optimism, Growth, Abundance, Expansion, etc. This planet is the largest in a solar system. It is also helpful in wealth growth and hope.

Saturn Position

It takes 2-3 Years to travel between symbols. It is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. It can affect a person's Law, Discipline, Obligation, Structure, Restriction, Responsibility, Ambition, etc. Its bad effect leads to make a person who needs a lot of struggle and a long time to reach his goal.

Planetary Positions in Kundli

Sun Position - One Month

Moon Position - 2.25 Days

Mars Position - 45 Days

Budha (Mercury) Position - 30 Days

Sukra (Venus) Position - 30 Days

Guru (Jupiter) Position - 12 Months

Sani (Saturn) Position - 30 Months

(Dragons Head) Rahu Position - 18 Months

(Dragons Tail) Ketu Position - 18 Months