Panchak Dates 2022

Panchak is a fear for all, so true fact should be known. According to Indian mythology, there are so much myths and confusions about Panchak Kaal. Panchak means the group of five. According to Indian astrology,Panchak is the time period when moon affects Aquarius and Pisces. Total time, when moon affects zodiac signs which are Aquarius and Pisces, called Panchak. Everyone has their own thoughts about this time period. So there are lots of myths about Panchak. Panchak is mostly a group of five constellations which are Dhanishtha, Revati, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada and Shatabhisha. These five Nakshatras make Panchak. This time period is known as inauspicious time for good works. There is believed that every good work will give no profit to anyone in this Panchak Kaal. It is also have another name which unfortunate time more

January 2022

Panchak Starts : 5

Wednesday ( 5 January 2022 ) at 07:54 PM

Panchak Ends : 10

Monday ( 10 January 2022 ) at 08:50 AM

February 2022

Panchak Starts : 2

Wednesday ( 2 February 2022 ) at 06:45 AM

Panchak Ends : 6

Sunday ( 6 February 2022 ) at 05:10 PM

March 2022

Panchak Starts : 1

Tuesday ( 1 March 2022 ) at 04:32 PM

Panchak Ends : 6

Sunday ( 6 March 2022 ) at 02:29 AM

March 2022

Panchak Starts : 28

Monday ( 28 March 2022 ) at 11:55 PM

Panchak Ends : 2

Saturday ( 2 April 2022 ) at 11:21 AM

April 2022

Panchak Starts : 25

Monday ( 25 April 2022 ) at 05:30 AM

Panchak Ends : 29

Friday ( 29 April 2022 ) at 06:43 PM

May 2022

Panchak Starts : 22

Sunday ( 22 May 2022 ) at 11:12 AM

Panchak Ends : 27

Friday ( 27 May 2022 ) at 12:39 AM

June 2022

Panchak Starts : 18

Saturday ( 18 June 2022 ) at 06:43 PM

Panchak Ends : 23

Thursday ( 23 June 2022 ) at 06:14 AM

July 2022

Panchak Starts : 16

Saturday ( 16 July 2022 ) at 04:17 AM

Panchak Ends : 20

Wednesday ( 20 July 2022 ) at 12:50 PM

August 2022

Panchak Starts : 12

Friday ( 12 August 2022 ) at 02:49 PM

Panchak Ends : 16

Tuesday ( 16 August 2022 ) at 09:07 PM

September 2022

Panchak Starts : 9

Friday ( 9 September 2022 ) at 12:39 AM

Panchak Ends : 13

Tuesday ( 13 September 2022 ) at 06:36 AM

October 2022

Panchak Starts : 6

Thursday ( 6 October 2022 ) at 08:28 AM

Panchak Ends : 10

Monday ( 10 October 2022 ) at 04:02 PM

November 2022

Panchak Starts : 2

Wednesday ( 2 November 2022 ) at 02:16 PM

Panchak Ends : 7

Monday ( 7 November 2022 ) at 12:04 AM

November 2022

Panchak Starts : 29

Tuesday ( 29 November 2022 ) at 07:51 PM

Panchak Ends : 4

Sunday ( 4 December 2022 ) at 06:16 AM

December 2022

Panchak Starts : 27

Tuesday ( 27 December 2022 ) at 03:31 AM

Panchak Ends : 31

Saturday ( 31 December 2022 ) at 11:47 AM

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Panchak Details 2022

The importance of Panchak is – Five (Paanch), Panchak is chosen by taking a gander at the situation of the Moon. At the point when Moon travels through Kumbha (Aquarius) and Meena (Pisces), at that point it is known as Panchak, during this time the Moon goes through the five Nakshatras. We can likewise say that the second 50% of Dhanista Nakshatra, Satabhisha Nakshatra, Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Revati Nakshatra, and these five Nakshatra(constellation) together are called Panchak.

During the hour of Panchak, it isn't a great idea to accomplish any good work. It is said that the work done during this time must be completed multiple times. On the off chance that a dead body is incinerated in Panchak, appropriate 'Panchak Shanti' should be done else it is said to prompt five passings in a similar family. The hour of Panchak is additionally known from Hindu Panchang.

Panchak, an ominous period or dosha period, is five days and happens when the Moon is available in last two zodiac signs (Aquarius and Pisces). During this period, it is instructed not to initiate any sort concerning promising work or occasion as it won't deliver you the ideal outcomes. Occasions like marriage, mundane, and so on are evaded during Panchak Kaal. Yet, is there any reality behind it or is it simply a legend? Does your everyday life truly get influenced during this period? Know the genuine realities about Panchak Kaal or Yoga, and whether you will observer similar impacts in year 2020 or not. Likewise look at the Panchak dates in 2020 and Panchak Kaal timings.

What is Panchak?

As indicated by Vedic Astrology, the association or combination of 5 groups of stars (Nakshatra) makes the Panchak. This period isn't viewed as a decent an ideal opportunity to play out certain promising exercises. Accordingly, it is critical to decide the Panchak time frame prior to playing out any favorable movement. There are an absolute number of 27 Nakshatra according to Vedic Astrology. These 27 Nakshatra are partitioned into 12 Zodiac Signs. Subsequently, every zodiac sign comprises of 2.15 Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra is isolated into four sections. Each part quantifies 3 degrees and 20 minutes. At the point when the illuminating presence planet, Moon is set in the Aquarius and Pisces zodiac sign, it prompts Panchak.

What are the Panchak Nakshatra?

At the point when the Moon enters the Aquarius zodiac sign, the third period of the Dhanishta Nakshatra initiates. Post that, the Moon travels through the Satabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati Nakshatra. The Moon takes around 5 days to finish its excursion through these 5 Nakshatra. It happens as a redundant wonder, which happens following a time of 27 days.

The noteworthiness of Bhishma Panchak 2022

Bhishma Panchak is noticed throughout the previous five days of the Kartik month of the Hindu Calendar, that starts with the Ashvin Purnima or Sharad Purnima and finishes with Kartika Purnima. Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi is seen as the principal day of Bhishma Panchak.

Master Shri Krishna had portrayed the significance of Bhishma Panchak Vrat to Bhishma, who at that point noticed this vrat for these five days prior to leaving his actual body for the brilliant dwelling place, after the finish of Kurukshetra yudh in the Mahabharata.

Enthusiasts notice quick during these five days for the fulfillment of Moksha and for the reclamation of their transgressions. Adherents additionally quick during this time for increasing great wellbeing and for the strength of their kids.

The significance of Bhishma Panchak Fast is portrayed in the Padma Purana. It is clarified that this long stretch of Kartika, is extremely dear to Lord Shri Hari, and washing in the early daytime during this months assists enthusiasts with accomplishing the advantages of washing in all journey places.

Recurrence Of Activities Performed During Panchak

As per the soothsaying, Panchak is a time of five nakshatras. Panchak implies five; this period is viewed as ominous to perform propitious or any great work. According to the Hindu folklore, there are endless fantasies and disarray about the Panchak kaal. These five nakshatras Uttara Bhadrapada, Dhansita, Purva Bhadrapada, Shatbhisha and Revati nakshatras are considered as Panchak Nakshatras. At the point when the Moon travel from Aquarius (Kumbha) Rashi to Pisces (Meen) than it is known as Panchak. During this period, favorable occasions like marriage, Griha Pravesh and so on should be evaded.

Kinds of Panchak

Panchak wins during five days and is arranged into five kinds based on the day it begins on. All these Panchak are somewhat extraordinary in nature. Likewise, their Do's and Don'ts are unique. Let us investigate the various sorts of Panchak to get its significance.

1. Rog Panchak

"Rog" signifies illness. At the point when the Panchak time frame begins on Sunday, it is known as Rog Panchak. It is accepted that the five days of the Rog Panchak cause physical and mental concerns. One ought to swear off playing out any promising deed during Rog Panchak.

2. Raj Panchak

The Panchak time frame that begins on Monday is alluded to as Raj Panchak. The exacting significance of the word Raj is "to run the show". This is viewed as a great Panchak. During the 5-day range of this Panchak, there are high odds of making progress. Additionally, the likelihood of getting increases through the public authority area is very high. Matters identified with land and property yield positive outcomes during this period.

3. Agni Panchak

The Panchak time frame starting from Tuesday is known as Agni Panchak. This period guarantees achievement in issues of prosecution. Accordingly, you may decide to put forth attempts on the off chance that you have any forthcoming legal dispute or related issues. Then again, one should cease from taking up any errand identified with development. The word Agni implies fire and presenting oneself to fire may work out to be hazardous and perilous during this time interval. Likewise, avoiding apparatus and instruments is suggested. Not holding fast to the counsel may place you in a difficult situation.

4. Chor Panchak

As the name demonstrates, there are odds of burglary and theft during this Panchak. Voyaging is carefully denied inside this term. Completing business, money related exchanges or arrangements isn't suggested. Doing this may bring about a significant money related misfortune.

5. Mrityu Panchaka

If the Panchak time frame begins from Saturday, it is known as Mrityu Panchak. Mrityu alludes to death. It is accepted that demise like difficulties win during the range of this Panchak. One ought to abstain from taking up any dangerous assignment during this period. Be cautious during the Mrityu Panchak. There are high odds of wounds and mishaps during this period. You may likewise get snared in a contention or a contention, so you should attempt to keep such a circumstance under control.

Extraordinary Note: Apart from nowadays, the Panchak can likewise begin on Wednesday or Thursday. In such a circumstance, it isn't important to keep all the above-expressed standards.

Significant Facts To Be Kept In Mind During A Panchak

As we have just examined what Panchak is and how it influences our life, we have understood the way that Panchak is a significant period, during which one should act likewise. Doing so will at last assist with expanding gains and limit misfortunes. These are some snappy tips that will assist you with increasing positive outcomes during the Panchak time frame.

1. At whatever point Panchak of the Dhanishta Nakshatra begins, you should avoid gathering wood, wooden articles, fuel, grass, and so forth. There are odds of these things bursting an into flames, which may hurt you or your friends and family.

2. On the off chance that loved ones must counsel a cleric for the nitty-gritty data about playing out the burial service. Moreover, the memorial service rituals ought not to be performed during the Panchak time frame, except if necessary. If it turns into a need, the Garuda Purana ought to be followed.

3. In Garuda Purana, it is told to play out the burial service rituals of 5 fakers made of holy grass and wheat flour alongside the dead individual. Playing out the burial service customs of these fakers assists with wiping out the odds of any more demise in the family.

4. During this period, going towards the South bearing isn't prudent. The South heading is accepted to be related to the divine force of death, Lord Yama. Going toward this path may welcome inconveniences and posture risks to your life.

5. On the off chance that Revati Nakshatra is the heavenly body winning during the Panchak, one should make a point not to build the top of their home during this period. Doing so may bring about a money related misfortune or absence of harmony and agreement in the family. One ought to be exceptionally cautious concerning cash related issues during this period. Neither loaning cash nor giving credits are suggested inside this length.

6. Development of a bed during the hour of the Panchak may place you in a difficult situation. There are odds of fire-related mishaps during the Dhanishta Nakshatra Panchak. Nonetheless, during the Satabhisha Nakshatra, there is a chance of unsettling influence in the life of the local, which may welcome mental difficulties and stresses.

7. There is a chance of getting sick and confronting medical problems during the Purva Bhadrapada Panchak. The Panchak of Uttara Bhadrapada is known to acquire issues and sufferings the life of the local.

8. The Panchak of the Revati Nakshatra causes mental concerns and strain. As there are different parts of a Panchak, one should remember to hold fast to the Do's and go without the Don'ts during the time of the Panchak.

We trust that with this article, your insight base has extended and thought about Panchak. We trust that you will put forth a strong effort and get gainful outcomes with the assistance of the above-expressed data.

True Facts about Panchak

Most of the astrologers think that Panchak is unfortunate for every good work and every religious custom. Spiritual and pure things which are totally dedicated to god like Hawan Pujan can be done in this time period. The true fact of the astrology is, believe in god is supreme and it is beyond the power of Nakshtras. But there are many little deeds which can do wrong effects on anyone’s life. So you must take care about these little things in the time period of Panchak. Shubh Work should not be done in this time period.

Time period of five days, when moon affects Aquarius and Pisces, are having its own importance. According to Garuna Purana, “Soul of the man will not get peace that died during Panchak Kaal.” Bad things can be happened due to five Panchak Nakshtras.

1. Shatabhisha Nakshatra: may give tension and lack of harmony in life.
2. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra: may cause charges or bill fines.
3. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: it causes bad health issues.
4. Dhanishtha Nakshatra: may lead accidents or unexpected e vents.
5. Revati Nakshatra: may lead loss in financial or increase expenses

What can do and can’t do

Everyone should check ‘Panchang’ before doing any kind of activity and should choose perfect Muhrat for ceremonies.

During Panchak Kaal, anyone can do these giving activities easily without any fear:

1. Griha pravesh
2. Upnayan sanskar
3. Raksha bandhan
4. Bhoomi pujan
5. Bhai dooj

During this Panchak Kaal, you must not do following ceremony and you must check Panchang before doing these ceremonies. 1. Marriage (strictly prohibited)

2. Mundan
3. Engagement
4. New fasts
5. New business
6. Vehicles should not be bought

Precautions for Panchak Kaal effects

One can do Hawan Pujan or Gita path in this time period to decrease the effects of Panchak.

One can read hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri mantra in this time period.

Offer fruits and sweets to workers, before the making of roof the house.

One should recall lord Hanuman and pray daily. Do this, if you are travelling towards south.

Precautions for daily routine in Panchak Kaal

1. Do not travel in south direction because it’s a direction of Yamraj.

2. Do not start any kind of business or startups.
3. Cutting wood
4. Be careful when driving vehicles.

Panchak Kaal is just a time period which you should pass with little precaution, so that you can prevent many accidents and bad circumstances. Don’t get so much worried about Panchak Kaal, just follow religious path and your way will become easy automatically.

God may give happy life to you and your family.