Virgo and Virgo Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


When two Virgos form an alliance of sorts, it is truly two great minds getting together. This can be viewed as a tool of destruction of both or making the foundation even stronger. If the couple took some time off and spent it on just enjoying themselves instead of being judgmental, it will certainly benefit them both. A frequent occurrence is the time taken by these two to thoroughly pick at and analyze the emotional reaction and thoughts of their friends, relatives and colleagues. Perfection is the name of the game – and they expect it from everybody – themselves included. The result quite often is being let down with a bang. If a Virgo gave some thought to the matter and came to the conclusion that to expect perfection all the time is irrational and unrealistic, they would bring themselves a lot of peace of mind. However, if one is to look at the positive side, there is dedication a plenty for both of them. In any relation that is engendered, there is total and absolute concentration on it.

Being a Mutable sign Virgos can easily adapt to any social background or setting. The rare conflict that could arise between the two is glossed over just as fast. Each of the partners is as enthusiastic about what the other is doing out being brash or dominating. Since they always pursue with a matter to the end, the energy is doubled and they make a very compatible and forceful duo.

Being perfectionists and hungry for top notch success, well calculated, short and precise steps are taken so that the objective is reached. They accept without question that there are limitations to human abilities and if required are more than happy to help out.

Logical and hypercritical, thanks to an innate pessimism Virgos are very adept at analyzing their own faults. Mawkish sentimentalism is not for them and they are emotionally very strong and can handle problems and brickbats – both. It is a surprising fact, but they are usually the last amongst their friends to get married. What they dread is commitments that can lead to failure. However, usually this does not happen as Virgos are extremely intelligent and successful in whatever they venture to do. Any situation that is troublesome can be thoroughly analyzed , without any hesitation at being critical. One has to admit to a certain lack of self-confidence, because they are just as able to look at themselves very critically.

A Virgo-Virgo relationship runs very smoothly, particularly if there is a partner of children in the picture. There is never any requirement for delegation of responsibility and both the partners are quite happy with the scenario. Ensuring that the household affairs run smoothly come absolutely smoothly to the pair. Both are very discriminating and have exquisite taste. If the harshness is not overdone, then the relationship can grow from strength to strength.

The formation and maintenance of relationships are very easy for a Virgo to follow – as long as they are not pushed into the relationship. It is positive and caring bonds that they share between family, friends, professional colleagues or even acquaintances. If it is business venture that is involved, then the momentum is very good, but both have to be a little careful about being critical about each other. In a marital relationship their feelings are good; but both being the rather undemonstrative kind, it is a rather cut and dry kind of relationship. The bonding with the children and the family is very good. Usually whatever they touch can turn to gold – they just have to be careful about not being quite so critical.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. The strongpoint of the Virgo is communication – after all it is Mercury that is overlord of Virgo. If it is a question of romance between the couple, they are perfectly attuned to the other’s needs. The nuances that lye hidden in the words are easily caught by the Virgo and analyzed quite accurately. It is honesty without any hidden agendas and open communication that is one of the strongholds that they share. The acumen that they have so far as logic and reasoning is concerned is strong enough to solve and resolve any existing problem. The team is multipurpose and dazzling.

By constantly worrying about some issue or the other the Virgos are convinced that they are spending their energy on productive activities, but in reality it is having just the opposite effect. Unnecessary time is wasted on stressing out on issues which just cannot be changed. Relaxation is an art that they just have to learn. Hurt feelings come into the picture and they are secreted away deep inside and this in time is once again turned into deep rooted resentment – which once again takes the form of extreme anxiety. The Virgo often suffers from an acute lack of energy. The reason for this is nothing more than being constant worry warts and trying to attain perfection. Though the Virgos analyze and judge and do all that is possible, negativity unfortunately seems to be the name of the game. Due to this there is an aura of depression about them. If they become aware of this negativity, then they can start moving in a positive direction.

Two Virgos in love have a very positive structured balance. There are of course no public displays of love, But, the conjoining of such a hardworking couple and practical to boot, results in two people who are devoted to each other. It is a possibility that because of their constant striving for perfection, there could be areas of conflict. However, this is usually resolved very quickly and they are able to move on to more pleasant times.

It is always black - there is shade of grey in the relationship between two Virgos – it has to be either black or white. An acute lack of time is the problem to solve any relationship problem. The minor problems are delegated a lot of time, while the major problems are relegated to the background and this can cause major dents in the relationship. Virgos believe in practicality and their way of demonstrating their love is to solve some practical issue that is troubling their loved one. A little bit of the dramatic element helps in keeping alive the momentum in a relationship. Unfortunately the Virgo has practically nothing of the kind to offer. They have got their lives so well organized that there is practically no scope for melodrama of any kind.

As an Earth sign Virgo is very practical. Two Virgos conjointly are totally for all the elegance and beauty that life has to offer and they will not settle for anything less. They are more than happy to wait for the best. Virgos move ahead cautiously and take the initiative in deciding the best course of action to take, even if there is an element of sacrifice involved. Since they are so choosy, they make a wonderful couple.

Belonging to the same zodiac sign, both the Virgos basically have the same characteristics. In no way are they rigid and they always ensure paying a lot of attention to each other and working together on common projects. They have such meaningful conversations that their relationship is even smoother.

The pragmatic and down to earth attitude of the Virgos with regard to bonding, life and work in general is the best aspect of their relationship. They are extremely compatible to say the least and this is only too apparent. A good pair in ever respect!


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