Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Sagittarians are very optimistic and extremely fun loving people. They have high voltage energy and are enthusiastic about virtually every aspect of life. The people belonging to this sun sign are aggressive and are always in search of truth. Bravery is an intrinsic part of their nature. Natural beauty appeals strongly to the Sagittarian and they thoroughly enjoy travelling and exploring. Their primitive bent of mind sometimes can lead to skirmishes with others. One cannot deny that they are certainly not reticent about holding back their punches. Sagittarians have a native wisdom that is garnered from practical experience over the years. It is a difficult task to impart something new to the Sagittarian – they already know it. Being multi-dimensional, there is always a need for exploration.

Sagittarius and Virgo are Fire and Earth signs respectively. What Virgo craves is being grounded domestically and of course financial strength. It is freedom that is the motjuste for Sagittarius. Pure feelings inspire Sagittarius; Virgo is more cerebral in his approach. There is no discord between them that cannot be resolved as long as there is the reassurance that the love they have for each other remains strong and stable.

Virgos are usually brilliant and have a very logical bent of mind. They are pragmatic people, intellectually inclined – with a very good knowledge of all that is going on in the world around them. Any situation that might have arisen will be thoroughly explored, with sharp criticism if so required. Though they do no keep physically very well a lot of the time, there is no doubt that they are fanatics about health. If the Virgo is hurt by some person, they internalize the fact, but even without their consciously realizing it, this hurt turns into resentment. The Virgo is wary about entering into any kind of relationship because should it lead to failure they would be badly hurt and they cannot even bear to think about that. Being genuine is another characteristic and they are never greedy or grasping.

Sagittarius and Virgo are both Mutable signs. Both can take an interest in a wide variety of matters and both find it easy to be interested in what the other does. Neither is there any problem in letting the other have all the freedom desired, which provide another dimension to the relationship. They complement each other in all their interactions and have absolutely no problems in working together.

Virgo and Sagittarius can communicate with each other in a very friendly manner and have just as amiable conversations. So far as intellectual bonding is concerned, they are far more similar than one would think. Though the Virgo is relatively sedate, they also are fond of exploring the new and unknown. Sagittarians of course have adventure ingrained in them. It is a boon to have along a companion who can not only share in the fun and escapades, but also analyse and understand what is going on. In the course of all their brouhaha that they enjoy, the Virgo is able to impart to the Sagittarian the basic courtesies and patience. Sagittarius in turn teaches the Virgo to be more of an extrovert and learn the art of tolerance. When the Sagittarian is around the Virgos actually begin to loosen up and feel the freedom from being shackled to the idea of perfection all the time.

Sagittarius and Virgo are a couple who are well balanced. Virgo prefers to be given the time to analyse the wonderful adventures that Sagittarius is always keen to go on at any given point of time. Both avidly look forward to conversations about it all. Virgo is too pernickety about perfection and this is not quite to the Sagittarian’s taste. However, over a length of time the Sagittarian realizes that it is worth it to have a stable partner who does not live in a dream world all the time.

When the Sagittarian over generalizes and is over dramatic about describing any situation, it truly irritates a Virgo. This tendency goes against their very nature. If the Sagittarius has to make any kind of presentation to the Virgo, it would be the best to make it as cut and dry as possible – and with backup if possible. The Virgo would feel a lot more reassured if he could depend on what the Sagittarius is telling him. If Sagittarius continuously picks on his faults, the Virgo could feel an overwhelming annoyance. The Sagittarius enjoys new experiences and learning about them, which could have more than a touch of imagination. With the passing of time Sagittarius learns not to make fun of the Virgo’s punctiliousness and Virgo too learns to appreciate the spontaneity of the Sagittarius. If both the signs work slow and sure on these factors, the relationship is bound to bond well and go from strength to strength.

Sagittarius and Virgo are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury respectively. The latter is centred around communication and in accordance with the Virgo, also analysing. Jupiter focuses on education, philosophy and travel. Interpersonal communication is the name of the game and both can sustain each other. Discussions on books and movies and other topical subjects between these two can be a lot of fun. It is Virgo who focuses on the details and Sagittarius on the overall picture.

There are many shades of colour to the relationship existing between Virgo and Sagittarius. They are like two lines that move alongside but never do meet. In all genres of relationship they have a lot of fun together, while learning at the same time. Their value system is so different that there is never any question of competition between the two. If in a business partnership there are elements of interest for both of them, then it is bound to flourish. Being relatives does not really make much of a difference because their interactions are on a very mundane level. When common decisions have to be taken and as wives or lovers, there might be some problems. If in the role of parents, the relationship is friendlier with a Sagittarian and more of disciplinarians with Virgos. However, no matter what the case, the children are disciplined and very well brought up.

The manner in which Virgo and Sagittarian look at life is absolutely not run of the mill. Virgo is grounded and focussed; Sagittarius on the other hand is thrilled with any kind of adventure in the picture. The grounded practicality of Virgo is tough for Sagittarius to accept, while the bouncy energy of the Sagittarian is incomprehensible for Virgo. The Virgo can reassure the Sagittarian with a firm foundation and streamline all their dreams and hopes. In turn it is the Sagittarius who adds spice and excitement to the more prosaic life of the Virgo.

Some fundamental disparities between Sagittarius and Virgo cause an imbalance between the two. They do not have all that much in common and by and large it is just the daily dealings and communication that remains.

The problems that come about in this relationship is primarily because both these signs are extremely blunt and straightforward. Virgos can be hyper critical, making the Sagittarian feel redundant and unacknowledged. Sagittarians too are too direct and the Virgo is lacerated and looks for any means to defend himself. Though they are all so different, at the same time it must be admitted that they are strongly attracted to each other. Both have the very positive quality of letting go of the negative elements and enjoy learning new things. The Virgo finally have the ability in their lives of finding excitement thanks to the Sagittarius exposing them to the thrill of new adventures; Sagittarians too can find new perfection in their lives.

The security that Virgo and Sagittarius can give each other once they come to terms with their similarities is the highlight of this relationship. Their relationship can be a wonder once they learn the thrill of taking a new look at the world. The key to success is communication and success.


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