Virgo and Libra Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


So far as Virgo and Leo are concerned, the hyper-critical attitude of the Virgo can hurt very sharply the much softer Libran. On the part of the Virgo, they could find the very social nature of the Leo rather callous as regards their own needs. A further point to be noted is that Virgos are out and out pessimists, while Leos are optimistic to a very high degree. This could lead to volatile verbal skirmishes, but nothing which cannot be sorted out with a little discussion and conversation. The relation or bonding that a Libra and Virgo share is normally grounded and pragmatic because they can analyze and rationalize their feeling before spewing forth. Basically both are gentle people who can create a balance for each other. If the Virgo and the Libra can put just a tad effort into their relationship, every facet of their bonding can be great. Their vibrations are positive to a very high degree.

Usually Libra-Virgo relations are grounded and stable because they can ingest their emotions and think before verbalizing. In essence both are soft and by and large create a balance fir each other. It needs very little work for Libra and Virgo to work wonderfully well together. Their vibrations are very positive.

Libra and Virgo both have a thorough enjoyment of surface pleasures and they enjoy adding to their collection of artefacts. The theater and all forms of art are also very appealing to them. Both practicality and pleasure alongside is important, because these signs feel that they are a complement to each other in every way. The appeal and tact that Libra has often smoothens the way to success when Virgo runs into a glitch. Libra in turn is fully appreciative of the organized efforts of the Virgo and the practical advantages that come with it. Another major advantage is that both these signs can see both sides of an argument and any decision is taken only after all the facts are thoroughly examined.

The beauty that results when Libra and Virgo bond are in the two primary factors of balance and harmony that is the very essence of their relationship. It is both these signs that not only cooperate, but are also ready to adjust to the ambience surrounding them. There is respect for all the underlying differences and the result is usually a high degree of stimulation.

Venus rules Libra and it is Mercury that rules Virgo. Now, Virgo analyses, communicates and is also quite brilliant at analysis. Both these partners are not only very talented where meaningful conversation is concerned, but they are blessed with exquisite taste as well. There is a strong element of balance in both these signs. The world sees a positive contribution so far as beauty and culture is concerned. However thanks to the influence that Venus exerts Libra can be a mite too laidback and both Libra and Virgo can be looked on as snobs. Virgos have exceedingly high ambitions and Virgos tend to have an intellectual superiority complex.

In order to reach the peak of efficiency, Virgos constantly focus on what needs to be done to better themselves. They are emotionally somewhat arid because they are scared of any attachment leading to failure. If there are glitches in a y situation, the Virgo reacts by thoroughly analysing and reaching some kind of solution or the other. Virgos can over do the concentration. A kind of defense mechanism works and they miss out a lot of what is going on around them. If certain facts are missed, it is most certainly not due to a lack of intelligence. The Virgo has to thoroughly analyze and understand a situation before reaching any kind of decision. Somehow or the other they manage to come up with new means of becoming better people.

Libra and Virgo are Air and Earth signs respectively. Virgo has a more down to earth attitude, while Libra can discuss various options to the end of time. Libra makes do with what is at hand, while Virgo will think deeply on how useful the matter will be to him. Sometimes it is a tough proposition for any one of the partners to understand the other. There can be any number of conflicts in this relationship; this is even more so when Virgo is too nit-picking or Libra tries too hard to manipulate. Both must understand that their manner of looking at the world is different.

The arguments between these signs come to an end very fast, but then Virgo is critical and it begins all over again. Libra is far gentler and if the Virgo spares a little thought, they they will realize that being hyper-critical all the time is not a very good idea. But basically there is a lot of good feeling between the two. Virgo has a lot of respect for the Libra and so the urge to constantly criticize becomes noticeably less. Libra and Virgo are quite conscious of the fact that they possess a superior intellect if they come together. The Virgo might feel that Libra is too laidback at times but respects them for being fair and just. Libra too has a healthy respect for the rigid work ethics.

Libra is a cardinal and Virgo a Mutable sign – and it is usually Leo who calls the shots. Virgo is easily satisfied and Leo can firmly direct from the background, without seeming to dominate. Virgo could be irritated by Libra’s dithering, but Libra is adept at assessing all sides of a scenario before reaching any decision. If Libra is the initiator, then Virgo is the one ensuring that the movement carries on.

By whatever means, peace exists between the Libra and Virgo, who appreciates the Libran optimism and ability to make decisions and yet not criticizing senselessly. Their relationship remains on an even keel for quite a while. It is not a bonding that is replete with excitement and fervour, but peace and contentment are in abundance. Libra who is the one to mostly savour peace and quiet might metamorphose into thoroughly enjoying an active social life. What happens as fallout is that the Virgo is left with the drudgery of mundane tasks and that irritates them no end and that is the beginning of bickering and squabbles. For a relationship to flower between this couple, Libra must reveal a greater sense of responsibility. If such an instance comes by, no matter what genre of relationship, the team will be a great one.

When Libra and Virgo fall in love – they fit in perfectly with each other.. It is a perfect blending of two missing parts. Both these signs look for security in the togetherness or partnership that they form. Both have a common fondness for culture and the arts or beauty. There is a very good companionable working partnership because both are looking for similar goals. The initial coming together of these signs is somewhat slow. However, once the momentum picks up, the relationship too picks up speed and respect for each other will also grow.

In almost every situation of their relationship, the Virgo and Libra can tread a very happy path. There are bound to be differences and similarities, but as a pair they are very strong and stable. The combination of Virgo man and Libra woman is especially good. The bonds are especially strong as siblings because there is practically nothing that they will not do for each other. In a professional relationship the Virgo might think that the Libran is a little too laidback, while the Librans feel that the Virgos are much too pessimistic. The relationship between parents and children is flourishing. Librans are stimulative, while the Virgos try to ensure that the children are as perfect as possible. Either way, there is an abundance of love and respect in their relationship.

Librans are charismatic, very brainy and extremely charming to say the least. It is a very difficult proposition to destroy the self-confidence of a Libra. They have an innate style and composure. Music strongly appeals to them. Librans are glib talkers and can usually find the words that will get them out of any sticky situation. As manipulators they most certainly take the cake. Though a Libra is very happy to help anyone in trouble, they will not plunge into anything until all the pros and cons have been properly analysed. Winning is an essential element to them and they will stop at nothing until they have done so. Usually one will find that the Librans are dreamy because their mind keeps wavering over many options before they can come to any firm conclusion.

A common love of beauty and structured art is the highlight of the Libra-Virgo relationship. Art and beauty hold a lot of appeal for them. They have tastes that are very akin to each other and ultimately the relationship turns pout to be one of great balance.


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