Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility:

Love, Sex, Trust and Life


Capricorn and Virgo share a bonding that is born of everlasting friendship and that always forms a healthy and happy friendship. When they are professional colleagues or even friends, they are always ready to help and support each other. Both the signs can labour very hard and are oriented towards attaining their objective. Thus as business partners they can be very successful. If there is a bond of family relationship between then, they turn to good friends who are supportive of each other in every circumstance and have a lot of fun in the process. It does not matter whether they are in the role of parents or children, the love and caring that both these signs have for each other creates a circle of magic. Whether it is a marital relationship or whether the couple are just in love, Capricorn and Virgo form one of the best couples ever.

The bonding that Virgo and Capricorn have is formed on a grounded approach to life and financial security too. Their emotions and impulses are kept in strict control. With the help of the Virgo Capricorn learns to lean back a bit and appreciate all that they have worked so hard to achieve. The Capricorn in turn helps the Virgo to take the momentum forward Their life together is one of the easiest.

Virgos are cerebral to say the least, pragmatic and with a preference of quality over quantity. Whatever the situation around them, they are somewhat wavering and yet analytical; Virgos have known to be rather negative, with eagle eyes to spot any imperfection that might be around them. Their families, friends and professional colleagues are not spared either – and neither are the faults of the entire world. However, the positive factor in all this is that they also have the solutions to all the myriad problems that only they can glimpse. It is very important for the Virgo to be legally correct and they are most particular about obeying the laws of the land and make sure that they are subservient to the authority of the country. By and large they prefer leading simplistic lives. If any relationship is to mean anything to them, there has to be a challenge somewhere in the picture. The Virgo is hyper active about finding faults; unfortunately they also seem to lack a sense of humour and are uptight and unapproachable most of the time, no matter from what angle!

Capricorn and Virgo are both Earth signs. Besides an orderly and terse approach, the ambience around them usually reflects very good taste. Substitution is not good enough for them and they would rather wait and achieve/get the best. This couple must have financial stability and beauty around them. In order to fulfil these objectives both are more than willing to work long and hard to reach their objectives. Further, both are sensible enough not to be troubled by the others over reach.

Both the signs are gentle and soft-spoken. Another common factor is that Virgo and Capricorn both need to think over matters very carefully before reaching any decision. Capricorn appreciates advice from the Virgo and a Virgo is capable of assisting with any communication problem of the Capricorn. A Virgo learns to be more outgoing as regards their personal lives. Their intrinsic nature draws them close. So far as their relationship together is concerned, Virgo and Capricorn have no problem at all communicating with each other and can even talk of difficult issues very normally. At certain times they might appear to be unapproachable and difficult, but this is never the issue with each other. Neither Virgo nor Capricorn has any particular desire to lead from the forefront. As there is no battle for leadership, there is usually peace and amity between them.

Capricorn and Virgo are Cardinal and Mutable signs respectively. Virgo is very flexible and working in tandem with the Goat poses no problems at all as long as their role in the project is sufficiently prominent. What appeals to the Capricorn is the fact that Virgo is absolutely committed to the relationship. In turn the Capricorn can offer insights into the relationship that never would have occurred to the Virgo. Capricorn is more than happy to make a start on projects that Virgo will be more than happy to take over later. This relationship has every chance of success – if the Capricorn starts ideas and the Virgo continues them.

Capricorns can be called rather regal, wise and committed individuals. By and large they are ambitious and dedicated to seeing any goal to the end. Though cautious and reserved, unhesitatingly they wreak havoc on anyone who comes in the way of their plans. Capricorns mostly keep to themselves and their world; however when they speak and participate, they are jovial and full of humour. Capricorns are very attached to their families and close people they are very attached to. No matter how stable they might be, Capricorns are parsimonious to say the least. It is difficult to understand what goes on behind the mask that Capricorn dons – which results in their mistakenly being thought of as shallow.

Saturn rules Capricorn and Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Saturn has an energy that is cool and the Mercury’s energy is communicative and down to earth. Saturn focuses on intense labour and discipline in order to reach their objectives Capricorn appreciates the value of intense labour as shown by Virgo and will help in keeping all bonding in any form smooth and well oiled. In turn Capricorn teaches Virgo the value of regimentation and the necessity of succeeding in goals set. If bonded together, this couple has a life that is domestically blissful.

Capricorn and Virgo are very similar and by and large follow and work towards the same objectives. There is a great synchrocity in any norms they follow – especially emotional bonding. Both these signs are financially very conscious and enjoy social prominence. There is an inherent arrogance in both, but so far as the other is concerned, there is great warmth and love and admiration. In practicality these signs cannot be faulted, however, emotionally they tend to be somewhat cut and dry. Family, lovers or friends have to respect them a great deal and are not chary about showering them with the same. Since neither Capricorn nor Virgo are imbued with a sense of leadership, they are more than happy to fall in with each other’s needs and necessities.

Even while falling in love, a Capricorn and Virgo approach the matter in a very grounded manner. They are both a very logical bunch and expect people in their vicinity also to be the same. The dedication and intensity that a Capricorn makes a big hit with Virgo; in turn Capricorn is greatly enamoured of Virgo’s instincts and attention to details. Their union is solid and grounded in reality.

Virgo and Capricorn have a lot in common, including the responsibility with which they regard all their responsibilities. If course it must be mentioned at this juncture that Virgo is a lot more critical. They mutually respect and appreciate each other – which makes life smooth for any decision that they make together.

Though these signs normally get along swimmingly well, but yes, there can be patches of trouble as well. Virgo loathes the obstinacy of the Capricorn, while the latter finds it tough to face the criticism of the Virgo. What also annoys the Capricorn is the verbose nature of Virgo, the then tendency to constantly worry and of course the avoidance of binding relationships. The fact that Capricorn is extremely ambitious, which makes them a little selfish is another thorn in the side of the Virgo. However, both are forgiving by nature and so it is not all that difficult to establish peace once again. Thus, the communication network between them is good. Shared secrets pose no problem to them and so the foundations remain strong.

An astounding commitment to goals that are similar is an outstanding aspect of their relationship. Both the members concerned savour a sense of security and material objects and can work hard together towards their common goals. It is their mutual objectives that add strength to their shared resources.


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